Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Marco (medunecer) - Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I am just as excited as you are to see more :smiley: . I am trying to let the art talk to me, and direct my next step. I look forward to the next post, I hope you will enjoy.


Funny I didn’t see this one before :scream:

The colors make me cheerful even though there’s a dead man lol ! your concept is very creepy and great.


Hey Hiun,

First thanks a lot for stopping by my thread and leaving your generous comments dude… Secondly, I’m really impressed with the way you introduced your story, your explainations on the subject, and the level of symbolism in the image are just the right amount! I say that because I think it’s hard to be successfull and not-cheezy, when people take on the topic of romantic relationships.

the way you handled the placement of the hart and other elements just works. your logical explainations for them already formed you a balanced composition itself. i like the poses and proximities. your canvas shape is pleasant, and energy of your collage is attracting. Your color comps look amazing; considering your story, I liked the purple-blue toned compositions better. I also see the lady being very soft and glowy, quietly washed in whitish colors, like you see in insurance or bank commercials, while the heart being sat red with blood splashes around it; though, that’s just what i see :smiley: Transitions from that softness at the top, to the crazy paint marvels towards the bottom will play a decisive role in this image I think. Keep it up!


I will follow your updates for sure! ave a creative day!


I really like the play between the warms of the flesh and the cools elsewhere in the last two posts. Nice detail in the face. The back shoulder looks a bit odd, however it could be the deep cast shadow causing that. Nice work!


Jassar - Haha, I am actually very happy you find it cheerful because that’s exactly a feeling I want from it. It’s not intended to be a sad moment, can go as far as warm, but not sad. Thanks for sharing your opinion, always welcome.:smiley:

[color=red]Jeff - [/color]Hey Jeff thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your insight, greatly appreciated; Very kind and uplifing comments. Nice that you mentioned your take on it and how you see it because I too like the purple-blue tone, which is actually meant to be the main colors. I like pushing things till they break and then step backward and see what works. I learnt something new from the last post (the wild graphical feel) and because of that I see where not to go:) . I will be stepping backward a little and warming up the background with a low saturated orange to compliment that blue and pull slight greens into the blue to compliment the purple and richen the feeling of the blue. At first what bothered me was the vast amount of white, but now that I have got rid of most of it, I can now see where I need to go. I will start pulling the white back in slowly after warming the entire image and setting in the main focus colors (Blue-purple). Let me know what you think?:smiley:

[color=darkorange]Marco (medunecer) - [/color]Excellent, I will be following along with your updates as well. Great to have you along Marco!:bounce: You too have a creative day!:thumbsup:


Cliff (SideAche) - Thank you so much for your input and critique. Nice eye on the shoulder, it does seem to have separated away from the arm (resulting cast shadow from some kind of super dramatic lighting, haha):smiley: Need not worry, I am going to pull the figure out from all the chaos, so that area won’t be so deep. Great you noticed that because I could have missed it. Thanks a lot!:thumbsup: Nice to have you along.


What are you using to create this piece?


wonderful colours! :eek: plus the fabric folds are simple fantastic! :eek:

can you do a combination? … like keeping the fabric in #12 and overlaying the colours present in your latest update … somehow the details in fabric are fading into the black area and crops …
your work has got a deep meaning … but im not able to pin point what it is … very very curious to know about it … :smiley: and the next steps too :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers dude! god bless ya! :love:


Daniel (Omnidzyne) - The software I am using to create the entire piece is Corel Painter X


Neville (nwiz25) - Great to see you! Thanks a lot for your support, comments and critique:bounce: To answer your question… Yes I can certainly do a combination. In fact, that is exactly what is going to happen :smiley: I am going to pull the original back out from underneath all the later versions of my experiments. It’s great to know what appeals to everyone because the input sure helps the decisive process along:) I greatly appreciate the input! As I move further along I hope to achieve something you touched on; being able to have the viewer grasp the meaning without having to read the background story. I hope to provide an updated visual soon.

Have a splendid day!:thumbsup: Good to have you along for the ride.


Greetings Hiun,

 [b]Very deep, waxing poetic with quite a story and in the end I get the point!  Your image has great soul and heart!  It is refreshing to see an artist that is not afraid to blend technologies and media, way back when (long ago) some photographers got all upset when one altered a photograph.  It is great to see this work unfold.  [/b]



Greetings Hiun,

Very deep, waxing poetic with quite a story and in the end I get the point! Your image has great soul and heart! It is refreshing to see an artist that is not afraid to blend technologies and media, way back when (long ago) some photographers got all upset when one altered a photograph. It is great to see this work unfold.

YEp well just the same!Love it!


Ralph (Korendo) - Wow, I don’t know what to say, thank you for the very generous comment. You have certainly boosted my already high enthusiasm. I hope to finish strong, and many many thanks for the support. It is great to have you along for the ride.


Remko (OKMER) - Love your work, especially that EON challenge piece. It’s nice to have you stop by. I appreciate the support and encouragement. Feel free to offer any input, I welcome all!


hey Hiun, thought I should also drop my 2 cents here if you dont mind first of all I like the idea alot; in the very first moment I thought its perhaps too much of a stereotype, but after I read your story I have this “yeah that`s cool”-grin^^

I liked your first version the most, the two bodies in this huge white bed, the bedcover waving around this wonderfull focal point, the red heart would come out really nice that way I think…very stylish and a bit of understatement :wink:

keep it coming man


Mathias (guterrez) - I accept your 2 cents, and I am now 2 cents richer:D I certainly don’t mind at all, infact you were a great help. My biggest concern was straying too far away from the initial feel of the image, but the vast amount of white disturbed me. Now that I have got my canvas dirty I can think more clearly. I am more leaning towards pulling back to the intial, but still leaving traces of all the buildup I have done which should enhance the depth. I need to complete the figures too, I think that would help a lot in knowing how far to push and pull the paint around the focal point. You opinions are always welcome.

Much appreciated Mathias! Thanks a million and 2 cents! haha:thumbsup:


Hey there. Thanks again for your comments! I really like what you’ve been doing with this piece. I think the imagery is very dramatic, and you’re definitely communicating the ideas and emotions you’ve described. I also like the colors and textures you’re incorporating into the image; it’s very different from other paintings I’ve seen here. I’m curious to know how you’re going to address the male figure (painting wise) or if you’re going to leave him as is?


Megan (VitruvianMango) - Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I am glad you like the direction in which it is going. To answer your question… I won’t leave the male as is, I am going to fully develop the figure, but he won’t be as prominent as the female. After I fully develop the figures I will then be able to better relate them to the rest of the image. I am not able to see all the options available to me because the figures aren’t fully developed; so that will be my next step. I can always subtract later on, but I best get my main subjects done soon:D

Thank you so very much for your kind comments and for supporting me Megan.
I wish you the best of productivity and a fantastic week!


Hey Kamal, that its a really evocative piece of art my friend, I like a lot your texture style painting, really cool!! Perhaps diminish the “chaotic” lines from the man face to the top of the canvas, only a comment :slight_smile: Really great work mate!! Cheers! :beer: