Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Hey Kamal! Congratulations!


Hey Kamal!

All right! A great finish and the animated progression is very informative. It has been really fun and expanding to interact with you.



Ralph (Korendo) - Thank you so much Ralph, it has been great having your support and grand humor :smiley: Thank you for all your comments and critques, it was a pleasure associating with you.


HI Kamal!!!Just huge!The pic, the story behind it, the highlights!Great and original piece of work man!Thx for your kind words in my thread too, made me wann go further man!('ll try proberly to stop sleeping the next 2 days, to be there with you guys at the finishline,…maybe not…lolll)
Anyway, nothing to say as indeed the eye really travels smoothly trhough the pic and the colors really captures the eye well!Great work!
Very best of luck man and hope to see you in the next challenge!


Remko (OKMER) - Thank you so much Remko, you have been a good motivator my friend. I really do hope to see you at the finish line!:bounce: STAY AWAKE!


nicely done - congrats on an excellent image!


Beautiful image!
Good luck now!


Cliff (SideAche) - Thank you so much Cliff for all the support and helpful critiques!:thumbsup:


Peter (coolkonrad) - Thank you my friend and I wish you all the best!:thumbsup:


Congrats bro! I wanted to write this earlier but that damn error kept showing up…
Great colors and composition, it’s a real eye-candy :thumbsup:



Jassar - Thank you so much bro! It’s been great having your support throughout. I wish you all the best!


Interesting work, verry artistic. I like alot :slight_smile:

Good luck in the final :bounce:


Wow! Amasing!
But scaring somehow !! I promise, I’m not that kina girl…


Nomad - Thanks a lot! Good luck to you too!:thumbsup:


Krystal (Chrysale) - Hahahaha Thank you Krystal :smiley: Makes me now wonder what kind of girl are you…:rolleyes:hmmm Hahaha. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your kind comments. I visited your portfolio, you are a heck of a painter :thumbsup: Absolutely talented to say the very least.


Oh, thank you so much, Kamal!
Honestly, I wish I could have spent more time stoping by other threads all along the contest but alas I have a low connection at home… almost impossible to upload the pages full of images… so I rarely came to visit other thread - I do it now from a normal connection for I am not at home… I really feel so bad for all the kind people who are here… !! there are going to think I am a kind of hermit! :slight_smile:
Anyway, I am glad to be able now to discover your very nice picture! I wish you all the best for the final hours!


Krystal - Hahaha, hermit… I don’t think they think that :smiley: I am sad that I missed out on your thread :sad: Beautiful rendering, especially on the snail… wow:eek:


bro … just one word … E X Q U I S I T E ! :eek: :love: deep meaningful work and fantastic choice of colours! left with no more words bro … maybe congratulating you in person will suffice! you rock ma man! i wish u the best with the judging! :thumbsup: once again a big congratulations to you! :buttrock:


hi ,Hiun.long time no see.your work become so great! : )
We all participate this game a little late. but now we have more 2 weeks.
I’ll be looking forward for your progress. :slight_smile:


Neville (nwiz25) - Thank you so much Neville! I am truly honored you feel that way about it. You have been such a good friend and motivator throughout! Also a big inspiration!! I wish you all the best as well bro!