Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hey Gabriel, I´m posting before Jeff !! but for some reason it was not sent ( need I to click some button labeled “submit replay”?? :banghead: … that was my error… uhhh I 'm not going to know Rita :cry: … I love Rita !! :love:
There will be more opportunities to have a date with her?? :smiley:


Good design your bus stop, and very clearly. )


Hey, happy 10th (page) to you buddy. Great to see you enter the next phase of your illustration. Bring it on!


Boy that’s too bad! somehow it became a series of mistakes that made this a mess, I tell you something was wrong yesterday, I had to wait like 3 hours to be allowed to post my last reply, What a big mess…
Anyhow you got it wrong! Price Date was not with Rita was with Bobby bubble, best known as the big orange wacky beauty that greets you everytime you load the challenge’s page! looks that either I wasn’t so clear or everybody thinks he’s a great date,:smiley: I won’t ask, there’s nothing wrong with that…:rolleyes:


Geeez… Bisons are like walking carpet samplers… they have all kinds of fur on em’, many colors too. thankfully there are close up pics of every part of a bison you could imagine on the web, even the eyelashes. Lucky me!! …

Well, Here’s the first Teaser of Billy’s fur!!
Nah, actually I had to crop it that much because it doesn’t look good from far away just yet.
I used a sampled brush with a little scattering to make a base furry texture, then I’m passing with lighter colors everytime, eventually it will be good enough to show as a whole. for mow, just a little WIP. don’t worry if the expression looks a little different, I’ll fix it later.
As always our free pizza bar is open for you to visit!! please click this thingie below…


I like the detail! Great job! Can’t wait to see the detail of Rita, man. :slight_smile:


Thats great Gabriel!:thumbsup: definitively a lot of work on fur and the WIP looks really awesome! great mate!! I like the yellow eyes for Billy, nice!! Great work my friend!! :beer:

P.S And when we can see Rita ?? I miss her ! :smiley:


Wow! Great work so far Gabriel :thumbsup:

I love the girl :love:but apparently she loves the minotaur and not me :smiley:

To add a constructive comment IMHO Im not sure about the green/blue background. Just doesnt fit with the bisons browns for me. :shrug: maybe some pastels not so saturated colors…

Anyway I`m looking forward for next fantastic updates :bounce:


Hola compañero,

your idea´s very cool and funny. It´s a patient bison:D


Good luck!


This is simply awesome! Amazing style (love the sketches of the whole scene and the female character studies)…Good luck!


Nice texture work my friend! At last we’re seeing some real paint of yours :wink:

So is this gradient lighting effect applied to the paint layer, or to another layer above the paint?


TwinSnakes: I hope Billy looks now not so young as you suggested, Thanks!

[color=DeepSkyBlue]hollietree: I will make a combination of previous expressions for the final so it will go in the direction you point, Thank you for the tip!

Sovica: Your post started an avalanche of people asking for more air on the canvas, so it will be there in the final! Thanks a lot!
elmasfeo: Mister,you make my head spin! I really like the red coat too but lets se how it fits later. Thanks!

Icedeyes: Thanks a lot buddy, i’m fixing that eye for sure, maybe it was the wink that caused that.

kikomunar: yes Rita will be a nice thing to see done, I can’t wait either!

OKMER: It is The Banishing Point Plug-in at Photoshop that helped me with that one, I’m a little rusted on vectors right now.:shrug:

n2blast: Tauren are the most ass-kicking bulls ever!! There is no way I could avoid their influence! :smiley:

AxelAlonso: Me comi unas enchiladas de mole la otravez en tu honor, la verdad no se de que te nutres por alla:D:rolleyes: read the Ferx response to find about the floor!

Ferx:The tiles are there because they kind of remindme of the ZONA ROSA, (not that I was big on the bars there, I visited more the arcade in my wee days!:D) anyway is a nice variation on a lame sidewalk so I’m glad you liked it!

Jeffparadox: Yes I know the bus stop looks a little too stiff but I hope in the end all that detail goes ignored and just does it’s part as mere props, the good stuff will be sitting right in front!!:smiley: the hair is all is one layer, I just passed a little dodge tool in the end.

Mdavid:Thanks! I’m a “teenpager” now, I guess that means I’m gonna be annoying, have pimples and laugh about anything for a while…:smiley:

Nomad:You know girls, one day they like Bison warriors, the other they like artist… Who knows, as for the green it will be on a separate layer until the end so, no worries! we will see…

Gonzalo: Andale! I have seen your wacky avatar photo around, so glad you dropped by. I liked your tutorials!

medunecer: Thank you very much!! ow, I blush:blush:

daBirdninja, bouboul,[color=Magenta] [/color]saghar, sadrack, headtrip, BloodTaster, Smik, and the Golly old Neville!! BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!! !! !! !! !! !! !!


It’s all and only the different hair effects that I’m working on right now, there’s no shadow values as it should, not much atention to the expression, no projected shade and just a little bluish reflection, that all can be added later (that lazy I am) but I wanted to show this so you can tell how the fur works for you. Like the colors?
The hair of the legs should seem more thick, a little more wooly in the next post. I’m also having trouble with a dark, straight haired collar that older bisons have, you can see a little indication of it over Billy’s noggin but I don’t like it much, maybe I’ll just ignore it…
So, all crits are more than welcomed, I also posted responses to later posts if you want to take a look :wink:


Hey Gabriel, I really like the Billy’s fur, is a totally bison fur! great and awesome my friend!! I think the fur over the head is a bit lighter and make the sensation of a blond fur, but like you say, no sahades on the painting. I like the brown red tone of the Billy’s face fur. On the legs are the same blond fur tone because the light, but i think the bison fur is more difuse and almost nothing specular… mmmm i’m thinking on a photorealistic approach… hahahah… forgets what I said :smiley: … briefly :smiley: I really like Billy´s fur, awesome work my friend!! :beer:


great job! that’s a nice base for the fur. Now I can see his expression better too, from this distance. There’s gonna be bunch of colors on the fur for you to play with it’s awesome :smiley: His eyes are popping nicely already; I can’t wait to see them both - I mean the characters :D…


aaw! They are looking more real romantic corny couple (in the best way) yay! :scream:
Love the texture it’s forming already for the fur, although I had still the impression of the animal and still not so much of the character, maybe if he were a bit more grayish, silvers, and blues.:shrug: And for her more warm colors just to shake color palette’s spectassions up a bit more! And I know it’s far from the normal way of the Minotaur! But that’s something I wouldn’t expect, so might give a path to different ideas from your great imagination! :arteest:
And can’t possibly escape from telling you, about his nose its great! Love the doggy nose squishy texture hehe
Great Work! As always Gabriel:thumbsup:

Dame enchiladas! aqui hasta el chamoy es caviar para mi!:rolleyes: grrrr! y super lo de la zona Rosa jaja!


Fur and hair are great!


really nice progress with that bison…you are almost there!..keep going!:scream:


A great foundation for the fur Gabriel, i think the two characters you have chosen play off each other very well.

Steve 8)


I agree with the others - that fur looks excellent