Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


i was wondering what happened to this thread, lovely update!:beer:


Just Huge!!Hoped your moving went ok.
Looks really cool…“CGsociety in concert,etc,etc”"…that rock’s!
The doorway seems a bit out of balance ,perspectivily wise(that’s strange english)Later!Cheers!


Hi Goro! View nice: light, texture. I see in it really backside of the kitchen. )


Lovely imagination… Your works open peoples mind actually. Nice to watch masters… i impress from your works.


What to say? Thats fabulous! I did not followed your thred until now and I see here alot of great and hilarous drawings :applause: :applause: I`m not sure this one is the most crazy but it sets well the strange behaviour theme. Great work so far :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward for the next updates :bounce:


Really Good The Brushes In Your Page Helped Me A Lot, Thaxnz


Dang I love the loosness and colors in your work! freaking awesome!:bounce:


I love your work dude, Im looking forward to seeing the final piece! looking awesome so far


WOW! amazing amount of detail! you create such lovely images! from concept and composition to lighting and colour! beautiful eyecandy! love what your doing!


I’m enjoying your work a lot!


Hey Goro,
This is awesome, all the details, it’s a very rich update indeed. I just think that the light just under de crates is too bright, almost as if you have a light shining right there, do you know what I mean?


Awesome lighting and environment, nice concept also, love it!


Goro-Love all the wall detail, the graphic history behind, its showing very well,:thumbsup: the boiling pot fits perfectly. Also your tutorial help a lot for those newbies! like me Thanks so much:arteest:


this scene is awesome, looks like you put a lot of luv into this
can`t wait till you put the characters in


That’s excellent goro as usual. Really love it.
Maybe the wall is a little too thin (at the opening of the kitchen). Looks like papaerboard a little.


I like the idea and the execution. Great job! And thanks for the wall tutorial!


Here is a little update of the upper part of the illustration. I made the upper body of CU-02 a rounder and a bit larger.
I refined the silhouette of the cat and added details to the background.


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Thank you!!

thnx for the suggestion. If you look at the painting as a whole the size is ok I guess…
Actually I had it bigger before but then it causes to much attention to the left side of the image.

Thnx I know exactly what you mean but I think it’s because of the very high horizon.
if you see the whole image it looks alright ^^

thnx glad to hear that!

I think I know what you mean. I’ll check that again. Thnx for pointing it out.

already fixed thnx!


GORO, the concept on this piece is priceless - The style and mood fits the piece perfectly. I like its simplicity in the compostion also. As far as critique… dont have none.


Wow! Another beautiful update. I love it