Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Hey Kamal, that fabric is amizing and superb, i love it!! really great!! I´m think perhaps the blood can form a sort of flower , that can be a nice touch and put a peaceful note on the concept, … only a bad idea … hahahahaha :smiley: Again, awesome work my friend! Cheers :beer:


Hiun, great to see the blood stained bed sheets, always ready to see some blood’n’gore :twisted:

You wrote that there is already an updated version, so maybe some of these blood thoughts are already not up to date any more:

  • normally I would say that there can’t be enough blood, but in this case I would try less blood
  • for me the blood structure at the borders looks too painted, nearly as done in watercolours. I would assume that the blood would have more “straight” borders with a gradient, especially if the bed sheet is laid over the body after the “crime” (a slowly blood-soaked sheet), maybe with some spots
  • the blood structure should maybe fit a little bit more to the bed sheet structure, concerning the shadows and lights of the folds

Can’t wait to see the blood in progress :thumbsup:


Strange Behaviour (Illustration)- Thread


Hey kamal, it’s looking good man!

The dance of the soft colors around bottom and left edges of your canvas are just delicious… Only thing I want to comment on is the coloring around the heart. Now the heart has a very strong and saturated red, dark edges, and a strong and saturated blue around it. I feel like the heart and its surrounding is fighting against each other colorwise right now a little. You could try softening that blue, or maybe another solution, so that whichever one you want to emphasize has a stronger appearance. also, the red of the heart and the red of the blood are very close to each other now, thus trying to draw our attention from each other. these are my 2c buddy, feel free to ignore…

keep it up!


Ferx - Hahaha, thanks Ferx for the idea, funny enough that very thought crossed my mind, but not about the blood, the fabric. I went back into the fabric and did some folds that aren’t really possible and added a pattern feel like that of a flower. The petals of a flower emmerge from a set point but looking at it from outside it just seems like a pattern of overlaps and folds, so I figured I would add that little touch in the large focal area of the image (I changed the texture also for that area)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and generous comments!:smiley:

Arne (painpainting) - Arne my pal, good to see you. You touched on something that was of concern to me at first, with the blood being a lot more real to life, especially about the edges. You should have seen it before I came to this point I am about to post :smiley: I did take into consideration the fact that some of it would need to conform to the fabric and seem like it’s actually soaked in, so I did do that. I then remembered that the feel of graphic expression was lost, something which I wanted to be key in the piece. I don’t want it all to be too real because then you end up just relating to the image as a ‘scene’ instead of an ‘expression’. I do agree it is very important for things to read as what they are, so I spend hours pushing and pulling and it’s only getting harder as I go (trying to stay true to the feel rather than being taken aside by the look. You know how easy it is for that to happen :sad: ) So I am taking it step by step and not trying to see the end too much (just along for the journey). Your feedback really does help, reminds me to be cautious and aware of what others see too. Great to have you around!:thumbsup:

Jeff - Hey Jeff, great to see you dropped by, thanks for the comments! You are right about the heart in that image, I never really paid attention to it knowing it would change later. But the final decided color composition, even though there is a lot of RED, somehow the eye can’t help but go right to the blue and the face of the woman (exactly where the eye should be hahaha). So much red and yet it’s not the primary focus. I knew I found the balance at that moment. :smiley: Let me know if you agree!


Finalized color. With all that red my eye still couldn’t help but go to the primary focal point(woman and heart). I knew this was where to stop for now with color.


I decided to change the feel of the fabric in the large focal area, giving it more life. Along with the texture I altered the fabric on a whole to be more like a flower (folds and overlaps emmerge spontaneously from a point). Most noticeable in saturated color areas.


Refining the fabric to be very smooth further away from the focus and more textured closer to the focus.


Closer view of fabric refinement.


Hey guys! I figured I would share with you the main brush I created for this piece. I made it from the flowers which are key symbols in this work (I just thought it would be cool to use the very thing which is a big part of the artwork to paint it :D).

For those who don’t know Painter X well, you can create brushes just like in Photoshop, with the exception that Painter has near limitless customization ability. The easiest way to put it would be that, Photoshop is easier because you don’t really have much options, but you in result have to LEARN how to use the brush. With Painter you have so many options it may not seem so easy, but the best part is that you don’t have to learn the brush, you TEACH it. So you can customize the brush that it does exactly everything the way you want it done to suit your own way of painting. You could spend an entire day making a brush in Painter. But at the end of the day it’s an indispensable asset, which probably only you will fully understand how to use. No custom brush like a Corel Painter brush!:smiley: (I do love photoshop by the way. As I always say… “When in doubt, Photoshop it!”)

The brush is made up of a large Gloxinia flower, small patches of Forget-Me-Not flowers and the petals and leaves of the Helitrope flower.

(The brush is responsible for the blood and texture of the fabric, also the backgrounds of the color test variants.)

You are welcome to try it out if you wish in whatever software you fancy!:thumbsup:

Thanks guys for the continued support, I really do appreciate it a lot.


Very nice indeed! I like it, rock on!


[color=royalblue]Peter (coolkonrad) - [/color]Hey! Thanks for stopping by Peter, thank you for the encouragement. Greatly appreciated!:bounce:


Very cool. I like the blood a lot…though it’s abundant, I think the way you’ve designed the brush makes it feel delicate rather than grotesque and it fits your piece nicely.


Megan (VitruvianMango) - Thank you so much Megan for your kind comments, and taking the time to stop by:) I feel exhilarated :smiley:

I wish you all the best and thanks again:thumbsup: I am excited to see your update :bounce:


Nice progress and very interesting Painter brush tale. I always use Photoshop, and I have never used that program before. But it sure sounds exciting :arteest:


Thanks for that info about brushes man :thumbsup: , the fabric looks amazing now, you rock!


Martin - Hey Martin, thanks for stopping by!:thumbsup: Wow! I can’t believe you have never used Painter, you should just go to Corel’s wesite and try it out. Believe me you won’t regret it. I have been using Photoshop since… forever:D And that darn software can make it seem like nothing else exists, hahaha. Nowadays if I am going to do anything that has nothing to do with photos and image editing, but actual traditional media I go to Painter.

In Painter and Photoshop comparisons, the point about being able to create texture/custom brushes always was a KEY factor in the argument of why Photoshop is so cool to paint with. I always wondered about that because Painter does the EXACT same thing but far better.

But give it a test run Martin, you don’t have to like it, but you will!:scream:


Jassar - Hey! Good to see you man, thanks for stopping by an providing some encouragement, always appreciate it!:bounce:

I am glad I could provide some useful info on brushes:thumbsup:


That was a good thought to do a screen capture makes your work look even more professional, good work I’m looking foward to see how it turns out.


hey Kamal, the colors are especially great now and also a big thx for the close up and the explainations on how you`re working
I think the blood is a very important part for the piece as it is loaded with a lot of emotion; right now I think it gets too important, much more than the other subtle elements like the peacefull faces or the new texture on the fabric :wink:
keep on the good work


Wesley (blue80boy) - Hey Wesley, thanks for stopping by and checking my updates. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated!:thumbsup: