Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


totally kick-ass drawings!!!



Hola Gabriel,:slight_smile:

Uuhh !ok I like more this sexy girl with her glasses, add more the strange factor to me… I like how you bend more the bus sit, as well the exaggeration of the composition it’s looking great! I love the silhouettes very easy to read what going on! Fantastic!..
About your reasons, I understand your point, and I think it’s a really cute concept, and great to see it, in your style! And as long as you are having fun, We will see that as well! Although, we already are!
I hope to see more upgrades, of this great concept!:scream:
Take care!


Thanks for the comment :wink:

Your stuff is SOLID. Great image so far, love the style. Its got some serious personality- looking forward to seeing it progress.


Thanx for dropping by my thread, Very nice idea here and the linework is great. The colour test of the girls face has a really nice style to it.




So many new entries! always pushing back, don’t get me wrong, is great, I gotta get faster!!!
Oh, sorry for that fit, feelin’ better now, yeah! So here’s another (and right now the final) version of sweet flirting girl, which i’m still to name by the way. Once pasting her with the bison and adequately tracing the background i’ll be ready to go. Right now i feel it’s taking forever so tell me what you think, i tried once again to incorporate as much of the input received as possible. Hope you enjoy!!


hehe dont worry i got a subscription this one is going to kick butt. close in style to walrus’s piece at least right now anyways. :slight_smile: great work here.



I like her, mostly because the bison’s hair is gonna be brown so for contrast, you know…

I tried to stick close to the second one (the last color sketch) that many said was their favorite.

Well me too on that one!!

Thanks everyone for all!!


save yourself the hastle, if the bison’s hair is gonna be darker the the blonds i think it would be a perfect contrast. light against dark work well. and in this case i stand by that.


I hadn’t seen this thread so far but the concept looks very good and the girl looks very nicelly colored… I agree with Slav on the hair… keep it up


bugaga :thumbsup: very nice


Nice curves! I would call her Rhea, Sweet Rhea, the name just pops in the moment i saw her! Is she wearing stockings or a pantyhose, just notice the colors on her legs are different. But she’s sweet, oh yeah. Great job, will follow this thread. Best of luck!


cat wiat to see it all cpmposed and in colour. girl is great and i like your cartoon style.


Looking nice, Gabriel! The only suggestions that I can see to offer is on the feet and shoes, which could use some subtle tweaking. For example, the heels on the 2 shoes are 2 different sizes… pick one. (Myself, i like the thinner stilettos.) Her heel on the screen-right foot looks a bit large… in fact, you could experiment with daintier feet all the way around, perhaps. On the screen-left foot, you may not need that part of the shoe to the right of the foot - maybe just make it more of a profile shot. These are all really small, trivial little nit-picks, but honestly, they’re the only thing I can see to comment on. Everything else is lookng terrific! She looks really nice… I can tell you must be a Phil Foglio fan! :slight_smile:
Keep it coming…


yes, it’s looking great!
for me, maybe I would have given her some warmer colors, she is too blue for my taste, but maybe after coloring the rest of the scene everything matches perfectly… maybe you can make the contrast between the bison and her with the b/w level, and keep everything in warm colors? I don’t know, it’s my only sugestion, I really enjoy your style of drawing… :slight_smile:


It’s looking great man, nice to see progress!

I really like the lighting here, I’m also diging how you’ve changed the colors of your skecth lines, never did that before and now must try! Are you thinking about keeping some of those nice strokes during the paint? cause I think you should…

keep it up 8 D


very nicely done till now.keep up the good work.waiting for another post.


Hola Gabriel. I believe that the girl of your first and second sketch has a great hair, with more movment, more fluid. I really like the sexy expression of the chick on your second sketch. :slight_smile: only a comment.
Your progress looks great!!. Suerte!


AWWW i feel so nice to see i’m on my fourth thread page!:love: i never had one anyways, and it surprises me how great people with weird nicknames i get to meet here!

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                    it in the background,(i still think of putting some kind of joke in it) And thanks 
                    for the shoe advice, as you see i put some of that in the last one.
   [i][u]Sovica[/u][/i]: WOOOW i wish i will be able to live up to that kind of spectation, you flatter me 
               a lot  just saying it ... please let me know what you think of this one!
   [i][u]elmasfeo[/u][/i]:You must mean that name, you look like a foot!:D but you have some good 
                fashion sense, anyway, Yes  you're right! warmer is gonna be better and i will 
                have it in mind when i do the color. Thanks and keep showing!
   [color=DarkOrange][i][u]Ferx[/u][/i]:Yeah i know the zorrita look goes nice with her, and i'll bring back the long loose hair
          again, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!
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                          better until somebody tells you, Thanks Again!
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               people you had to notice:p.
   [i][/i]       [color=DarkOrange][i][u]Gord-MacDonald[/u][/i] : Great pencils, Kick ass as well, Thanks!
   [/color][color=Pink][i][u]Hede[/u][/i]: Buddy, So nice to see you keep coming, Yes i colored the lines and probably will
            flatten them with base colors and take them for a ride on painter, although the 
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   [i][/i]       [color=DarkOrange][i][u]W-I-L [/u][/i]: Thanks man, cartoons rule my life.....
   So i just decided i'll never decide about the girl (Which now is named Sweet Rita, from a fusion of Zorrita [thanks Ferx] and Sweet Rhea[Thanks kikomunar]), i will just start the color and change her and make variations on the way, there is time, no? 
   No?...  i think i'll finish it on time.... it can be done right? ..... Allright now i don't know!:banghead:
   My sight is blurry now, Bye.


good god! im so late! :eek: ur first concept blew my mind to bits man! :eek::scream::buttrock: more like … two of a kind! very very cool indeed! … n now with ur latest update… even better bro! :scream:
love her pose a lot! in fact … thats the one which has always been tough to draw :cry:
lot of attention has been paid! u rock dude! :buttrock: cheers! :beer:


Hola Gabriel,
{ Zorrita jajaja te pasas } well love the primary colors you have in your palette very well complemented, :thumbsup: and dark hair seem the right choice for Rita, also I have a suggestion were the clothing seem perfect for a high class “wana be” executive, and the have that kind of wardrobe, so try to give it some texture on her jacket and skirt maybe a small pattern that complement colors as well, kind of like the Jacky O. look
witch in my opinion, is also more unlikely to be flirting with a big hairy beast guy!