Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


I’ve been enjoying watching this thread from the start. You’ve got a really good concept for this challenge. Been awesome watching it evolve.

Keep it up!


Hi Goro. I’m sorry for my not understanding message. All your paints it is great. I mind about once moments: robot and food, clothes on the robots, and if robot love the cat, why he don’t proposal his heart or tour to the another galaxy. :slight_smile: IMHO


looking good… keep it up


Stopping by to see what is going on. Looking nice Goro. Keep it up!:thumbsup:


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Thnx for the suggestion. I’ll definetly work on the light situation a bit more.
Next step are the trash bins and the cola boxes. I’ll add the posters when
I nailed the important elements for the composition.


because that wouldn’t be strange :scream:

I made a quick tutorial how I painted the bricks.

I didn’t find time to go on yet.
I will try to post an update in the next few days!


class! :thumbsup: very cool tutorial dude! :applause: me still in love with da mood and lighting! :love:

good work man! :buttrock:


I agree with Neville. I haven’t stopped loving this thread. And that tutorial proves your work is as efficient as it is full of energy and gentle humor :thumbsup:


I can’t think of any crit to make so I’ll just drool in approval… :drool::drool::drool:
I’ve always loved your style, it’s great to see you in another challenge sharing all the WIP… :thumbsup: go Goro!!


still a lot of work to do? just a WIP… hmm… i thought its already in the finished section, hehe… It looks really great, nothing to add here, but I needed to comment it :slight_smile: good luck!


The last concept is lovely. I also liked the one with chess, but last one fits the theme better. I don’t have much to crit at the moment - but will keep an eye on this thread for sure :slight_smile:


Wow, great progress!


I still think you should collect ur images in a book, when you’r done.


big fan of those sketches, mate!
the final concept is awesome, colours and comp. the apron on the floor seems to me not really necessary or somehow distracting the ground comp…could the robot be wearing it, may be?
thanks for the tutorial, very helpfull to see the process and i will be enthousiastic about the progress on this one. great work!


Hi Goro, all the sketches, concepts and colour palettes are superb. Those concepts could be a serie of a robot and a black cat, un put downable. I’m looking forward to be amazed. Cheers!


One detil that I think enhanced the mood in your original sketch was that the moon light spilled onto the top of the wall, creating sort of a plateau of serenity, that the robot had reached. I can see that it will not be possible with the eyelevel below the top of the wall, though…

Oh, and I have to say: Your use of colours is exquisite :thumbsup: it is realy a joy to watch your sketches!


i just love all the sketches you made!


Hey Goro, your style color roughs is quite unique. I particularly like the one of the massive robot playing chess with the small cat. the bird on the robot’s head is very amusing, suggesting “bird brain” yet brawny.


I finally managed to work on my painting a bit more. I’m still detailing the environment. I designed a movie poster for the wall.

Didn’t touch the kitchen yet and I still need a few more bottles on the ground. Well just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive ^^


thanks so much for your comments guys! I’ve been apsent for a while…moved back to my hometown and was pretty busy…
Finally I found some time to move on.


Hey Goro, it’s great to see you back buddy. Your update does an amazing thing - it makes a pile of rubbish stacked outside the back of a restaurant look beautiful! The only thing I wonder about is the light fitting above the doorway. It seems a little bit small, but that’s not a big worry for me because it still looks very believable. I hope you’re settling in well since your move