Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Jessada Sutthi


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: concept colloring 2


this is first thumbnail sketch.My idea is a group children or one.They are playing the war with a lot of warier.
I am hoping to find a new idea.


Hey! I like the idea, I am interested in what else you will think of.

Good luck!

(Also, the word “found” is PAST tense, as in, I FOUND a rock. What you meant was “find” as in, I am hoping to FIND a new idea. Though you would say "I am hoping to “think of” a new idea, since ideas come from the mind/brain and you “think” with your mind/brain. Haha, sorry!!! This is not to offend you, just trying to help. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi Geta-Ve !! Thank you very much for instruction.:slight_smile:
I’am sorry for my English skill very bad. Now, I trying add study English.

Thanks againt and good luck.:slight_smile:


really like ur thumbnails… nice drawing style too… hows abt u show some more developed concepts… will b waiting for ur update



If you do this in a style like your ‘flamebirth’ (in your cgportfolio), it would be pretty cool. I’m looking forward to more developments.


This is my character sketch for the challenge.They are live in the old.How do you think with the children is in full war environment.


Yeah cool Thumbs, good look.^^


Hi!! overcontrast, paperclip, zweiDee :slight_smile:

Thank you for visiting and comments.


Beautifull sketch of characters, they are really cutes.


I like your style! Can’t wait to see more!

Do you use a tablet, and what software are you using Painter or Photoshop?


Hi Scott !! yes i use a talet(wacom) and i sketch in Photoshop.
Truth, i like pencic sketch but my scaner unuseable T T
nice to meet you Scott!!


Very nice explorations Jessada! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Great job so far! I love it :slight_smile:


Hello everybody again
this is quick sketch about 20 minute
sketch in Photoshop CS2.


Hey Jessada, nice idea and sketches!! cool ! :thumbsup: I cant wait to see how you develop your concept. Good luck ! :slight_smile:


this is concept colloring…
I need use collor conflict mood between serious war and a group chlidren that playing the war is funny.


Hi!! Ferx :slight_smile:
thanks for the visiting and comment!!


good job! the painting and brush work is very nice!


I add a little detail and compose…