Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Juan Pablo Monroy


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Latest Update: Final Image: Death of a Painting - Story


Well, here are my first concepts. Havent had that much time to work on the image, so here are a couple of simple character ideas. The image itself (or the idea) will basically revolve around the character with the backpack. It’ll definitely have lots of monsters, warriors and swords but no violence… I’ll work on the idea a bit more and post a concept pretty soon. I’ve also looked at Gary Larson’s work a lot for “comic inspiration” and maybe something can come out of his evolution series?? Anyway, the images posted here by everyone else are so inspiring (and funny) which means i gotta get to work - and work hard.


Cadejo (evil dog) concept. This again, is a very loose idea of what I want some of the creatures to look like.


Hola Juan Pablo, really cool sketches, i like your style mate, really nice! :thumbsup: Best of luck and looking forward for more updates about your concepts!! :slight_smile:


WOW! nice sketches…really nice, bro.


I like your style! can’t wait to see your concept.



its so great to see another talented artist joining this challenge! Character designs u’ve made r really something, I love every one of them. Great expressions and dynamic, as well as ur style with all those rich texture brushes. Keep posting, cant wait to see what will come out :slight_smile:


great technique man, I like your characters and your portfolio a lot
looks like a promising thread


yet another creature concept - cant have to many of these.


thanks alot for the comments guys! hopefully i’ll have a concept on the strange behaviour idea by tonight. I’m going for a somewhat stylized look so we’ll see how I do with that.


that cadejo is wicked, man. things seem to be progressing nicely… but what is your concept?


wow… those monster concepts look impresive, I’ll be looking forward for your next updates and for seeing how will the whole image look!!:slight_smile:


By jpmonroyal

This is just a simple concept I had on my mind since I first read about the challenge. I probably wont do this image, but I still kinda like the idea a bit…


OK, so here is the first REAL concept. The idea for this piece is of protesters preventing several warriors from attacking evil mythical creatures. This is sort of a new venture for greenpeace…
The fantasy art greenpeace agent operatives(?)will definitely stand out from the warriors and creatures with their matching shirts, cargo shorts and huge backpacks. So anyway, I hope its funny, but most of all strange. Again, this idea is not set, so if anybody feels something’s fishy just post it up.


I know its kind of hard to see whats going on without any color, value or decent size, so here is a closeup that might help. Just a note on the creatures - some of them are pretty well known and others are mythical creatures from Guatemalan folklore and other LAtin American myths. I’ll post some information on the creatures later on so that everyone understands…

Hopefully you guys can sort of get whats going on. I really want the strange behavior to be bluntly apparent so if it doesn’t feel like that please crit.


Hi Juan Pablo, concept is very creative, I like your colour pallette on sketches so much. On the final image, this would be a nice image and watching your progress would me cheerful. Cheers and have more fun!


nice update! Interesting creatures :slight_smile:


thanks digital-bobert, ashiataka! Yes hopefully i’ll start it up again. These past few days I’ve been kinda tied up so derfinitely this week ill add more interesenting updates. I was battling with the composition and camara angle for the piece too - I feel that if I do go with a similar composition to my sketches i’ll have too much empty space in between the characters… I’ll try and figure it out and post semething good. If you guys have any comments… you know the deal


Dude!! the first one rocks!!! I love how it has its own flair. The monsters are sick!! the only thing I would suggest is fixing the compostiton because it doesnt really leave anything for ones imagination. Maybe try to do it from another angle. Other than that it looks pretty cool.
The other one that I really liked was the one about the “number one fan”. Im not sure what sport it is you envisioned but the first thing that came to mind for me was soccer. I really like the fact that it shows so much action and movement… truly great!
Good job man, you have a great style


hahahah, very funny concept. And you got a superb style of drawing. maybe the front protestors are a little too close to the creatures, but like you said, it’ll be a lot clearer once the painting starts.