Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Mathias (guterrez) - Hey Mathias, great to see you!! I bet Tokyo was soooo much fun!! I am glad you like the final my friend, nice to hear your thoughts. Thank you!!:thumbsup:


Of God… This calm lady is so dangerous… Very original! :slight_smile:


hey, no problem man. The textures are actually scanned images of some canvas and gauze I have lying around. I layer them on top of the image and use different blending modes to achieve a certain texture. At times I also use Photoshop brushes for added texture and grunge… hope that answers the question. Again, your image rocks!


Hiun: Nice update! Small but it works like a charm!
Now, I really don’t have any comments anymore. I’m sorry… I can’t think of any… I was really trying to find something… just a little thing… but nothing, everything seems to be there for a reason. And it all adds up. :frowning: It just works. Sorry I can’t be more of a nitpicker. :wink:

again: Great job my friend!


Very unique and lovely work! Best of luck in this competition; you did a great job. :slight_smile:


Liuba - Thank you!! I had a great time viewing your work and website :smiley:


jpmonroyal - Thank you for the info my friend! Greatly appreciated.

DavidSmit - Hey David!! Thanks a lot for your critique my friend. I am happy you are pleased with the end result. :thumbsup:


Megan (VitruvianMango) - Hi Megan!! Great to see you!! Thank you for the support, I wish you all the best in the competition too.


The challenge is coming to an end and it has been such a LOVELY journey. I have to say thank you to those that supported me and helped me throughout this great experience. The extraordinary talents you artists possess are in themselves great inspiration. This has been my first CG Challenge and I have only been a member of CGSociety since late September this year, but I feel so much at home thanks to all of you.

I would love to give a special thank you to those who provided honest input, thoughts, and constant support:

Arne (painpainting), Jeff (Jeffparadox), Jassar, Cliff (SideAche), Neville (nwiz25), Ralph (Korendo), Remko (OKMER), Mathias (guterrez), Ferx, Gabriel (SteevieWoo), Martin (MartinNielsen), AxelAlonso, Vinicius (BloodTaster), DavidSmit, [color=white]Marco (medunecer), Tiziano (Thaldir), Lorenz (Hideyoshi), Megan (VitruvianMango), Ashiataka, Zara (Nemesix), DougFerreira, Krystal (Chrysale), jpmonroyal, Shahriyar, Marlon (Art2), Peter (coolkonrad), Raul (harachte), Rafael (RafaTer), Fangyu (Arias), Wesley (blue80boy), [color=black][color=white]Mark (mdavid), [color=white]Gijs (Dutchman)[/color][/color][/color][/color]

I wish you all the BEST in EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for all the support!!:thumbsup:


You are absolutely welcome, Kamal! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on finishing with a fascinating, thought-provoking piece and best of luck both for the challenge and your next endeavours, I definitely want to see more from you. :thumbsup:


Great piece! Congratulations for your entry!


this image has so much style
you really captured the idea of someone stealing ones heart.
it’s kinda terrifying…lol:eek:
keep it up


Tiziano (Thaldir) - Thanks my friend, I will be around! :thumbsup: Best of luck to you too!

Marco (medunecer) - Thank you my friend!

Calvin (THECLYKE) - Hahaha thanks :smiley: Nice to have you stop by and share your thoughts.


Wonderful finish!


I 'm such a fool
I ignore the information “zip”
I used RAR
so i lost .I 'm sad
good luck to you ! I’m very happy with you. wish you all the best


héhé, just popping by to say once again, beautiful image Kamal!!!Congratz on a great finish and thanks for all your support man!!Really appreciated that!Hope to be by your side next time again and I ish you the very best Kamal on the final judging!!!You got great skills man and your pic rocks!Now lets have some beer!!!Cheers


wow this is excellent Kamal, my kind of art. Congrats, amazing the talent this competition has displayed. I hope you do well.


it’s really great Kamal
well done man, nice solor and amazing performen.


Bobby - Thank you so much Bobby, I am really pleased that you like it. :slight_smile:

Remko (OKMER) - Hey my good friend, thank you so much for your never ending support. We shall meet again :thumbsup:


Rick (Trickz) - Thank you so much Rick, I hope you do extremely well also!!:smiley:

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I wish you all the best.:bounce: