Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Giovanni Castro


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Hello there!
I participate by the first time in "the journey begins" challenge, and it was really a GREAT expierence. I  haven't had time to participate in another challenge again, in fact, nowadays I've got a lot of work, but I'd like to try this one. I hope I'll have the time to finish it. 

This concept came to me as I was thinking in a world after a social revolution and a lady that is like the last symbol of the old society, who behaves strangely. Here is a rough description:
“I imagined a world in ruins. War first, and then a social revolution has reduced its population and economy drastically. Life is hard. 90% of the planet surface is desert. Water is extremely difficult to find. There are water smugglers who live in the desert.
Vestiges of tha past splendor can be found everywhere, but now they’re only ruins.
Despite the terrible heat, or the dangers of the desert, the lady takes a walk everyday. She was an aristocrat member of the old regime, living in the golden palaces of the rulers. And though nowadays she is as poor as everybody else in the city, she resists herself to abandon her old life style, and like a strange ritual, she goes everyday with her dog, her umbrella and her bucket, to the old font, the place that used to be her private garden, and which now is a refuge for desert smugglers. She have no fear.”
If I finally decide to go ahead with this concept, I hope to complete the background story and all the narrative details.
Greetings to all!


Hey hey welcom man!Nice start!There’s some really nice meubieus feeling in the pic!HAve fun!


Nice start!Yes,I do agree!There is a very nice" Moebius Feeling "going on! Keep posting I will keep watching!


really like it! love the style.


I really like the composition and overall style of you piece. Good job!


Hi Nigio, wellcome. I see with pleasure that your wonderful style remains the same. You call that a concept sketch? That’s really grrrrreat my friend. I love even that paper texture you use for background. This is gonna be fun. I keep my eyes nailed to your thread. :slight_smile:


Waoo , it’s one year I leaved the contest “The journey Begins” and after opening your thread , I immediately recognise your powerfull and genius style.
I’m a fan !


Fantastic style, once again! Best of luck, looking forward to seeing more already…:thumbsup:


Gosh,… What a sketch.
I like.
So good luck for this challenge.



Fantastic sketch. Hope to see more. :slight_smile:


As an old fan of Jean Giraud I do like the feeling in this one. Keep it up I want to see more!


you have a unique feel in your works… and a very unique color scheme… cant wait to see how this turns out


i loved ur master servants entryu and uor style is excellent… keep up the good work


hi mate, very nice start keep it up :thumbsup:


Amazing style ! Reminds me a bit Enki Bilal.
Those mechanical-organic systems are really cool !
A thread to follow !
Keep the good work Giovanni !


Hi mates, sorry for not answering before. Tons of work keep me away from the forums :slight_smile:
I want to thank ALL of you for your words and your encouragement. I’ll do my best and I hope not to dissapoint you.
Best regards!


Nice work. Very good style.
good luck.


Awesome sketches… I really like your particular style!

Best of luck with the challenge. :slight_smile:


I like the style as well. Can you tell more about the concept?