Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: jamie wong


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Latest Update: Line Art or Model: qucik revised concept


A world where buunies aren’t cute but flatulent. and in the middle they torture some poor bunny who arrived late to the town meeting. oh they all wear gas masks.


Hi Jamie,

It’s a disturbing but funny concept you have there. I particularly liked the double ‘x’ you have for the poor victim’s eyes. Go for it! :slight_smile:


the bunnies that release a toxic gas


Thanks Riclim. i just hope that i can finish it in the limited time thats left. unfortunatly due to studies taking more of a priority its hard to weight up. but i wont let you down :slight_smile:


i decided that it would make more sense if the characters were throwing like a party instead, and it was a joke played one too far that they removed his gas mask instead


revised concept. widescreen format. more characters, just need to finalise the detail.


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