Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: John Strieder


This is the last Hippie-Ant for my Picture. Now for the hardest Part: Composing them all together including Background.



The ant is relaxing and, I am suppose, the cicada is working!
Jean de La Fontaine walks on his head!



The ant is relaxing and, I am suppose, the cicada is working!

Hahahahaha lol :wink:


Wire of the complete scene. I’ve decided to reduce the Scene and focus on the threesome of Mother, Child and Fahter.


Once upon a time there was an ant-hill near by a farm in Bethel. The ants who lived there worked as long and hard as any other ant and were happy with that.

Then, one day in August 1969, they heard a misterious noise like a thousands of people coming, and then a strange music filled the air. The ant-queen sent a troop to find out where that sound came from …

But these ants never returned :wink:


Looking really great John! The characters are very charming and the colors are great too! Can’t wait!


Wow! You do excellent work on every thing :smiley: The lighting, the textures, the models AND the Renders!


Thank you both for your kind Comments :slight_smile:


Hey John, cool image!! I like a lot the all scene design and the characters are really great!!. The textures on the concept are awesome! Congratulations for this great artwork and best of luck!! :slight_smile:


@Ferx: Thanks, man! :slight_smile:


Wow! another one with heaps of work done, well done…looks awesome.

Great idea.


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