Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Jürgen Johannes Jäckel


the new head is really better, maybe the ears are a little big ?
Good luck.


Property now the first version of the body finished. Was important me not to let the body look “realistic”. Since the final picture is to become in the toon Look. The body become a toon-shader. I built the body with intention unproportional. Large head and thick back. Narrow arms and legs. So that I can also animate the body later, I have to built him as Low Poly Model and tried as few Polygone as possible.


I made now the first tests with the size of the eyes. I think, it become the left.


the lest size looks much better but i do have one more remark for the face… the middle of the lips looks too protruded… or the sides too deflated… try smoothing the middle a bit or trying to even out the difference in some other manne… other than that looking good… keep it up


Ok. I changed the Tool.
Here you can see the current working progress. That is only the clean body. The details come now. Folds. Furrows. Pus. Scars. Dents. Warts. And so on.

I left the mouth away. Because under the nose close whiskers are attached.I will make that later with the module HAIR von Cinema4D.


what ever it is… it looks good. disgusting… but good.


wow, your idea and concept looks great , thats will be a really cool strange behavior :slight_smile:


i wish i could say it looks like shit! but it doesnt. …looks good :wink:


What is los here? Go on with it!
I love SHITY. Every day i think about him and his realy well body.
Hope to see more in the next weeks.


OK. It continues.
Long break, short sense.
Further details prepared.

Thanks. :smiley:

I hope you begin also soon!
Miss your abnormal kind.

Property unfortunately only little time. Fortunately the Contest goes so long.


Hey Jürgen, nice sketches and model, and really ugly shity, fantastic! :smiley: the second idea is cool and funny , i liked, and the book idea is a clever touch, great!! Good luck! and looking forward for more updates! :thumbsup:


OK. Now first i do some changes on the first woman. Do this again in ZBrush. (With the Frames on and this color she looks like Spidergirl.)


the potatohead looks very nice… keep it up


Last night I had time to work again somewhat further. Here is a new w.i.p.


she looks much much better now… great hair too… keep us posted


Now in my holidays i have time to work on the contest. I re-work the chars. First Shity. Do changes on the pose.


First Texture test. Do it in ZBrush.


I love him. My wife loves him. All women love Shity, the wonder-lover!
Hope you feel the same.


that thing is freaking awesome. i immediately thought of chris cunningham’s (and aphex twin’s) rubber johnny collaboration and a few other various works. love it.


Here now a 2D/3D concept of the new composition. I wanted to have the whole somewhat more nobly. More like Barok or Rococo. The story is the same. Shity, the wonder-lover and two realy nice girls. The girls should be naked. Since it can come however here to problems with the nakedness, a cloth will cover the delicate places. I made a sketch from the cloth on the 3D screenshot.