Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Almost perfection :thumbsup: You really nailed this one.


Excellent work!!


ah ah …glad see the update…:scream: …I like it and all the details…keep it u[…Mr.Goro…:bounce: :bounce:


Almost there…
More detailing.


this is a great update, I`m deeply impressed man…the colors are perfectly chosen, the style is awesome, no crits at this point
definitely one of my favorites


The cat is very funny :slight_smile: , I like your style.




I really like your image and the storytelling in it, there is one thing that pokes my eye, it the pole that comes down in the middle of the head on the robot… it is very nicely done on the page where you tries out different gift for the cat… there you dont have it on and the silluet is much better…

great job

best Niklas


More detailing and lighting adjustments.


thnx guys!

nickart good point. Thnx!


This is really coming togetehr, Goro! I didn’t post earlier, but I love the pose for the robot and the cat. Their palte looks great, and I really like the new addition of the apron on the floor. The light in the kitchen is casting some nice hard-edged pools of light on the floor and outside walls… but it feel slike you’re missing the same kind of matching hard edge on the other stuff by the door, teh coke crates and garbage cans. The lighting on them seems a bit more hazy… Might be nice to tighten those hilights up a bit too at some point, maybe… Good luck!


Nice lighting goro. I just find the outside smoke (coming from the kitchen) a little too much opaque.


Hey Goro! Everything is superb. That’s a real sentimental scene. No critic from the beginning to end. Cheers!


I tried a different lighting approach. The Cyan in the last version was too agressive for my taste. I changed the sky to a very dark blueish tone.
To lead the eye’s attention to the cat, I changed it’s color. White also more feminine I guess…
The smoke is less opaque and I tightened up the hightlights of the trash bins.
I need some opinions. Which one do you prefere? The one with the bright sky and the saturated colors or the less saturated version with the white cat?


That’s a tough one. The saturated sky never bothered me, although I was starting to think that the cat was not standing out clearly enough. The cat is beautifully clear and noticeable in the new version so I think that’s a big improvement. But in my opinion the new sky is now a bit too dark and desaturated and that has changed the mood of the illustration too.

So my 2c worth: perhaps make the new sky a little bit lighter, or go with the first sky but show more tonal values and highlights on the black cat

But whichever you way you go, or even if you don’t change anything, I still find your illustration wonderful


My complements to the chief! Great detail work.


I’d agree, it is a tough one. Both look great, but I think I still lean towards the bright sky.

I quite like the bright sky as it has a clear, chill feel to it, which matches the cat’s alloofness.

I also think that if you aren’t going to keep the cat as just a silhouette, maybe you will need to detail it a bit more? The white cat as it is looks sort of like a figurine to me - a little lifeless. Perhaps you were going to work it more anyway, but it is hard to make a choice at the moment.

The dark one also seems to be losing some definition on the robots feet, which I think are an integral part of his coy attitude, and maybe the fish isn’t so obvious?


Well Goro. This last version is very much better I think. As you noticed, the sky was too saturated. This last one is cool. White cat is more feminine and we concentrate more on the present. The only problem I saw is that the arm of the robot is little less readable.
Will you let all the wall so dark or will you add another very small other light source (maybe a street lamp which is off screnn making very very subtile lighting) ?

EDIT : my screen was very dark. Now I see it better and this wall is not so dark.


2nd one really looks better I think. The plate, vase and cat really stand out. I like the white cat, really posh color for a cat :slight_smile: Maybe put a bit of cyan back in the sky? See what happens.


I also prefer the darker sky with the withe cat. Nice work, congratulations!


Hi Goro,
Very nice illustration! I really like it.
If I had to choose between your first or your second version I will choose the first: In fact, in your first version, the big part of lightened sky is what we see at first, it keep all our attention, so we immediatly see the two main characters (I think it’s the most important in your scene).
The cat is not very visible in this version because you have houses in the background, a simple sky (without houses) just behind the cat will easely detach his shape.
In your second version we the kitchen takes more importance; the kitchen is what we see at first, and we discover the robot and the cat in a second time.But in this second version the cat is easely visible (much more than your first version).
So your first version is nice for me, you will just have to do something for the cat.
I hope it will helps you to choose.
It’s a great work :thumbsup: