Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Juraj Molcak is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: THE BLOCK


I will be looking in this thread from time to time, because I know what your capable of!

Good luck on this challenge!


@MVDB - nice to have you here. Well, this thread is going to run with connection to my animation 3D entry and I may finish it with some extra postproduction on it. But I will concentrate to the animation one. Good luck to you too :thumbsup:


something stretchy for the begining sketchy.


Lovely start!Good luck mate and all the fun!:slight_smile:


That’s a beautiful loose sketch to get things started. I like that a lot. I’ll definitely be watching your animation thread because I remember the superb entry you did for Journey Begins


yeah ! very nice !


I REALLY dont get it, so its strange alright… love the sketch but what is the idea behind it?


Another mind stretching. This time more grounded.


thanx for feedback folks!

@icedeyes - really nice, lol. Actually, idea/story is on the way. Those sketches are just kind of “language” tryouts. After the language is developed, I will start with storytelling :thumbsup:


love your style… the building rocks… great idea


Yeah that building is wonderful. Beautiful drawing style too


very cool concept, I like the idea a lot.


love the style of this


Had a lil time of sketching again. Playing and tweaking around “the house” idea.


@ icedeyes, mdavid, mv, flyingP - thanx for cheering me up folks! Always good to hear such a words, as well as some critique…


So far it looks like I will need to animate/pose more than one character. Therefore I decided to find the way of universal character. Here are first sketches of him/her :slight_smile: Tadaaaaa…


Under the block there is a canalization. Under the block there is an unwanted product.


“The Block” concept is growing. Here is the list of characters. First of all, I want to make a short story for animation category. I have plans to finish it till the end of september so I will have time to move this idea for the illustration still entry. Hope you like it. Comments are more than welcome. Cheers,


I’m really loving this. That ‘unwanted product’ under the block is fantastic, and also very funny :thumbsup: