Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


Wow Goro, great work going on here! :thumbsup: It’s fascinating to see how much enthousiasm you generate with your thread: 4 pages of replies, only about this one choice! Undoubtly you get lots of interesting interaction, the upcoming weeks! Not in the last place because of the amazing quality of your painting work.
I must say I’m happy to see that you choose this composition - it’s really cinematograpical (hmm… I should remind that word for hangman :wink: ).

About ‘the choice of object’: personally I like the flower (most romantic :love:) idea the best.

All the best on the challenge! :bounce:


dude, got this idea for you. When You have completed this, you could collect all you robot images an add them to a little sketchbook, called somthing like " The Robotic Skectbook"! Coz U ARE good enough! Your work is fantastic and funny! Please think about it :deal:


Thnx for all your suggestions. I guess I will go with the plate and the flower.
Yesterday I started thinking about the posters on the wall. I thought about movie posters, advertisements for the Cooking Unit Inc. etc.
Here is my fist Idea for the CU adverticement. More posters to come…


Love the poster. :smiley: A couple of things though- shouldn’t it be ‘Cook differentLY’?

Oh, and you could think about making the CU symbol look more like a chef’s hat- maybe you already are? It’s kind of difficult to tell, it looks like a long stemmed mushroom or…?

Anyway, I love the colours, especially in the frying pan.


Love your ideas, gonna keep an eye on your thread. Full of emotion and stuff :). Love the poster.


Lol ! the poster is fun and have good colors


Yeah, great poster! I like colors too, Btw I think that is a tongue-&-hat like logo and I like it this way yet, simple funny and suit, :slight_smile:

mim, :thumbsup:


Just another poster for the wall.


Plyphemus, DeeVad, mim-Armand thnx!

eerrr yeah you’re right I guess! My english is bad ^^;
I’m gonna correct it. Let me know if you find more mistakes.
I kind of liked the logo cause it looks like a mushroom but could be also a cooking hat ^^


LMAO! That posters rocks, specially the first one! :bounce:


Hey Goro :smiley: Good to see you in this contest! :wink: You’re basically the only one I know so far from Daily Sketch Group.

I love your concept… like many people said here, it’s naturally your topic! :wink: Hilarious posters! Keep it up! :smiley: I’ll be watching your progress!



Great poster! Love the ‘10 songs about how to draw a blue stick dude’…

and, hey, I’m headlining! Where are you though??


Hey hey, bit late with my reply, but damn loving all the robots, the camera angels and the composition and the style you use WOW, its really really wicked. The plate of food for the cat is really cool haha… cant wait to see more, you seem to have ideas just flowing out damn wicked!!


Nice stuff going on here,love the fish idea

Good luck Goro :slight_smile:


I love the look of the posters - and then I see I’m mentioned in one of them! Wow! I feel very much honored! Thank you! As others have already mentioned, this is one amazing thread, full of wonderful illustrations that convey magic and humor :thumbsup:


Hi Goro! Wonderful sketches you have here. Each one of them is a full, beautiful painting in itself!

The long, moonlit scene really moves my eyes around. Very nice! Too bad we don’t see the front of the cat. I really liked the expression of the cat in the chess playing piece (classic!). But this works better.

Good luck with the challenge!


Y’all should come and check out my performance! :bounce:
I can write down some of the lyrics, so you all can sing along…

Great poster!


I guess I can forgive you, being a polyglot and all…hmm…I’ll just go back to my little monolingual sphere now… I like the logo too, I had a feeling it was meant to be something like that, but wasn’t quite sure what it was! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I’m going miniature golfing with my nephews in a few minutes. :slight_smile: See you at the concert at 7pm tonight in the XYZ arena, my house afterwards for cocktails. :smiley:


Oh yeah! clippy & me will rock the house! :buttrock:


‘elfs’ should probably be ‘elves’, and your english is just fine :slight_smile:

[size=2]I really like the look and feel of both posters, but they don’t look very futuristic, while the cooking unit does. Maybe try making them more glossy, like photographs. Or make them glow as if they were screens. (I realize that’s a bit much to ask for a concept drawing, but it’s just something to keep in mind for a next step)