Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Jürgen Johannes Jäckel


The Background are simple textures i arranged on the screen. Later this will be a 3D setup too. This composition is near the final look.


Wow. Once you mixed all your elements, your picture become really impressive. Excellent poses.


The first render. Final light setup do on the end.


I worked on one of the two women. I worked also on the textures. First I had modeled the hair in ZBrush. Later I decided however for “genuine” hair.


I work in the last hours much of the Render setup in Cinema 4D. A bit Global illumination and a bit ambient occlusion. Now i start to testure the second girl bevor i do the last corrections on the light and render setup.


thats very interesting you have there since i never anything like it before


Strange indeed :slight_smile:

7-days left you can make it!
Rock on!


Mister Shity

Mister Shity is the man of the year 2007! He won in 2001 and 2005 Awards for the hottest His and absolute beautiful.

He has no money. He has no charm. He has no character.
He stinks. He is old and frail. And looks like a lump of shit.

But women love him!

No idea! For me Strange Behavior!


Yepp strangely disturbing peice of art. Like it!
Good luck now!


this is just awsome! really like the feel of it all. thats one ugly bastard :stuck_out_tongue:
Big fan of your concept too, best luck in the contest


Hey Jürgen, great and cool concept! I like a lot the style on the girls designs, realy cool mate. The light and atmosphere on the room is awesome. I like a lot your composition, like a family portrait, nice touch!! Congratulations on your finished artwork and best of luck!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Hammmmmmmmer. Hahaha. Glückwunsch zum Contestgewinn! Im happy! :smiley:


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