Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Great atmosphere and fantastic lighting effects
congrats for your work!!:thumbsup:


HI Goro!Great to see you made it!Lovely and great picture man!Such a nice story it tells your pic man!
It was great to follow your thread!
Makes me think a bit of the scene of disney’s film with those 2 dogs eating spaghetti together in a romantic scene with the italian boss singing them a song(lost the name… :-))
Anyway good luck on the final judgement and hope to see you in the next challenge!


Congrats Goro for this new amazing picture :thumbsup:


Maxter, authentic thnx!

THanks man!
hehe and yeah I guess you mean “Lady and the Tramp”. I haven’t seen that movie for a very long time…
You made me wanna see it again ^^


Hey Goro, wonderful work again. Love the story of the robot, it shows you really enjoy what you do. I wish you the best of lucks with the judging my friend. :beer:


Exellent final image and great story, bravo :thumbsup:

Good luck in the final vote :beer:


glad to see you finished mate! m@ does have his bright moments in life. one of those was when he pushed you to enter this challenge. love all the secret details and the story behind the pic(would have made a nice short btw) and I hope you will place high !


Nice! Very nice ballance of things here.
Also, I see I’m not the only one with a robotic/cat relationship displayed in full moon light… :wink:

Love all your little details, like the dandelion poster on the wall, just the whole thing is beautiful.


This is one of my favourites! I can not say anything to be better.


I have been watching you thread for some time now and I must admit I really like your work. I thought it about time that I droped you a post and let you know. :thumbsup:


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Hehe thnx mate! I’m actually thinking about creating a short out of this…
But not sure yet.

Thnx! And yeah ^^
Saw your entry. Congrats on finishing.


Great to see the finished piece Goro. From the first sketches to the final piece, the art was incredible and the whole feel of the image is very romantic. The robot looks fantastic and the cat is definitely the selling point, but the rest of the image is so technically right that you appreciate all the work that you put into it. Great work, and I’m definitely jealous!


you shocked me the first time … now you shocked me even more! 1000 volts and counting! :eek::eek::eek::eek: congratulations mate! freakin kickass work! :buttrock: i especially like the way the boxes are lined up for the robot :stuck_out_tongue: it certainly leads the viewer in a cool way!
good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


Aw…cute and beautiful :slight_smile: Hah, I see the road to cat was so hard! :smiley:


Thanks! It was a great challenge!

Good luck on the judging everyone


Really nice work and it was a pleasure to follow the process .Thanks .Great atmosphere wonderful colors .


Fantastic work, a really strong piece, one of my favs in the comp! Best of luck to ya!


It´s a great image. Very romantic and very strange. The robot transmit emotions, it seems a bit shy hehe.

Well-done and the best with this contest.



Hey Goro! Wow! :eek: I just can’t keep my eyes off your work! It’s so pretty and well executed; it’s been a real pleasure to share this excellent thread with master of the digital brush like you! Congratulations!:applause:


WOW - what a fantastic story! :applause:
Awesome image.