Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: John Strieder


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Latest Update: Final Image: Hippie Ants


Somehow I settled on ants and their well ordered life.

Let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:


I started to model the ant. Next I will add details and start texturing.


a small update: just like for a real ant the arms and legs now have the same length; additionally some “anty” details


I think it would be better if the arms wherent that long. I also think the nose looks a little bit like a fingernail, but i like the mouth!


Thanks for your comment! :slight_smile:
The nose is still gonna be different…

The arms have to be that long as the legs, thats the way it goes with ants :wink:
For ants do normaly not have any arms, just legs; and if the ant doesn’t want to fall over,
it has to have legs of the same lengths.

This Ant is nearly anatomically correct and only humanized by the pose.


One of the Hippie-Ants will play the guitar. I’ve deceided not to model a “real” Guitar, but a Guitar that could be made by ants. So this Guitar is made of a tiny berry. I will try this way on the other things, too.


Again here’s an update :slight_smile:

A snippy branch, and a tiny piece of cloth, which an ant found, in order to make a shirt from it.

I’m still searching things in nature, which are so small, that an ant could use it.


Really like the cloth! Good work and good luck!


a first render of the first ant :wink:


Hi, Peter!

Thanks for you words :slight_smile:


:smiley: hehe the guitar is very cool. Good luck to you in this challenge =)


…is done :slight_smile:


Thanks, gG :slight_smile:


those renders are incredible. very crisp, sharp, etc.


I like your style, man! Looks really good!


@r1-381: It’s rendered with FryRender - the tool of my choice! :wink:
… Thank you both for your Comments :slight_smile:


:eek: Definate eye catcher. Love the quality of your renders and the characters you created. I wish you all the best!:thumbsup:


Thank you very much, hiun :slight_smile:


Here are some wires of plants and accessoires i’ve modeled. They are made to fit in the Microcosm of my Ants. The flower in the hair of Anty Mamma, for example, is a very tiny Bloom i’ve found in front of my door. The second is clover (really huge for an ant), the third a leaf i’ve found, which one Ant will use as mat for relaxing.