Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Argh… I should have come by here a long time ago, sorry :sad: Well, on to your great work:

First I want say it’s great to see another artist, who dares to show artistic brush strokes and motifs in there work. I really envy that, cause’ I’m an ass to that myself. :banghead:

I think variant 6 works best for me, but I can’t tell you why…:shrug:


Hi Kamal! I like a lot the style and mood you are going for! I wish you best of luck! and the colors are great! :thumbsup:


Martin (MartinNielsen) - Great to have you stop by Martin! You’re here now that’s all that counts:thumbsup: Thank you so much for the compliment. It’s a comment like that which lets someone know they are going right somewhere. Thank you. I always loved expressive strokes and mark making rather than controlled applications when it came to me and the paper one-on-one. If I had everything my way the image would just complete itself and I wouldn’t have to worry about tighting up :scream: hahaha. It’s nice to just let go and have the media take over sometimes and just not think about what you are doing, you can always make sense out of it later:). I guess you could say painting with your feelings before your logic.

You like Variant 6 :slight_smile: Maybe later you will figure out why you like it, but at least you just know what appeals to you, and that helps!:thumbsup:

Maybe you like 6 because it’s the most soft of all the variants, blends well and just works:) I too love 6, but I also like the heat in the warm orange of 5. I feel a blend is in order!:arteest:

Great to have to stop by Martin, thank you so much for your support!


Axel - Thank you so much Axel, greatly appreciate your support. I am very happy you are pleased with the color, as it is very important to the piece. I wish you all the best as well :thumbsup:


Lovely! This one’s prmising!
The fabric looks sweet!
My only crit is that it looks a little left-heavy right now. Maybe you could crop some of the right area or add something there…?


Lorenz (Hideyoshi) - Thanks Lorenz, you are absolutely right. The image will be re-cropped, I expanded the canvas so I could continue working without thinking about the border. Thanks for the critique!:thumbsup: Always welcome!


Looking good. Nice fabric! Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Hiun, great to see some of the bed sheets are back :slight_smile:

My favourite of the color experiments is nr. 2! A very bright version (I love the combination with the orange) works fine in my opinion. That combined with some of the wilderness from the images before :thumbsup:

Hope to see soon more of it!!



hey kamal! :stuck_out_tongue: :scream: very happy to see the fabric wonder! :stuck_out_tongue: very hard to choose though :cry: but i think a tinge of that nice warm orange tone will do! in fact … try to balance all the colours and see how it looks… your colour combinations are really cool!
on a personal note … i’d try and combine variant 2 n 6 :wink:
by the way … i couldn’t help but notice … the guy in the scene kinda looks like you … am i right? :slight_smile:


I’m thinking along similar lines to Neville. 2 and 6 are my favorites. Keep up the excellent work


It looks slightly unbalanced weight wise, if I may say so, but on the other hand I dig your work with hues and harmonies. Great piece!:thumbsup:


Csik (chile88) - Thank you so much for the support! I will:thumbsup:

Arne (painpainting) - Hey Arne, thanks so much for your input! I love 2 also:D Good to know we are on the same page:thumbsup:


[color=lightblue]Neville (nwiz25) - [/color]Hey Neviille nice to have you drop by to help out.:smiley: You hit the nail on the head because 2 and 6 are exactly what I brought together with a touch of the orange in 5 to heat up the lower portion. The image is looking amazing and the blood has made it’s intro. I decided to make it graphic to keep that touch of wildness in there; which I have stepped back from almost completely as you might have seen in these variants. I am still letting the blood conform to the fabric a little, but not too much, as I find the more expressive laydown of the paint is in keeping with the emotion and feel of the image. I am working like crazy on the fabric, refining it untill I am happy. I will give much further info and a lot more detail as I go along.
Back to work!:bounce:

Thanks a lot for the time you take to support me, greatly appreciate it!

p.s. Yes you are right, the figure of the guy is me:D


Mark (mdavid) - Thanks for the support and encouragement Mark. Your input lets me know I am on the right path. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Best wishes!:thumbsup:


Raul (harachte) - Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts with me Raul, greatly appreciated. You are absolutely right about the weight, it is unbalanced in it’s current state but it will be cropped to it’s original compositional proportion. I just made the canvas bigger so I could flow my strokes out of the border rather than restrict them within it.

Thanks for the comments!:bounce:


First test of blood


Ah yes! we can’t have a heart without some blood eh?

Keep it up :smiley:


Jassar - Hahahaha :scream: You are absoluetly right, got to have the blood.:arteest:

Thank you for the encouragement my friend!:smiley:


[b]Hi Hiun,

Great to see this work come to life (except the one guy). I like this piece but the reds looked a bit too happy maybe 20% darker red (more oxidized blood like) and the top right needs something.



Ralph (Korendo) - You are absolutely right Ralph on both:D I have been working so hard on refining the fabric that I have not got around to posting the update. The blood is a lot deeper and rich, I am sure you will love it :twisted:. I kept some of the graphic feel to it as well; I think the right amount. As for the something to the top right, I have an idea of what will go there, but it won’t be exactly top right. I am going to crop the image and then figure out the layout of the flowers. The flowers are what I will use to balance the composition:) I want to give them a rythmn:D so I am saving them for last.

Thanks a lot for your critique Ralph, I always appreciate the input:thumbsup: