Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


[color=seagreen]Ferx - [/color]All comments are welcome friend:) Your input helps a lot, so whatever you have to offer I am all ears. I greatly appreciate you stopping by and providing your thoughts on the piece:thumbsup: Thanks!
I wish you the best of productivity and a great week!:bounce:


Poetic, thoughtful and mesmerizing work, I’ll definitely stay suscribed to this thread. :thumbsup:

As for suggestions, I think you are on the right track by searching for a balance between the first version and the more dramatically colorful ones. It would be a pity to lose completely either the intimacy of the first version or the drama of the others.

Just my opinion, of course. :slight_smile:


Hi Kamal! You have an unique style, I’ll watch your progress. Good luck! Cheers!


Tiziano (Thaldir) - Thank you so much for checking out my thread Tiziano, I greatly appreciate it. You are so right about it being a pity if I were to lose completely any of either versions. I am finding it difficult to narrow it down, mostly because I keep finding new interesting elements and in addition I am having so much fun with the process. Today was supposed to be my day to relax but here I am working on the piece:D You know how it is, once you start… hahaha. Good thing is that I have found what it is I have been looking for (good thing I didn’t relax afterall). I hope to share it soon.

Thanks again for the encouragement and I wish you a great week!:bounce:


Ashiataka - Thanks a lot Ashiataka, great to have your support!:thumbsup:


Hey guys! I will be posting a few variants soon just based on the feel of the color comp. It would be great to have your input and thoughts or maybe just which one/s you favor. Wish you ALL the best!:thumbsup:


I have a small suggestion in the bottom portion of your pick is there any way you can keep the texture and color you have and still faintly put in a pic. The pic I’m thinking of is a bust shot of the guy at the table with a wine glass in front of him, but the woman is standing to the right of the scene looking down at him smiling with left arm crossing her waste and holding her drink in the right. If can try and get that drink up sucka kind of body language and facial expression. I’m thinking it might give the viewer more insight but its looking great cant wait to see what your going to do.


Haha, that is quite sinister Wesley:D Your concept is possible, would only take a slightly larger canvas. But in this case, it would go very far away from the story, because the man willingly gave his life:) The image is chaotic and is still visually vague at this point, but it will come together very soon. My process is such that I let the piece go anywhere and everywhere until it tells where I should stop and focus:D I find the works turn out much more expressive and oddly enough often times subconsciously still linked to the theme.
Thank you so much for sharing your idea with me:bounce:


Yep. there’s something about the first one that just make for a great image, and the simplicity helped for a easy catch of the message. Now is much harder to read, the curly line formed by the arms conected the hearth to his former owner in such a nice way!! and the black in my opinion would be a good addition if you keep it in smaller mases maybe, right now it is all around the area of the guy’s body and I think that makes him almost disappear from the image. Other than this you have an amazing picture and concept, keep it going! and good for you for letting your guts take control every now and then!! !! !!


Gabriel (SteevieWoo) - Thanks a lot Gabriel, for your comments, critiques and support. Great to have you around:thumbsup: I am dying to see what’s new on your canvas :smiley:


oooh… looking very interesting!


Bobby (digital-bobert) - Thanks a lot Bobby, greatly appreciated:D


Love your color and graphic style :thumbsup: Whats next?


Linus (Ligo) - Thanks for the comment!:slight_smile: The next step for me painting wise is to finish the figures. The coming post will be various color compositions that I could use some input on everyones favorite/s :smiley:
Great to have you stop by Linus, Thanks!


The road to finding the right color mix. Many variants, but these are my favorite 6. It would be great to know which one/s appeal to you. You might see something I don’t.


Variant 2 of 6


Variant 3 of 6


Variant 4 of 6


Variant 5 of 6


Variant 6 of 6