Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


The effect is looking nice Kamal–really liking the colors you chose!


Kei - Thank you so much! :smiley:


Hiun, I really love your final image, you did an awesome job, especially the colors and mood are fantastic :thumbsup:

And so much great details :applause:

One thing, I also really loved your very first images, the more “wild” ones. I think that both directions work, but of course they create very different feelings…

I wish you the best, for the challenge and the everything else,



Arne (painpainting) - Thank you so much Arne! I am vary happy you are pleased wth the final image. Thank you so much my friend for everything! :thumbsup: I wish you the best in all you do!


Hey Kamal, awesome work my friend! I love the whole composition (and think you dont need to crop :slight_smile: ) Perhaps a bit colour on the flower texture on the woman arms ( specialy in the left arm) Again, superb work my friend !! Cheers!! :beer:


Ferx - Thank you so much Ferx for that input I really needed it.:thumbsup: I tried adding color to the flower textures on the woman to see what it would look like, but it was distracting and pulled too much attention even when I had very little. So I removed it and worked on just the impressions.


Hey Kamal, ok, agree with you, maybe then a more shadow on right arm of the woman to gain a bit in volume (IMO, much white on the rim of the right arm and beside to the blanc fabric :slight_smile: )


Ferx - :smiley: I am happy you feel that way. It means that it worked out well, because I don’t want you reading form all the way out there. Form entices the eye, I want your eyes to stay where volume is, so I drown the image and figures in light. Think of it as cropping the image with light. The less form I show is the less you will want to look there, which is also why I didn’t let the texture go off to the edge, because then your eyes would go too far from where I really want them :). You made a very good observation:thumbsup:


Hi Kamal,

It has really come a long way, and the composition has a nice balance (and I see the dead guy looks a lot like you?). I do miss the Painter X interface (hee, hee, could enhance the abnormal flavor we are striving for (of course I am kidding)). Maybe a touch of blood on the hand near the heart that is cuddling up with her, those dissections can get messy.

I am glad most of my heartbreaks weren’t so thorough.


Man, what a piece! Fantastic, very original art! Congratulations, you did a great job on this…I wish you the best lucky on the contest.


Ralph (Korendo) - You always make me laugh Ralph!:scream: Thank you so much for the kind words and all the support you have given me my friend. I find that because I happened to end up being the male subject in my image, some people think this story is half true hahaha :smiley: Maybe one day…


Vinicius (BloodTaster) - Thank you so much Vinicius! I wish you all the best too:thumbsup:


TITLE: Perfect

SOFTWARE: Corel Painter X

HARDWARE: Wacom Cintiq 21UX

FINAL IMAGE: 4566 X 7000 @ 400PPI (28.99cm x 44.45cm) - Portrait


A woman finally found that person she was truly in love with. She saw everything that she wanted in him and loved his heart and soul. It all seemed too good to be true, too far from reality. Not only did the woman feel this way but the man too shared such feelings towards her.

But the woman wanted perfection, and alas the man being only human, at times showed his imperfections. Her desire to have perfection and to accept nothing but what she considered to be ‘perfect love’ rendered the woman unsatisfied with even the slightest inconsistency.

The woman figures if she just had the part of him she really loved, his heart, and got rid of the man, the imperfections, then she would be fully happy and forever satisfied. The man loving her so much wants nothing more than to make her fully happy, and thus willingly gives his heart to the woman to fulfill her desires; to give her perfection.


  • The subtle smile on the woman’s face is to depict her innermost happiness, a sense of being triumphant and complete. I wanted to depict her as though in a dream in which everything she has ever wanted has been made possible. I tried to stay away from a smile that would make her appear as though she were being devious.

-The male who is covered in his own blood is depicted as being at peace. He is meant to look relaxed and calm as though he was just sleeping. Because he willingly gave his life so she could be fully happy; the aim is to give a sense of him being complete and triumphant, rather than uncomfortable or in any form of distress. The man is placed lower in the composition, but this is not symbolic of lower importance, but to signify that he places the woman above himself.

-The render I chose for the male is meant to build on the relationship between him and the woman. The woman is more developed and taken beyond the sketch and line art stage. The male retains the sketch qualities and line art to keep him as secondary read to the woman, and to symbolize him as being the foundation to the woman’s happiness; relating to the concept of a good sketch being the foundation to developing a great final product.

-I have the woman touching the man gently and intimately stroking him to show her continued love and affection for him. Her hands are stained with blood to show that she had a hand in the ordeal. Partly being symbolic I chose to stain her hand rather than give the blood fluidity in order to have a sense of forever being there with her, something she will carry with her forever. To have given the blood fluidity would have made it appear too much in the moment and temporary. It also would have added a different mood, one which was less sensitive.

-The textured portion of the fabric was done in the large focal area to keep the interest in that area of intimacy. The folds and design of the fabric in the focal/textured area are done in such a way as to seem organic and flower like. I wanted it to appear less like human made material and assume some of the beauty and irregularity in the design of nature; much like the idea of love itself, unexplained, an experience of emotions rather than reason.

-The textures on the man’s face and on the woman’s arms and neck are used to further unite them and also keep the area interesting to view. The textures are that of the flowers which symbolize their relationship.

The flowers being:

Gloxinia – love at first sight (purple, red,)
Heliotrope – Devotion, Eternal Love (purple)
Forget Me Not – Faithful Love, True Love, Memories (blue)

-The colors of the flowers are also what the palette of the piece is based on; the calm and tranquility of the purple blues and the burning passion of the red. The image is not meant to be sad but expressive and energetic.


The choice of render for the piece is meant to be expressive and in itself give meaning to each part of the image. The heart is the most detailed and close to realism among everything else within the image because it is the one thing that remains a reality. Amongst all the unbelievable emotions and dream like experience between the lovers, it is the heart which is the clear sign and proof of how far two people willingly went for love, for what they believed to be perfect love. In view of the fact that your heart doesn’t actually mean your literal human heart, it’s amazing what human beings believe and what belief can make them do.


Chose a few out of the approximate 200 saves I did :smiley: (Each Frame is every 5th save)


Hey Kamal! Congratulations!


Cool final. Congrats :beer:


Hi Kamal! Congratulations! hurray! you finished! looks so amazing the blood, love the colors, haha!:love:…the idea its quiet unique from a very special part of you, and has become a beutiful piece of art ! what can I say love her face , his face, the idea, the mood the style …all fantastic and full of emotion…so Happy Nights of peacefull dreams! haha:thumbsup:

Its been a real plesure to see your work, and to get all your support! Thanks!:beer:


Oh i did not notice she took his heart!
no wonder i have not understood what the strange thing is in your illustration.
but now i realize how strange it is :o
wow, great concept and style.

well done n good luck =)


ashiataka - Thank you so much! I have to congratulate you also, you have a lovely piece!

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