Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hola Gabriel

Me gusta bastante la tecnica es como lo que hace Moebius en las portadas de sus libros o los blueberrys, y la verdad el inicio de tu mancha no tiene nada que envidiarle, suerte con tu wip.



The fur looks great but a little too sharp right now… keep us posted…


Because I think the word [color=Lime]‘FUR’ hasn’t been repeated in this page enough. :DAnd let me say tanks for the nice comments I keep getting, I really feel like the good stuff is finally showing, I mean, it’s been so long since I started sketching it that I felt a little lost in my perception of what it will look like in the end, now is coming back to me, which is very nice!

 Now let me explain, Yes [b]Fer[/b], the idea I had was to show Billy as a blonde, Mainly because black fur is not much fun and my first tests with darker colors didn't look right, I'm planning to post a brunette version of Billy, just in case, but as [b]Jeff[/b] pointed, I'm gonna use a lot of hair tones so he doesn't look boring, and the legs being blonder are part of the plan. I also included a sort of gradient (Is hard to notice now) on the arms, they go from brown on the shoulders, then reddish, then I plan to make the hands way darker. This sweet Photo was my inspiration:
 Seeing the photo you will say: 'Hey, the fur there looks different here!!' but I'm grabbing things from many pictures, and they vary a lot from each other. That kind of hair on Billy's arms was taken from a pic of an older bison, but that one is all black and dark, dusty brown, Who wants that? that would suck all the light from the picture.
 [b]Axel[/b], Thanks for the comment on the nose, I like it too, I think it's gonna be darker still, but I will follow what I have right now. [b]Steve[/b], I'm glad you like the chemistry between them, once I get into the eyes and expression, its gonna be all about it! and as [b]Icedeyes[/b] said the picture looks a bit too sharp because I pushed the contrast up at the moment of saving the JPG, I don't think it was necessary now.:shrug:
 And [b]Sadrak[/b], you flatter me a lot, Moebius Is mad about detail but in his very personal way. Damn, He rocks! As for the Blueberries reference, I'm a little lost there, It would be great if you give me a link to some of that art, I googled for Blueberries art but I keep getting pictures of pie.
 [b]Marco[/b]. [b]Carlos[/b] and [b]Mark[/b], thank you very much for your comments!!:beer:
 What the hell, Enchliadas for everyone!


Here you are.

Your doodling skill is very impressive.

Like everybody else I like your idea too. Thus, here’s my two cents:

  1. I think it would be cool to make the girl’s dress look more corporate looking attire to give a drastic contrast between uncivilized and civilized beings.

  2. Background color is too bright

All the rest are great.



Que honda! the concepts are spectacular man. I can totally see the strange behavior, and your character style fits the theme perfectly. I have to see this one finished! Great work homie!


Nothing Big, I promised I would post a brunette Billy and since I didn’t have much else to show (I’ll have time tomorrow so expect a better post soon) I decided to leave you this one so you can pick your favorite and please let me know.
The right one also has a less saturated fur on the other hairy parts for a more realistic approach to bison colors.

Well, see you all soon! And thanks in advance for your allways helpful comments!


Hey and by the way!..

Thanks cabertevon for your kind comments Yes, the GREEN is still a subject of controversy around here, but have in mind it will be a translucent hue over the background so I’m hoping most of the bright color will mix with it and look less crazy. I’m really looking forward to reach that point and see what happens…

And Juan pablo! ¿Que onda por ahi? I’m so blushed … Hey gracias!:smiley: I’m glad you see good fit with the ‘strange’ theme, sometimes I still wonder if it was weird enough from the start, so you give a rest to those obsessive dreams. Thank you again!

Sleepy…I must crawl away now… I see nothing but hair when I close my eyes. -_- Zz.


Que pasión Gabriel?? :smiley: I still impressed with Billy´s fur , awesome work my friend!! :applause:
About colour for Billy , i like more the right one. I think a darker colour like that can be a great contrast with Ritas´s blond hair ( reminds me “Karate kid” when Daniel show to Mr. Miyagi his photo with the blond girl - i dont remember her name- and Miyagi says there is balance between both:wise: :smiley: ) Again great work Gabriel san !! :smiley: :beer:


I like the one on the left more - it feels more natural. THe one ont eh right doesn’t just look dark-haired… the colors on his head are so much more desaturated from the rest of the fur that it doesn’t really even feel like they go together, at least to me. Just my thought on it… :shrug: Good luck!


Left one! go with the left one! I like your painting style by the way :thumbsup:


I’m leaning towards the one on the left too, for the same reason as Michael mentioned - the colours fit better with the rest of the bison


Hey man I appreciate the mini-circus on my thread, it’s like the pearl of the thread!I’d say west side looks good to me. but that’s just me!

mmmmm, this picture is cooking nicely by the way :smiley:


i like more the black one…the other looks…well…so fashion!:curious:


Uh… quite a landslide!! Well, let’s give it some more time to see… In the meantime I’m working on the background’s color blocks I’ll post tonight. Stay tunned!

Yes, that’s the problem with dark… I have to put down the contrast so it doesn’t become a big hole in the middle of the picture,:sad: I wish could find a better way…

Thanks for voting!


Here’s some WIP on the background! I serves mainly to see that the crazy green of the glass will not be so loud in the end (or maybe) :slight_smile: ALSO THE POLL FOR BILLY’S HAIR IS STILL GOING so, come take a look! it is free…


Hey Gabriel, great mate!! the tile design is really like the “zona rosa adoquin” and the green tone of your “plexiglass” looks really cool:thumbsup: , great work my friend!! Salud!! :beer:


I vote for the right one! I prefer the darker hair, for me the blond tones doesn’t look so good on Billy, even if real bisons are like that… just my opinion

great 3D background… and I think that if at the end you still think the green glass is too crazy you can still make it transparent, no? but I don’t think it will look bad in green, keep working on it, we are thirsty for your updates! :bounce:


nice sketch…can’t wait to see this full texturized and illuminated!


[font=Verdana][b]Hey thanks Folks!! I want to leave clear that I’m not using any 3D aid With this image, [color=Yellow](Mostly because me and [color=Lime]Ferx agreed not to use it.:smiley: Hi pal!) [/color] The backgroud was traced on Photoshop’s “Vanishing Point” plug-in for perspective. then I had to retrace most of the shapes to get rid of the lines which was a bit stupid of me, I could just give perspective to the color blocks from the start, But eh…y’know… :shrug:



Hola Grabriel :wavey:
I love the clean perspective, and I like the green glass, Me thinks adds better mood to the characters, as for the hair I rather the black one for same reasons. Great updates! learning a lot from you ! :slight_smile: