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Latest Update: Final Image: Perfect


First scribbles of gesture and general idea of image. Searching myself to find alternatives to the grand image I already have developed in my mind. These are meant to play, experiment and discover anything new that interests my eye. No details at all.
(pencil on 3.5" x 4.25" paperpad)


Warming up


Hi everyone I am new to CGSociety on a whole, I just signed up last week:bounce: . I am already obsessed with this network and a big fan of all the artists and art I see produced here. I know it’s a bit late in the challenge as I just discovered it, but better late than never I say. Anything is welcome… all input will be more than appreciated. I love this environment and I hope to develop greatly from your critiques and support. Happy creating to all of you!:thumbsup:

I will try to break the story down as I go along without spilling it all out immediately before you can see some solid imagery. Final evaluation of composition and line art sketch coming up soon.


Hi Hiun, just saw you’ve also entered the challenge, cool! :thumbsup:

You’re not telling much about your ideas yet - but the sketches let me hope a lot. Something about ripped out hearts (if I’m seeing it right) is always good :slight_smile:

I’ll watch your tour, looks promising! The woman looks sad…



Arne (painpainting) - You have a good eye my friend. I shall speak more about the story on my next post. Nice to have you along for the ride, thanks for the support.:slight_smile:


Concept/Story: A woman found the person that she was really in love with, saw everything that she wanted in him and loved his heart and soul. But, the man is only human and so he is never perfect all the time and she wants perfection all the time. So she figures if she just had the part she really loved (his heart) and got rid of the man (the imperfections) then she would be fully happy and pleased all the time.
The subtle smile on her face makes her seems as if she is in a dream and everything she has ever wanted has been made possible.
The man, who will be covered in blood doesn’t look like he was murdered or even in distress, he looks relaxed and calm as if he was just sleeping. Reason being because he also loved her so much that he willingly gave her is heart so she could be fully happy.
I started with the idea of them facing each other, but as I progressed I didn’t want them to be on the same level and seem as equals.
The structure of the image is the woman and the heart on the same height (face to face) with her arm cradling it and giving it a point of focus and to show also a high level of importance (as if to guard and secure it). I thought of having her grasp the heart and hold it close to her, but when I did some trials it seemed too harsh and cold as if I were to draw her with her back turned, and I didn’t want that feeling. So not touching the heart gave it a sense of delicacy, something pure that should not be touched and tainted in any way.
I moved the man further down in the composition to signify being below her, but not in a demeaning sense. I have the woman placing her hand on his head to show that she is still in touch with him and he is not discarded, even in death. The meaning I had in mind for the man being lower in the composition and below the woman is because in truth he places her above himself.
I would like to use the saturation of color to tell the story instead of just painting the image. I will also be leaning toward abstract qualities to explore the unknown and strange things that can just happen in a painting. The color will be strongest in saturation at the focal area and desaturate as it drifts away. The color palette chosen for this piece is in itself a part of the story (blue, red, violet, purple and white). I chose those colors based on their meanings and also the flowers they represent;
Gloxinia – love at first sight (purple, red, white)
Heliotrope – Devotion, Eternal Love (purple)
Forget Me Not – Faithful Love, True Love, Memories (blue)


Testing colors and focusing on capturing the expression of the female along with focal area. (Reference: pictures I took of friends and self in sleeping position)


Several Photos I took of fabric/drapery/sheets, superimposed and painted to create the layout.


hey man!
Great progress so far, the fabric is spot on! :slight_smile:
Curious to see where this is going, keep it up!


Hideyoshi - Thanks a lot,:bounce: I am curious myself where it will end up


final crop before starting on background


I have gone a completely different direction than I originally planned. I will try to keep the color compositonal idea, but this process is so much fun, anything can happen. I have already discovered new approaches to take. I am just letting my feelings guide me from this point on.


still enjoying the process!


Last variant for today. I believe the final image will end up being much more controlled… maybe. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, I always appreciate the input.


this has probably been the most poetic-poem of painting so far :slight_smile: really amazing, cheers! And best luck!


Gingi - Thanks a lot,:smiley: I greatly appreciate the support:bounce:


Great concept, great image so far!!

I like this “wild” nature of that last image - so don’t become too controlled :slight_smile:

One thought from my side. The last image looks great, specially the moody darkness at the bottom und the clear white at the top. But the bedsheets (?) are nearly vanished, I couldn’t recognize them if I wouldn’t have seen the previous stages. I think it’s helpfull to recognize them maybe a little more, to underline that they are lying and not standing - imo

I can’t wait to see more progress :thumbsup:



Arne (painpainting) - Thanks for the support and critique:thumbsup: I too like the last image, but as you said, the sheets have disappeared and I will have to bring them back eventually. Another concern of mine that I noticed are the circles (graphics) that are too recognizable… I will have to destroy those also :smiley: . I don’t know where this will end up yet but getting your input sure helps a lot in making decisions. Thanks so much again!


Hey Kamal! You’re going in a good direction. I agree with gingi and I think this will be a great entry! Can’t wait to see more!