Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Goro, you bastard… i always envy you when I see how much you have progressed during the last years… and everytime i see a pic from you it makes me wish I had started practising like you back then. but I never did, nor will I start now… and that’s, why you are a bastard…


Hey Goro! Its been a while! This is looking really nice! I love the lighting!


Yeah, very annoying.
Stop that you APE!


Havent been here in awhile. But your piece looks really great!

I love the color palette and the lighting. The textures on the wall are exceptional. And I love the interplay between the different lightsources.

One slight niggle I might have is that the image looks a bit static because of the horizontal lines in the wall and the inside of the kitchen. A little perspective change might have made it a bit more dramatic.

And maybe you can add some little hints in the background or on the paintjob of the bot to show that he has a fascination or love for that cat (or cats in general). Something like a cat-calender in the kitchen would give him a bit more background.

oh and one other thing I just noticed, especially in the blowup. The hard edges of the moon look a bit too hard compared to the softer painterly style of the rest of the image. Maybe you can soften those edges up a bit with some brush strokes.

Anyway, keep up the great work. And go get them!


Really one of my favorite entries. Totally strange behavior. :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see the final image.


Done with the details! Painting is 99,9 percent done. I’m now writing down the story. I’ll post the final image in the next days!
Here are some close ups of the painting.


bobby, kei, Russel-Nash thnx!

Thanks man! I edited the head of the cat…now she should be even more rejective. ^^v


Thnx for your crit. Maybe his joints wouldn’t work 100 percent
but I wanted to create a very emotional pose. That was mor important for me.


You’re the bastard! You don’t even practise for your [6ooDl1ke skillz] :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo stickman how’s your choir going!?

Heey friend! Long time no see. How are you thesedays?
I was always more static than you hehehe shame on me you’re absolutely right.
And nice idea about the cat calender. I actually tried to put something on the
wall inside the kitchen but it drew too much attention even if I lowered the contrast.
So I left it empty.
I softened the moon edges. Thnx for pointing it out.


The details are beautiful. This is superb work


yey! U finished it, great to hear that. Another excellent image in the challenge :slight_smile: Great details, it was a pleasure watching ur progress. best of luck!


Hey Goro , It was really interesting to follow the evolution of the thread , last steps are awesome .
I have to confess that I like the fourth one , because I love your rabbits . Anyway robot and cat the idea is wonderful the style as usual . WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLLL piece


So this is it…CU-02 in Love.

I want to thank everyone who supported me during this challenge. It was a blast! Thank you!

Here’s the full story:


Ah, I love a happy ending! Congrats on finishing and great job, both on the main illustration and all of the little ones accompanying your story. Bestest, most thorough write-up ever. :applause:
Nice work!


Fantastic story! It brought a tear to my eye! Love all the illustrations!!


It’s a wonderful work! very nice story! :thumbsup:


Hi Goro -

A heart warming tale and another one of your signature pieces. I love the mood and silhouettes in this one particularly.

Best of luck!


stunning piece goro. i lack the words to describe it. the story to go with the image is spot on and the image it self is moody and powerful. this is why i love these things.

definatly up on my top list there.


I want robo-kittens! :bounce:


It’s so complete i’m out of words! It cannot be not liked! I love even things you didn’t exactly show in the picture - like the whole story, or even that a cool, heartless and supposedly pedantic robot becomes untidy and imperfect in his duties. Goro:*


fantastic mate :slight_smile:

love the contrast of the warm and cool colours. overall composition is really well balanced, ace idea ( particually the way he seems to be being shunned by the cat! haha :smiley: )
nice one man, excellent


Hi Goro! Congratulations! This is definitely full of romance and fun.
Absolutely stunning. Watching your progress was so cheerful too.
Best of luck!