Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


I’m with the fish too. :slight_smile:


Hey, well I think mouse and fish looks like he is feeding cat, with the plate is like waiter, and the flower is like he loves her, but the flower is banal. well as said W-I-L mouse with flower will be interesting idea, Maybe you should try it?


Yeah, go for the plate :thumbsup: It tells more of a story behind the relationship of those two and not just let`s the robot try to impress the cat with a bait :slight_smile:


I think the flower works best - or maybe the plate with a vase and flower on it. Gives the most romantic impression IMHO.

The mouse and the fish look too much as if he lures the cat to catch her :eek:


just a suggestion… how about a flower on the plate? the plate works great but the fish just doesn’t work that well for me…


Goro your sketches are just superb! I think I like the plate coz it matches his hat the most–the others just seems like he’s giving the cat left overs lol…


i kinda like the flower with the vase on a plate, maybe with a fish?
i don’t know. just my thoughts…



Hi Goro!You have some very nice ideas!I really like the robot feeding the Cat!Now the chalenge for you will be to choose only one image for the next step!Good luck on that!


To be 100% honest I think that all four work really well ‘together’. It’s like the robot is trying really hard for the cat’s attention. The four together tells a nice comic book like story :slight_smile:


The flower for me! I love all of them but thats the only one that reads to me in an instant, the others require a lot more thought about his intentions.


Tray with plate, fish and candles of course :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you’re planning to already, but make the cat look the other way. In a snobbish way perhaps.


Thanks for the link about your tutorial page. I will study them, thanks a lot !

Hummm, give the choice between 4 things make confuse massive different answers, right ? I experimented it in an old WIP. Now I limit the choice only to the best 2 I think. More easy to have a correct and coherent feedback.

so , answer :
Plate is the best ; show a lot of attention the robot prepare it.
But, I would probably think something else of the 4 :

  • the robot could offer some screw and various metal tools in the plate ; the scene will take another dimension & meaning. More next to the “strange behavior” rules Imho.

It isn’t right that we more often offer things and present we would like for ourself ?


Nice idea with the spare parts on the plate :slight_smile: now here comes the challenge… make the screws, nails and stuff on the plate look like a fish… the bot just modeld this spare parts quickly together to simulate some sort of fish… of course he`s not stupid but as robots do his thinking is quit basic :slight_smile:


Hi Goro, superb art as always.
I also support the idea of a mix.
Mine would be of the plate with a vase on it and in the vase a fish bone.

on the other hand, the way it is now, sports simplicity.
If you opt for one of the four, i’d go with the fishbone.
I really liked the flower, but the robot would have to lose the chef-hat.

hope that helped at all…

good luck


How about the fish dish with a rose lying beside the fish- that would suggest the love element more, while still being dainty and elegant. :slight_smile: Like Mike said though, it’s difficult to read the cat’s reply, do you want her to be interested in him?

Besides that, it looks like you could use a little bit of depth in the painting, it seems slightly flat, possibly some small faraway city buildings fading into the mist?


waaa thanks for the replies everyone!
I think I’ll go with the plate then (thnx theuni for the suggestion)

Yep I’d like to prevent the baiting.


I think if I add a flower on the plate or candles…it could work pretty well.
eeeer… I don’t know what he is cooking…but I think I’ll change that later
to tomato soup or something…

haha yeah I thought about it. Maybe worth a try ^^

O_o I’m scared of Venice now…

yeah I like the the upward position of the arm too. I’ll certainly go with that pose.

hehe yeah but don’t forget that it’s only small on the canvas so it maybe difficult
to create a silhouette that’s easy to read. And I’d like to have a connection between
the kitchen and the meal.

Well I already decided that it’s love. But the plate could work for that as well.
Stay tuned for the next update.

Yeah she is snubbing him but I need to work on the pose. I was just too lazy ^^
The story is that she is snubbing him at the beginning but then the CU suddenly dissappears
and doesn’t come back on the wall. The CU was deactivated and thrown on a robot
junkjard because of his malfunction and the cat finds him there…
I’ll post the whole story together with the final image :wink:
But thnx for the suggestion! I’ll work on it.

It should be love :wink: he’s not trying to bait the cat.

It is actually a fish on a plate…I’ll work on the silhouette a bit more.

^^ no more left overs

yep, planning. I’ll work on the pose of the cat in the next update.

I love the idea with the metal tools but the problem is that the plate is pretty small
on the canvas. I’ll give it a try but I’m afraid that it would be so small that it is really
hard to read…

a challenge indeed… ^^

yeah I thought about adding a flwoer on the plate.
and for the cat pose pls read the reply above (to walrus)
I’ll work on the depth. First I need to get the Idea down. thnx!


Yes, I understand, so flowers with colors will be more efficient to get the focal of viewver with colors. So I join all that say the plateau is good , with a vase and flower, and a fish on the plate.
Curious to see the next step, Good luck !


Wow Dude! Hahah You are so funny! :smiley:
Really like the one in the toilet, the second-last one and the second, aaand the 1ts. Like the other too but these is more “Strange”. Like, Why would this robot climp all the way up the that cat just to give it a flower? Thats strange! :smiley: Really nice work man.


love this one a lot! :love: pretty romantic :love: :love: for me id go in for the plate … lot of emotion and thought … sweet too :stuck_out_tongue: i like the way u balanced all the colours :bounce: perfect blend! :applause:


Goro, I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this thread: it’s a great opportunity to see an amazing talented artist with his hands on the canvas.
The toilet idea made laugh my *ss off, but the CU and the kitty one is just amazing. Regarding the “fish, mouse, flower or plate”… I agree with the fellas: I think a good mix of two of them would be wonderful, IMHO.

Best of luck! And thanks for sharing your awesome work with us!