Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Blessing, RumorHazard, elnady, RicoD thnx!

Long time no see. Thnx for your comments!


I’m standing in the lower right corner ^^
Cocktails at your house sounds good! I’m in!

Hehe Thanks man! and you’re welcome!

oh yeah the lyrics!! ^^

Yeah rock da house!

Thnx! Just fixed it. That they look retro is intentional. I like it more than futuristic designs.
My robot design is also more retro than futuristic.
The posters will look used and old on the wall. New glossy posters will attract to much attention. I want to prevent that.
Oh and I’ve found another mistake…I guess it’s “In concert” and not “on concert”
I fixed that too.

Thanks everyone!


Yay, I made the poster too! THank you!
Only correction I can see is that I think it’s more proper English to say “Deevad and the Elves” instead of “Elfs.”

As for the other poster (with the cooking robot), image-wise it’s perfect. Font-wise, it’a bit boring. Fonts aren’t just to convey text, they’re a graphic element all by themsleves, and the font choice is very important! I’d suggest either going very futuristic, or really old-fashioned and retro. Given the visuals, i think the latter would be a better choice - it’s also the less obvious choice, as many would just choose the most futuristic typeface they could find. Going the retro path, for a robot ad, is a little more daring and a lot more fun.

Anyhow, just my thoughts on the text… Thanks again or including me (though you might regret it when you hear me sing! :slight_smile:


the posters look good… i like the first one more but the CU logo looks strange…keep it up




I’d pay good money to see that concert :smiley:


Deevad and the Elves

Ha ha ha !

:buttrock: Come to hear our last song ! ( midi ) :buttrock:


Hi Goro! Interesting your work at all ,but IMHO your robots don’t composite with harmonic objects. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Ooops! Realized it was quite unhelpful of me to suggest using a retro font but offering no advice on where to get one. My favorite resource for retro fonts is They’ve got a ton of retro fonts that I think would look great on your sign, including a large number of free ones. Perhaps a bold version of “Rocket Script?” Or if you feel like shelling out a couple bucks, there are a lot more (which unfortunately you have to buy in “packages” of 12. :frowning: ) But they’re not expensive, or maybe you could just get some ideas… Anyhow, hope this is more helpful…! I’ll just go tune up now…


Great sketches - really all of them are well executed. I wanted to add into the debate as well… how about a nice dinner set up on the wall with table cloth, flower in vase, fish/rat/mouse on plate, and milk/cream in a nice wine glass…



I started detailing the background. Still a lot of work to do…
Just wanted to share a WIP


Thnx for the suggestion. Since it’s hard for the cu to climb up there a plate would be the
maximum he can carry^^ I decided to go with the plate fish flower combo.
But thnx anyways.

Hey thnx for the link! There are some really nice fonts there.
Still having trouble fitting the posters within the composition. I’ll focus on the
background details for now. I’ll add the posters when I’m done with the main elements
of the painting.

Thnx for your crit. But I didn’t understand your point. Do you mean all my paintings, cause
you write ‘robots’ And what exactly doesn’t work for you?
Like for example ‘a robot holding a flower’ or do you mean the composition?
Would love to hear a more detailed opinion.


Haha that’s neat! But why midi I wanna hear your voice! :wink:


That’s a great start Goro, i really like the proportions and comp, great mood.



Hey, the latest one is looking great! Great mood and feeling! Can’t wait to see it completed! :smiley:


You’re doing a great job! Thanks for go on sharing :slight_smile:


I love your works Goro, I should say you’re one of my favorite robot artists because of the way you portray them in illustration. It’s fun to see this one develop too, great light and texturing going on as well as composition.

The poster, I’d like to see some of that light coming out of the door falling on poster’s edge a little bit I guess. Just another opinion… good luck


damn goro. that’s flippin awesome. your thread is like candy for my eyes. keep them comming.


hey Goro… thanks for sharing your wip… beautiful work you show us… keep going :thumbsup:


Interesting project, i plan to keep an eye for that


how did you do the brick texture? can you share some of your process in the last piece? thanks!

i just want to say that the expressions on your robots make them seem very human and you can’t help but empathize with them sniffs ^^


As usual, lovely approaches to a challenge subject
Greetings Goro


this is the best thread I´ve seen in this challenge!