Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Ive been checking your concept out for a while but havent posted before as I wanted to see how it would develop and I must say you have taken what seems like a undramatic and ordinary subject and inbued it with a whole lotta love - it has mood and story in aces - nice work. As far as which one does it for me I would have to say the first is stronger. The blue sky is a much better although the second is less saturated it is perhaps closer to reality. It really drains the mood form the composition. I like the white cat more but the way its lit by the moon doesnt seem right to me - wouldnt it be more of a sillouette with reflected light from below? Im not sure if you are going to work on the cat some more but perhaps a rim light on the darker cat might work? Also one thing that is bothering me is the darkness of the wall beyond the dustbins it seems like that there should be more scattered orange light from the kitchen - Im having trouble making out the posters on the wall and as they seem to have a bearing on the narrative it would nice to see them a bit more clearly. Excellent work the realtionship between the characters is really coming across wonderfully.


Wow, great progress :applause:

I have just a little crit about the cat, it looks like a ceramic figure and not like a furry animal :shrug:

Anyway fabulous work so far :thumbsup:


Wonderful moon lighting, great atmoshpere!

I also prefer the white kitty :slight_smile:



I think I’ll go with the white cat and the dark sky.


And a closeup of the new cat.
Thnx for your comments and critics so far! It’s really pushing the concept!


The details and highlights you’ve added to the cat make it work really well. Beautiful


Hi Goro I’ve seen your piece develop and to the day I kept shying away from posting since I found no crit, You’re doing an amazing work here…

Now I have something to say, mostly because I loved the black cat, This white one works better in the composition and the dark sky makes sense too…
but I will say I think what made the black cat so great was his pose. fist it was so more feminine, so stylish, and, as in many cases, not showing her features worked just fine for me, since her body language was so clear, the post of the old cat in white looks good, but it would need some shadows so she would not stand up so much.

I love how cats can look so distinguished and disdainful even living in an alley, maybe that’s what I see in the old position, It makes more clear to me in that one that she’s going to break the robot’s heart, this new one looks like she’s planning to eat the fish anyway. and I think that could blow the concept…

I hope this helps. Now again, What a beautiful piece!!


Yeah I know what you mean. I’ll will put some more time in the cat.
Thanks man!

thnx mdavid


Did someone tell you this is becoming a great image…?

… oh, wait, I guess they did. Only a few hundred times. :wink: (and they are right!)

My opinion on the cat (must be hard dilemma for you);

The advantage of the first image was, as ilove2d already said, the focus on the two main characters in the bright saturated sky. The arm is also more visible. But, you’re right, white is more feminine, and that may disappear in a bright sky; so I’d go for a mix between saturated and dark. Too dark doesn’t do justice to the focus point and robot arm. Too bright doesn’t do justice to the white cat.
As far as the pose goes, the first pose tells SO much about the cat and about the situation between the robot and the cat (indeed, she’s gonna break his -iron- heart). Especially the lack of facial features gives it a lot of character. I think the second pose has less of that impact, to be honest.

I hope this helps (and doesn’t make the gap between both choices even larger). Good luck, it really looks amazing.


oh my, I really love this competition…to see how pictures like yours grow and get to life is just awesome, the mood is captured so perfect and if you rework the cat a bit this scene can`t get much better ( I saw your portfolio so I know that you like cute lil pussys so this should be no problem for you^^)


Everyone else have already said it, so no more words about the piece from me. Just wanted to say, that the new cat looks better, I think. Cute! :love:


Hi Goro. About the cat : I really like the pose of the cat you made before. It was more a silouette and I liked what it told us about his opinion. The new cat is well done but, I think, have less personnality. Moreover the problem seems to be also his pose. A cat placelike this would never had his tail up like this. MAybe would it be better laying down the wall ?

ps : I love the details on the brick, better seen on the close up.


Hey Goro, just dropping in to say lovely piece. I love that warm and cold comp. I don’t think there is anything that probably already hasn’t been said. Beautiful and warm piece:thumbsup: Best wishes.


great lighting and mood in your peice, i could go either way on the cat…i like the new one cause i can see the face and i like the older version because the attitude.


So here is a new cat. According to the story I had in mind, she can’t look at the bot. (not yet ^^)
Added stars in the sky.


guterrez, MartinNielsen, Hiun, HFix Thnx!

Thnx for your crits. I did some changes on the arm of the robot. A stronger rimlight
and added a subtle glow. I like the sky how it is now. If I saturate the sky it would be
too agressive again.

thnx man! I’ll go with the first cat ^^
nice observation with the tail. Didn’t think about it…


Aw I like this one a lot, the new position of the tail is a bit rejective too, and I guess that works well for her attitude…:thumbsup:


ah, it’s come a long way, man!
This turned out just damn fine! :slight_smile:
The fish-flower combo works really well!
Plus, the composition is great!


Lovely progression Goro!


Hm the robot dont really seem to work that way. It just dont look like he could move. Especally his joints look a bit strange.