Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Goro Fujita


I vote for the fish dish too. It doesn’t imply he’s in love with the cat though…


The plate!

This idea is much better then the flower.
I like the composition.



Ah Ha!

plate ofcourse !! Looks like a a perfect meal for a cat ,well served by the robot chef.cheers dude.ur ideas are looking good.
plugged in.Best of luck!:thumbsup:


I’ll say an alive fish on plate in this pose: [ :argh: ]!
Btw really greate work Goro! always enjoy lookin your works, :slight_smile:

mim, :thumbsup:


a mouse with a flower in its mouth might be intersting??


Mouse!.. BUT MAKE IT BIG!!! (Like we have here in Venice…they’re bigger than cats. Cats flee when they see them…). And make another rat walking into the kitchen …:smiley:


hey Goro
Ich bin für die Plate, da der Robo ein Kochroboter ist sollte er auch ein feinges Essen machen, um bei der Katze guten Eindruck zu hinterlassen. Alles andere macht für mich weniger Sinn, ich mein du schenkst deiner liebsten auch eine schöne Zeichnung da du das am besten kannst, und der Robo kann kochen.


I vote for the plate! It looks like he really cares with such beautifully presented food like that. But really, the way I see it, you could go with any of the choices and come out with a winner :thumbsup:


defaintaly an experience great work here goro. :slight_smile: keep them wips comming.


the plate works best for me. Its very clear there that he’s not luring her into the cookpot :slight_smile:


def. the plate.
isn´t he paying attention to a lady ? :smiley:


I know! I know:
The plate… with sushi! Decorated with flowers! And a side order of mouse chops.

Glad I’m not deciding which one to use.
I do like the position of the hand going upward though, as it is with the plate and the flower. It seems to say “offer” more positively.


Somehow missed this thread …
Really cool style and idea. Definitly one of my personal favorites.

Well , another possibility for the gift is a girdle of mice in heartshape (ein Kranz aus Mäusen in Herzform — um Missverständnissen vorzubeugen :wink: ) . There you have the love aspect and the funny mice :smiley:

I’m anxious to see your decision!


fish dish. suits his cooking position.


I’ve enjoyed all the concepts so far. Wonderful thread Goro.

Once you decide on the relationship between the bot and the mouse, I think the choice will be clearer.

Bot loves cat or cat is pissed at bot = flower
Bot and cat are friends = fish
Mischievous bot and/or hard-to-please cat = mouse
Bot cares about cat and looks out for the cat = dish/plate



I like the plate, for all of the reasons everyone said above, no need to reiterate them all.

One thought, though, is what is the cat feeling about all this? It’s just a silhouette right now, but its emotions aren’t totally clear. Is she snubbing him? Starting at the moon? A slightly stronger pose could help - a clear head pinted up and to the right would be an obvious snub, while leaning in towards him could convey the opposite. Just some thoughts on it. But overall, I’m really liking this new camera angle and layout - nice work!


The plate and fish suit him (specially for that cooking hat :slight_smile: ), the flower is an adorable detail, reminds me of Frankenstein saying “FRIEND!” grins


According to me, the best is the fish one. That’s the more understandable for me. The flower is to relative to love I thin. The plate let us think he’s fooding the cat and not trying to catch him (but maybe that’s the idea finally, I’ve not read all the thread, too much replies:scream:, sorry in this case). the mouse is not so clear as the fish.
Anyway beautiful work


Hi Goro,
I like them all, but I like the flower more, my reason it’s that there’s anything wrong with giving a flower its pure and can mean,. Lots of kinds of love, and giving food to a girl sometimes :wise:…its not that wise! haha…or maybe the fish, or mause, its holding the flower in his mouth or paws…I mean that’s strange!:scream:


Plate or Fish. Maybe a combination of both, like a fish on a plate…well…I think the most important thing is the fish, i think it fits the best.