Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


This turned out one hell of an image! Bravo!
ALl the little details really make the story, the composition and colors are great! Atmosphere is top notch! What else do you need?!


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Thank you so much!

many thnx buddy! It’s very much appreciated!

Thanks for your flattering words ^^*

you’ll get only stick chickens with supervlieg! remember? ^^
I wish I have saved the gif animation…that was ace…


WOW GORO!! that is one of the best illustrations in this challange! really love the story and the over all ambience… the compositions of the illustration is also very interesting and well done… I wish ya all the best and hope to see u in the top of the final shortlist!!


Goro, you rock! Your piece is very cool and funny and at the same time so sweet! :slight_smile: The colors are great, just as the lights and details. Very well done. Congratulations!





Hi Goro, the story is… too amazingly lovely and cool! I really enjoyed it, and all little thumbnailsketches together with it! :slight_smile:

About your piece of art: very great work! It’s a very nice composition, with great humor and characters, but to me especially the lighting is awesome! The way you visualised the warmth coming out of the kitchen and the room is just amazing! It’s also very interesting to have followed your WIPs, as everything got more and more detailed, but still flexibel for changes. Great process!

All the best on the judging (while you won’t have very much control over it)! :slight_smile:


rubs hands
I didn’t do anything for this challenge, but I don’t regret dropping you a line that time :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great Goro!!


Hey Goro, congratulations on such a fantastic finish. I love the illustrated story you put with it too. That was a really beautiful touch :thumbsup:

It’s an old and much-repeated thing to say ‘I love your work’, but the truth is I love your work.

Good luck with the voting


Great work, you are big favorit in this challenge:thumbsup: I love your cartoon realism, awesome idea too, good luck with judging.


maybe may favourite in 2d . The colour palette is splendid!


Your image and your story give my shivers running down my back every time I look at it.

Simply amazing. One of my top favourites of this challenge.

Good luck with the voting.



So nice to have the story with the final image !
Another great job Goro !


Thank you so much for your comments everyone! I’m flattered ^^*
I didn’t sleep much time the last few days painting at night after work… cause I hate to deliver things on the last minute :wink:
I wasn’t sure if I’m able to finish for quite a while and I’m very excited I did. I’m even more
exited about your feedback! Again thanks for your support!

Bastard! You made me join and you ran away!
Hehe I’m glad you dropped me a line! Thnx man! Good luck at b ^^


Loooovely story! Reallly cute :slight_smile: Fits to the images,. :slight_smile: Nice work, dude.




Wow, you really went all out there Goro! Congrats, it’s great! Love all the extra’s too! It really gives it a litle extra. Best of luck in the judging stage!


Hi Goro

This scene is awesome … a lovely story … and your painting is wonderful!

i have to say … your tutorial about patterns you made for the wall was useful for me … i didn’t know how to do that and i used it in my thread .
thank you man

i wish you luck!


Hey man, great finish.

Ive been doing great lately, but barely had time for drawing. So no entry for me :expressionless:
I saw you started at a new job. Cant wait to see the trailer.

The final pic looks great, and I love the little story going with the picture. Im sure you’ll kick some mayor ass in the voting. Best of luck to you!


Very nice colors, mood and details. I like your idea a lot! What a wonderful poignant scene…:slight_smile:


Thanks all!

Thanks and I’m glad to hear that you found use of the tutorial!

Ahh the trailer hehe…there will be one soon I guess…
Just hell a lot to animate right now. I’ll let you know as soon as the trailer is available.