Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Great sketch! This girl is very funny!



Nice idea and good character design!


thanks everybody indeed!! i’m moved… gasp:love:

Axel, i agree with you completely, and thats why i stoped alll work on mi sketch twice before deciding to use it. i’ll explain later, i promise…

Michael, i saw your work before and i’ts looking real good! by the way, What an amazing avatar you have!!! i love it.

Thanks again to all!!:beer::wavey:


i love this one. very nice character, beautiful and rich design. and i specially love what you wrote in your signature Don’t be a stranger, just behave strangely! i think a lot of us here are busy making “strangers” and forgot about what’s the most important. Good luck and looking forward to see more from you.


that looks cool :eek: . graet work, I’ll have to practice alot to get that good :banghead: .


Thaksabunch all you people i’m getting al fuzzy inside and stuff… or maybe just the new shakira video, i don’t know…

I,m still worried about the compsition yet nobody has complained, please let me know if you see somthing fishy with it, Im a little dumb for composition :arteest:an had been learning about it lately, so i would love imput from such talented nice people here…



I think the strange behavior is the minotaur as a commuter. Maybe you can play up to that a little more. *edit- maybe he’s holding a map to a village he’s going to raid, etc.

I like the sense of movement and weight from the sketch of him “just sitting down” and her sliding towards him. Maybe one of her legs can kick in the air and her shoe fly off her foot to show how off balance she is. It might also help to change her expression to more alarmed.

I like the way it looks now but these are just some thoughts . Great splash of color :wink:


Well… I think the composition is good… it’s not that dramatic, but this way the illustration focuses on the story told. So I wouldn’t change it.

But maybe you could play around with the girl a bit more…? Right now, you can’t really tell any more that she slid twards him and bumped against him (she’s too relaxed). I would try to stress that more. You know: he just sat down, she bumped in him from the bending of the bench, so she is surprised a bit, but also likes it =)
If you can catch such an expression you’re a pro =D

I’ll stay tooned,

Good luck =)


Hey Gabriel. Really a nice concept and great sketches. I keep any eye on the progress of your idea :thumbsup: . Mucha suerte y un saludo !!!


hehe, I love your sketches, I think I’m really going to like this illustration when its finished…
about the copmposition, maybe I would try to cut a tiny bit from the bottom and extend the canvas another bit to the top and the sides, I don’t know, I don’t know how composition works but that’s what your image tells to my eye…:shrug:
Mucha suerte! :slight_smile:


She’s looking sweet Gabriel! This soft lighting will be a nice touch!


i really like that face…i was a caricature artist at sea world in a former life and it just reminded me of all that…looks top notch, and look forward to more.



Fantastic drawing, I like it a lot. It’s a lot like my own stlye and thank you for using blue :buttrock:

The posing of the bison is perfect, and the only thing I might try is moving the girls left arm so her hand is on her knee. I think it would make her look even more flirtatious, and make an even better silhouette. And the only other small thing I would change at this point would be to clear up the area around the lower leg and bench. The way it is now is kind of confusing where exactly the corner is and how she is sitting on it.

Otherwise, fantastic job, I love to see drawings in this style, and I can’t wait to see the next steps.


OH thanks for this, you all are great help!

as i said I’ll do a little explanation on my piece so here it comes:

Well it was made to show a contrast in many ways, first the ovious difference of gender size, occupation, and well… species, but also, contrast of attitude, Bison here is the obvious weirdo but he turns out to be shy and embarrassed cause’ of the public furnture destruction he made, which i think is very natural, i’d be…

Now as Axel points it is to expect from a pretty gal like her to come and flirt to a big hunky guy, yes. but it is a big, hairy, mutant, chimeric, anthropomorphic barbarian bison,
The fact that you can find her attitude so natural brings me to the point that started it all for me: I want to show that, In a way, the natural reaction of this real life girl could be the stragest thing in the scene.:smiley:

Yeah all that, and i really wanted to draw a sexy girl.

I’ll post an alternate version of my sketch tomorrow night, in preparation for the good one!
See you around!


WOOW Finally, this is an almost completely redone sketch of bison and the chick, watching some bus shelter photos from many places of the world i stumbled upon a new type of bench that would crush in a different way, hope you like it!!
I also exagerated the bison’s posture and from that worked an all new girl, i tried to follow all of those good hints from all of you.(THANKS A LOT!!)
Please let your voice be heard! i don’t know what face i like the most just now, so…


I think I like the other face better, but it depends on what you’re going for. If you want the flirtier girl, I think the first one fits that much better.

And I looooove the changes you made to the bench and her position. It really looks like shes falling towards him now, rather than just leaning up against him. I think the subtle things like the show falling off, and oh my goodness are you ever good at hand poses.

Fantastic work


You could try to give a little more prspective and bleed the right side of the bus stop out of the frame a bit, it could help the composition, not sure.

Another great drawing, it’s just fun to see different versions, though i feel like the beast’s expression was funnier in the first one. Other than that I think this has a much more dynamic feel. Can’t wait for color!

do you sketch in PS btw, or with blue pencil on paper? it has a traditional look : )


Tkanks! so far we have one vote for the the former girl, keep it coming!!

Hede And Killer: Yes, i’m using a good old col-erase dark blue pencil (i believe Faber-Castell makes em’ now). My boss used to provide me with em’, since he got more into b5 pencil. But i slowly ran out of em’ and they’re damn hard to get here in Mexico, so i’m using my last two for this competition. you know, for luck.


Nice work so far…! Your new pose feels as if it’s still in motion, as though he’d just sat down and the bench had just busted. Given that, I like the poses and expressions that have more motion and surprise to them. For example, I love the second girl’s face/pose, but don’t think it would work so well with your new composition. The 4th one, with a look of surprise on her face, might work better in this new shot.
Just my thoughts on them, seeing as you were still looking for input on those poses. Good luck and have fun…!


Great sketck, the sensation of weight of the bison is obtained very well

I think your other chick is more sexy (más zorrona… hahahha), and the minotauro ( o bison) has a little innocent expression, and maybe this is the strange part, the chick is the wolf and the bison warrior is the sheep :slight_smile: