Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: John Shakespeare


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not sure what I will do yet, but I very much like the idea of cute toys gone bad, or doing strange things, so it will be something along the lines of these, I guess! good luck to everyone!


Ha! That Bunny Is Hilarious.

Thats an awesome concept, work it man!


the toys r really strange.Best of luck for the challenge.:thumbsup:


Brilliant! Shakes is in! I’m cheering for you buddy! This challenge has ‘shakes’ written all over it


Yes! Great news - so looking forward to see what you’ll do :thumbsup:


Great to see you joining in Shakes, good luck.

Steve 8)


What level of artistic thinking it is, to be inspirated by own work, lol? Good luck buddy!


Love the headshot bunny! maybe some cute stuffed animal relatives standing around but not able to stop smiling because they are so cute :smiley:


thanks for the welcome everyone!

[LEFT]drefarr:[/LEFT]thanks Drew!
[LEFT]CUBISIS:[/LEFT]Strange…heheh we love strange…thanks Rishikesh
[LEFT]mdavid:[/LEFT]thanks Mark…good to be here mate- I’d have regretted not entering. your thread is rockin!
[LEFT]Gunilla:[/LEFT]hi Gunilla, great to see you of course!
[LEFT]handlebar:[/LEFT]hi handlebar…woof to you too mate, good to see you in
[LEFT]Oweron:[/LEFT]haha, there was not title for reference to own work!! can’t wait to see yours develop
[LEFT]Essenr:[/LEFT]ha-that’s a very funny suggestion of yours Marcus!



(click on image for larger view)

I thought I’d sit down for an hour and doodle, sometimes it helps to think of a concept by just drawing and letting my mind wander

so far out of that session I got these ideas:
1: do a Jeckyl and Hyde treatment on the Looney Tunes characters…so they’re barely recognizable(for copyright reasons too!!)maybe some joke on Crack or ICE being introduced on the WB set
2: A frame by frame image of one of my characters, (prob a rabbit) doing a Jeckyl and Hyde
3:Frankenstein rabbit??
4: a cute animal character in an image that is a pun on Britney Spears shaving her head
5: a cute 3d cartoon Pixar style Star, who’s gone off the rails, living in a cheap hotel with hookers haha

see what you think!

cheers, shakes


heheh, I like #1 and #4

#4 would be funniest if you could get the message across clear enough.


Hey there you are Shakes. Glad you could join us. This sketch is fantastic. I’m sure we’ll see some strange behavior from you.


thanks Drew…they’re prob my choices too. I’d love to ‘Do Over’ the Looney Tunes charachters!! and hi Michael-good to see you here!!


this was my favourite from this mornings doodles. It’s been fun so far- I rarely doodle anymore…prefer to go straight to 3d and make it up as I model, but maybe I’ll do some more sketches this challenge.

two more ideas…
1: Noah’s Ark leaves leaving a whole bunch or crazy assed critters behind-title: ‘not everyone was invited on Noah’s Ark’
2: a zoo with a special section for strange crazy animals


I like the Noah’s art idea. That could be funny.


Shakes! Awesome to see your work in here mate:D

I’m for the noahs ark idea too mate, will give you heps of room to play

BTW… love the bunny with the blown brain mate:scream:


Hello Shakes!
Glad to see you here, Wish you Luck :smiley:
hehe Funny characters. most i like the men with big ears :smiley:


Greatto, DaddyMack, miketche, thanks you guys!
Noah’s ark concept is looking tempting…!
cheers, shakes


still not sure what I’m doing yet, just making up a few characters…