Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: peace, please :wink:


Hello world:D Let´s make something to have fun:thumbsup:


Hello haha, well, this errr work of art :stuck_out_tongue: is the first idea that came to me about the words “strange behavior”. I imagine the political people making the word PEACE with their bodies and the press-people looking at the cool scene.
Anyway… :smiley:


Gonzalo, stop here and send this work ! imo you’re in a good way to win ! :scream:

Another challenge, another funny time, i’ll follow yout thread of course friend.



Hey Cyril! long time no read you,hehe. I´m glad that I´m on my way to win haha. with this first awesome sketch:D

Glad you like the idea and see ya around here :wink:


hey Gonzalo good luck!
…you have already started :scream:


Hola Gonzalo, buena suerte, espero ver pronto tus avances, hasta ahora tu idea me causa bastante gracia, a ver como la desarrollas, buena suerte


ya ya …very nice started… :scream: …good luck … keep at it …

PS:I believe you will have fun in this work…:bounce: :bounce:


:thumbsup: Good too see you back for yet another challenge

I’ll be keeping an eye on what you come up with - good luck

Dave :cool:


and lets have some fun, yeah :bounce:


Hey Gonzalo, it’s great to see you in this challenge mate! I’m looking forward to watching your progress. And you’ve already got a concept image posted. :slight_smile: Now that is something I’d love to see: a bunch of politicians looking like they’re serious about peace!


Good Luck and Keep it Odd!


hello!!! hmmm the idea have some potential, I think


elmasfeo: qué tal hombre. Vamos a ver qué tal se nos da esta idea :smiley:

Re1s: muchas gracias! la verdad que hay tiempo para hace un trabajo decente. A ver, jeje.

minminxu: I think so! hehe I enjoy the cgtalk challenges and this idea ,“strange behavior”, is cool haha. thanks and kisses! :wink:

MrFreeman: Hi Freeman! hehe thanks and let´s go!

makaron: ok, let´s have. Rocket girl! =)

mdavid: Yep, you´re right. The politicians and peace…mmmm curious contradiction, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Darksuit: thanks mate!

Bechu: yep, I think the same haha. Let´s see the progress =)


ouch… hitting some nails on the head already :slight_smile:
Have fun!


this is the best idea so far…lol

are you gonna go with it?

best of luck!


Haha. Very good idea. The mock up is hilarious to me for some reason. Is the guy making the P holding a seal? haha


NR43: yeh, that´s the plan:D :thumbsup:

Cyberone: hi dude and very glad you like my idea, hehe. Yeah, I want to develop this idea and watch the politicians having a good and strange time:D

Logick: hehe thanks. About a seal, I don´t know haha, cause I cought some images from Internet just to make and show a first vision of my idea. When I start this work I´ll put famous politicians making letters only with their bodies :slight_smile:


heeeloooooo my dear friend! :scream::bounce::smiley: its wonderful to see u here!! missed u all a lot :cry:
a big big family hug from me! :love: hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: politicians serious about peace!! :stuck_out_tongue: now thats really original! looking forward to more of your work my friend!
good luck :thumbsup:and have fun! :bounce:


Nice! Is that the headless Bush? Merkel with the seal? Putin doing the “P”?
Hehe… this will be a good one.