Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Juan Pablo Monroy


not much of an update, but just trying to not loose focus on this thing. I’ll explain on another post…


Hey guys. Well, I’m kinda workin a bit different than usual on this piece. Because of the angle and tight orthographic view, I’m adding the details and design elements first and worriying about the overall lighting and composition later - I know its not the way to go, but because I got several layers I feel its easier to move around and add shadows and all those elements later… sort of like a 3D scene. Hope this technique works in the end, because right now its lookin like a bunch of copy/paste pictures…haha.

Guterrez: yeah I know. I liked the othe piece’s humor, but it was bit too complex and time consuming - so I would’ve never had enough time to finish it. thanks for the post man!

Racoon-dog: thank you. I’m workin on the other paintings today and see if I can add those elements either tonight or tommorrow. I cant wait to see the final too!haha


Your piece is getting more and more interesting! :smiley: Thumbs up! -wink- I’m really enjoying this!


Ok, here is another update. I did work on it a bit more, but still trying to figure a few things. Right now it seems downright gruesome, but hopefully with other updates it will slowly come into focus. As I said, the updates should “slowly expose the truth”…bwahaha


Cool with exceptional painting skills but rather spooky (which is desirable in this contest). Like the peak scene from a horror flick, so it does have lots of shock value punch. It seems in general for all of us to be hard to get really shocking and really humorous in the same image. Do you have any future intentions toward the humorous side? The mystery of the smaller painting and the overall mystery of this make it both very intriguing. Best of luck


Hey Juan Pablo, great and awesome work!! I really like your extended composition with “follow the red trace” style :smiley: We can travel across the image, I really like that!. Incredible and detailed textures for the room, cool mate!! and cant wait to see the great finale for this superb concept! ( I want to know the truth! :smiley: ) Cheers my friend!! :beer:


Thanks Fernando, Korendo! I’ll try and add one of the final updates later on today… and then on to a bit of detailing and color correction for the final one. Its crunch time homies!


Almost there…

Still adding extra elements and working on the lighting. Next is probably focusing the composition on the important elements…


great update JP! the lightning is extra moody now, really cool how the darkness crawls back to the door
I like this version better then the one turned around (theres this oldschool rule "left is the past, right the future", and it looks like he is going straight to the past^^) good luck with the final finishing, cant wait to se the final and read the story


Woo that was quick MAthias! Thats cool, I never heard that before.

Ok, I’m almost there. Still working on how the composition fits is in the piece. I feel like there is too much going on and its kind of difficult to find a focal point, so maybe with a few tweaks to the lighting and the “blood red paint” I’ll find the solution. I’m guessing, by now, the concept of the piece is apparent - although I dont want it to be blatant. Final coming tomorrow…

PLEASE COMMENT OR CRIT!!! I’m desparate in the final hours…hahah.


Hey JuanPablo, that looks great. The light and the colors are all superb. Concept is strange too. Good luck for the final! Cheers!


The new one sharpens the creepy atmosphere hehe. And the details here enrich the view and the story. Go on! :smiley:


finally the final image is finalized! I’ll add a few closeups and then the final with the story in a few hours…


Hi Juan Pablo,

Congratulations! The delivery of you palette and ideas it’s fantastic! Really enjoyable all the details and meanings in your props and composition skills! :thumbsup:


This is definetily a great piece Juan. I love its almost archetypal feel. There is so many layers of emotions on it. Congratulations and best of luck!


Your image is very intriguing full of mystery, with fine details and wonderful color palette. And as has been mentioned created with great speed. Congratulations and best of luck :slight_smile:


Hey Juan Pablo, great and cool atmosphere for the scene!! Puts a really mistery and strange note on the whole composition, and I be intrigued, why the red trace dont touch the furniture with the phonograph or the LP discs? strange! :slight_smile: Again, really great work !! and waiting for the story :smiley: Cheers my friend!! :beer:


The closeups! Story coming soon…


You have a hell of a story to tell :smiley:


uh oh! I had forgotten to submit the concepts for my piece. I was looking through my post and never saw the concept milestoneI

I couldn’t find the earliest compositional study I did, but I did find the sketches that inspired the piece. These are your basic sketches that eventually trigger creativeness in your mind and gain a life of their own. I guess I cheated a bit and fixed them up a beforehand…