Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


i love how the bench crashes in the lasted concept. great action line, a lot more force and impact. big improve. can’t wait to see more! keep up the great work!


I’m super-impressed by your drawings - they are full of life and energy :thumbsup:


You’re good man… real good, love the concept love the characters “though I think a blonde will do better” and I agree with you about the composition there’s something about it, as u said if you could try to transform all the image weigh towards the broken are of the bench “I mean the whole image” I think its would give it more depth.

You rock:buttrock:


This is really coming together. I love the folds in the bench.


Really cool concept. I love the characters and their poses. It’s coming together really well.


heading on the right direction mate,postures and gestures spotted on and it convery the story just right,cool entry u’ve got here:)keep it coming


Incredible sketches ! Really full of movement !


hi.waiting for update.I will come back :slight_smile:


Yep, can’t stay inside the lines… but I like this stage of sketching because nothing is too wrong that you can’t fix it. this is only a color scheme test, my final shadow preview will come soon. Oh! since this is for the web i went all crazy and used a green hue for the background i know would never survive printing, but this if one of few times for me that i don’t give squat! Feels so good, mmmmh!
O.K. maybe too crazy, if you feel the green is too aggressive or just screws up your peepers just lemme know!
Thanks to all. How’s the Simpsons movie uh?


oh that briefcase!! !! hmm maybe next time :shrug:.


I really like the way that came out, looks a lot like watercolour. It really works with your drawing style.

As for the green, I personally like it. I think you have to use a solid colour as the backdrop, not clear glass. I think red would be cool, but maybe would be too dominant, blue doesn’t often go well with midtones like skin, fur and steel. I think green works really well.

Personally, I’ve looked through dozens of these entries now, and I’d have to say at this point yours would be the clear favourite.


yay… looking very good mate… nothing wrong with the green… i love how it looks likehe has just sat down and she has been flung into him. cant wait fo more… no crits


The hair is looking a lot better… The green is looking great imho… Its not too much… generally, i love this piece so far…

PS. I believe you are the third person i met that actually remembers Samurai Pizza cats… Great humor on that series…


Hey great update Steevie, I’m loving this water color effect too. I’ve got nothing against the green, I think it’s powerful actually. Though I’d test it a little before I’d go far with it, imho it looks like there’s a little too much of it now, or too much of the same tone. When I like a powerful color like that in my paintings I tend to immediately test it with a few different tones and the alternatives of that color - in this case it could be blue I guess - just to double check myself that I’m really digging that color before I invest too much on it. You could also try to play with certain panels of the bus stop, and see how they’d work with that green. Again, just some ideas, it’s looking great…

The warm sun and the green light are playing beautifully on the beasts head, along with the cast shadows very nice job already, we need more frequent updates! : )


The bright green of the bus stop could work, especially if you bring more similar cool tones into the rest of the background - distance blues and foliage greens to help push the entire background into the cool range… Does the car on the left really need to be red? And then conversely, pump up the warm tones of the foreground characters. For example,stronger warm colors for the wood handle and the fur. Maybe a red skirt instead of blue? Metal can be a lot of different colors - don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the axe has to be white because it’s silver, try adding some warm rust tones.

Anyhow, all just ideas. You have plety of time, so as Jess wisely suggested, experiment with colors before comitting to anything. Good luck!


Hola Gabriel. I liked your “painting by numbers” :thumbsup: .
As it is a previsualization I will risk to say that the hair of the girl would have to be black (you can reflecte better the green colour and the sun light in her hair if be a darker colour, only an opinion :slight_smile: ) About her jacket and skirt I agree with Walrus, maybe a red brilliant colour work well ( and red and black are the femme fatale colours … :smiley: … or a mexican pink tone… dont know …thinking aloud :slight_smile: )


Wow me amazed by your style and skills man!
Personnaly prefered the more classy look of the woman in your first sketches.
Me tottaly signed up in your thread,great work!:beer:


Painting inside the lines is overrated; it’s merely the last decrepit strand of control for exasperated primary-school teachers :stuck_out_tongue:

Oi, man, has this grown in my absence. It’s vastly more dynamic than your original sketch, and I for one can get behind the green. I’d go with Walrus’s idea to make her skirt red, unless it conflicts too much against the green. Red symbolizes passion and excitement and hunger; all those fun naughty-girl emotions that go in with her character. Also, just for the sake of realism (…Well… Real-world-ism), I might suggest a little clutter on the ground. Cigarette butts, empty fast-food boxes, crumpled sofa cans, what-have-you. No bus-stop I’ve ever seen is that pristine.

At any rate, this is looking awesome. Can’t wait to see what you do with it next!


You should move to Canada


lovely work :slight_smile:

colours are so fresh and happy!
i’m in awe of your skill and the ease at which you’re churning these out. keep it up!