Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


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Latest Update: Final Image: final render


I’m actually entering this both in the Animation category and the Illustration category. Here’s my concept:

The rock character is sculpting away at himself a chunk at a time in an effort to not look so rough and crumbly. He just wants to be seen as polished and new and to have that certain sparkle that the sphere seems to have. The ironic part of this is that there’s no possible way to completely sculpt himself into that sphere because his whole foundation would have to go as well as his arms and face, etc. The moral of the story is that sometimes it can be self-destructive to try and be something we’re not. Kinda cheesy, but I thought it might be a “strange” way to illustrate that concept.

More to come…


first sign of progress…remember, this model has been fully documented in my animation category thread: (click link in signature if interested!)


more detail


more detail




more detail




scene setup - main character sculpted in zbrush and then exported into max


here’s my occlusion render


here’s the raw render using vray and max


whoops - bad post


final render in photoshop - complete with glows, dust, etc

see top post for concept synopsis


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