Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Juan Pablo Monroy


Great concept art work, very cool. Can’t wait to see that they are protesting!


great technique man, I like your characters and your portfolio a lot
looks like a promising thread


Sorry to hear you can’t complete, hope to see more of you work later.

All the best!


Thanks guys for droping by! undfortunately, I’m not gonna be able to finish this concept cuz I got way to much stuff going on. I really wanted to try and submit something, but just didnt find the time to work into it. Everybody else’s work is looking fantastic - I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!


just to say that your lines are beautifuls,

maybe the next challenge ?



thanks jocz, Korendo! well, with that deadline extention I might just come back in. I’ve been working on a painting idea that sort of suits Strange Behavior. I still like the other idea, but time wise I dont have enough for the greenpeace one. So, I’ll try and go with this new one and see how far I can get it. I guess its better than not turning in nothing at all…


Hi Juan,

Glad to hear you can take advantage of the extra time. Best of luck!


Ok, so here we go again. Hopefully I keep to my promises this time and finish this concept. It’s a definite departure from my previous ideas and it has a much darker and grimmer theme. The image itself, will be pretty simple with the main character on the left side and a simple wall with a doorway as the main compositional elements. I’ll post some more WIP’s this week (I promise) and hopefully be done by the deadline. Anyway, I can only admire and wish I had worked as hard as you guys on this competition. Congratulations to those with a finished piece!


Very very very nice sketches jpmonroyal!
That first concept really made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:
Nice start on the second one.


this should be really nice when its done. i hope you get it done! best of luck.


As promised, here is another WIP. It’s definitely getting darker in theme and hopefully it doesn’t overshadow the character’s strange behavior. Working on several layers with this one so it’ll definitely be easier to edit when I get into nitpicking. Again, please let me know what you guys think on overal composition, lighting and of course if it demonstrates strange behavior and not just strangeness.


Wow man, you got some really cool stuff going on here! :bounce: I really like the composion and the real ‘strangeness’ of your work. It feels a bit twisted and strange, which is offcourse great! :slight_smile:

All the best on finishing your work.


love the brush strokes a lot! very curious about the story and more updates too! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile: wishing you good luck! :thumbsup:


Greetings Juan Pablo,

Wish I were a fast as you, a very mysterious and gothic image. The figure is very well done. I am a proponent of the abnormal especially in this contest context, so maybe add some discordant element? For example instead of a weapon such as a sword have the blood streak from a large banana or a tube of toothpaste. And maybe in the room the “victim” could be something odd like a giant tomato or a can of red paint?


Hey Korendo, thanks for the post. Yes, I was thinking something in those terms for the “weapon” its holding. I was thinking of doing maybe a large brush or broom like thing for an additional strangeness to the piece. I’m also still debating what to do inside the room but those comments certainly sparked my imagination. Thanks man! I’ll try and post another WIP before the weekend is over…


I really liek your style1 Is very interesting and cool, uncommon. Very nice claps I like the chracter and the composition. What I see or imagine with your piece is that the chracter, while listening to music, has maybe killed or hurted someone inside that room, and then leave a tray of blood with his weapon, after all he seemed to be concentrated in a music that who knows!, he is the only one who can hear it at all. Like a strange killer-ballet. I don’t know if it what you had on mind :slight_smile: is what I iamgine looking at it grins I really hope you will end it, yes??? :slight_smile: Let the good work coming! ¡Mucha Suerete y a por todas!


Ok, so here is one of the framed paintings that are gonna be up on the wall - This one will be behind the main character. So the purpose of these paintings will be to tell certain points of the story behind the piece. Definite influence (more like copy) from Rembrandt’s self portrait.


Thanks Zara! yup, you definitely got whats going on (pero no le digas a nadie! ja ja). Its unquestionably a grusome scene right now - but it’ll have a twist (something like Korendo’s idea) I’ll add more of those elements to the composition in the next few days, but I dont want to spoil the final presentation. You’ll sort of be given the clues little by little to understand why this event took place.


hey man, its a shame you cant realize your first idea, like I already wrote I liked these characters alot
there is a great flow in your work and your new main char looks also damn cool for me, best of luck this time, I`m waiting for more


Thats an awesome piece of detail. Beautiful painting within a painting. I’m interested to see what the other paintings on the wall are, esp. if you say they play out points of the story. Can’t wait to see the final.