Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Jürgen Johannes Jäckel


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I always asked myself, why the BEAUTIFUL ONE is beautiful, but the beast is actually not really ugly.
Therefore I will dedicate myself to the topic “the beautiful one and the beast”. It fits super the topic STRANGE BEHAVIORS". I want to bring the whole however rather on the funny level. I think there at the moment of a scene, where a beautiful young woman makes herself over Internet an appointment. A BLIND DATE. He writes her that he does not out-look well. Separate rather as shits. And she thinks that do not look everything is. And with the meeting, for example in a cafe, the two see themselves first time.
The problem: he looks real like shit. And so on…

But that is only the first idear.
Here only times a few lines, which I made beside. The final scenery become I later roughly draw. If I invented history to the picture finished.

(And here directly for all following entries: My English is very bad. Excused. But I try it.)


The scene bends slowly in my head. BLIND DATE.
She: beautifully.
He: Uaaaarrgsully.

But on merry evenly. Not on disgust. I have degree a lot of fun here at the drawing board.

Here far sketch to the representation of that BLIND DATE.
Have a name for him “Shity”. :wink:


hey jakyll!
best of luck to you!!!
lookin’ forward to see more of “shity”… he’s really ugly…
nice concept, hehe…:slight_smile:

best wishes


I like the character design, but the concept doesn’t seem strange enough- seems like a clear cut case of beauty and the beast…you need to go beyond that!


There I am absolute your opinion, paperclip.
The two characters are clear for me. A beautiful woman and an absolutely ugly guy. Evenly STRANGE BEHAVIOR.
In order to get the joke purely, I plan the scene in the coffee. Without words. Both do sit next to each other at a single meeting and have themselves anything to say.


Here still another sketch to that guy. The direction is correct. But the exact details come still, before I model it in a 3D Program. I will try to give all a Comic-Look. Think, z-brush exactly the correct will be for model the guy.

I have now 2-3 ideas, as I merge the two characters into a scene. There I will work the next days to.


Ha, Ich liebe das idee in der kaffeehaus. Es ist lustig und mit der Theme geht.Werde in 2D oder 3D sind? Ich habe mein deutschen vergessen die Jahr uber.Argh! Entschuldigung Sie, bitte!

Also, weiter! :thumbsup:


Your German is better than my English.


lol. nice sketches. this is an ugly shit. :smiley:

keep it up. :wink:


I like your scribbles, Mr Jäckel. I thought about the story behind the scene…imagine the girl really likes “Shity” but she dont attracts him…just an idea…

looking forward to see the progress in your work.

Graf Korn


Thanks Kornboy

It is nice that your first entry at CGTalk is entitled to me.
I hope that you enter also into the Contest.

Greetings to Berlin.


lol. good concept and good drawings. i’m waiting for the suit.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


OK. Now it is clear for me. In the first idear with the Singel Date, the girl do not like the guy. And this is not STRANGE BEHAVIOR! This is a normal reaction. I think.

Here is an scene with an absolutly STRANGE BEHAVIOR (for me). An ugly, ugly, UGLY!!! guy. Surrounded by beautiful women. They love him. They admire him.

In order to still support the scene, I plan a booklet in front. On the booklet it is shown a picture of the guy. Title of the booklet: “Sexiest guy of the world” (or something like that).


Mr. Shity lies in bed. It concentrates fully on itself. He does not save with his attractions. He is a wonderful dream.


I play still something with the appearance of the main char. I will make still 2 to 3 designs of him. Before I turn to the female chars.


OK. Here is the last design for the guy. The base is clear. Whether he gets now more chest hair or gets a large upper lip beard, I decide later. Briefly before I begin to model him. Next I work on the female chars.


i like the idea, of the ugly, ugly guy in the bed surrounded by beautiful women. but on MTV you see ugly, ugly guys surrounded by beautiful women, too. they are called “rapper”.

… very strange …


Correctly. That is a typical MTV scene. Beautiful women and ugly rappers. And here are some drawings i will style the womens.


Further design. As collecting main. Think, I catch now with that model on.