Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Awsome man! really nice closeups. Im definitely jealous of the warrior cuz that Rita girl is HOT! I also wanted to ask you about the texture on Rita’s jacket - I really struggled to get that nice threaded look on my characters trousers but it didnt work as well unfortunately. Ayudame porfa vos!

Anyway, awsome finale! coming to your thread is a definite inspiration whenever Im out of gas! thanks again homie!


WOW! Fantastic job! I love this image! The style is great, I really like your designs, and your painting technique is really really nice. Cute girl! I also like your attention to detail. really well done! Best of luck to you in the competition, super duper work man!


Your final is amazing ! I can see this picture during hours ! Lots of details ! Great !


Hi Gabriel

i’m here to wish you the best luck in this challenge!
your piece rocks!

thanks for everything!

see you soon =)


Awesome work Gabriel! Its a really fun image! great details–Congratulations on a terrific final! The yak is so cute!


[size=2]Shhh don’t tell anyone I was here…

Ha! like someone will come and read, yeah right… Okeeee… thanks for showing in these later decompression days…

Marco, thanks man, I learned and catch some good inspiration from your pic too, I’m very flattered, thank you! you posted just as I was typing my thanks post so I went all D’oh! when I noticed , Hope you read this now :smiley:

Jeff, Green rules man! and you know that too, you used green as nobody else did in the challenge :smiley: I’m in eternal debt with you from being such a good sport! It’s been a pleasure Sir.

Capt’n Panda, words fail me, Thank you! Hope Little Miss panda is getting all well real soon! Best wishes.

Eric, Thanks for visiting again, you’re the second to talk about my monstrosity factor :D, I guess you saw My Myspace pictures!, no, seriously thank you very much fella, Hope we meet again soon!

Gonzalo, Gracias por las visitas viejo, ojala veamos mas de tu estilo, me gusta mucho :slight_smile:

Axel, this must be like the 1000th time I say thanks, but I still mean it completely!! thank you my friend!

Juan pablo: If it served as inspiration in anyway I’m just more than rewarded, Enjoy Homie, Help is on the way I promise :smiley:

Kenneth, Love to see you showed by pal! I’m very glad you enjoyed! See you around and thanks for the thrill ride!! :smiley:

Gilles, Thanks man, I stared a it for hours and I can’t ensure your mental health after that, I still wake up screaming every night :smiley:

Filipe, You’re the man!! I will expect a great work from you in the next one too, And it will be a great pleasure to see you there!

Kei, Oh my! thanks for taking the time, He’s not a yak but who cares, I will send him your message just to see him blush!.. nice… :smiley:

[size=3]Sooooooooo … Does anyone know what will happen now? when will we know the results? Big mystery to me, let me know!

I’m off now, still dealing with the insomnia… damn, It was worthy…

Best Wishes to all…


oh its ok that you took out the giraffe! I forgive you! haha next time maybe…lol

Great finished product and I love all the close ups! It was great fun following your progress on this piece! Good luck my friend!:thumbsup:


That was an excelent tutorial man! thanks for the help, I started to work on it and its lookin a lot better than my stripped pant look… And its so easy with Photoshop, you just have to think of how you can use all those options to your benefit - It would have never crossed my mind to do it that way.

They’ll probably anounce next week though, so stay put homie. haha. Hopefully all that hard work and community help will pay off for you! If not, its still one of the top threads on this competition!


Celine: Thanks again for visiting, this general sluggishness is killing me, so I guess I’ll do some side-picture just for fun, that giraffe still floats in my mind, they’re so cute…

Juan Pablo: I’m glad it helped, If you need anything just ask! In the end the only way to really know the full photoshop might is to share among the users, No guide book gets even close to that :wink:

I love to singa… I love the na na nanana … ah, screw it! nobody to listen…

good night.


Hi Gabriel! It’s very funny behavior and so strange! I like see it :slight_smile: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Thanks a lot pal! always a pleasure to hear from you!:slight_smile:


Awsome work…!!

one crit:
the reflection of that guy who is opening the car’s door is not correct. F.E, it’s impossible from this angle to see both his eyes. you should see more of the hair and the back of his head.


Thanks Ido! you are completely right!! I missed that one. With Rita’s reflection I did modify the position of her head, but I completely forgot when I did the guy .

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time! I really apreciate it!:thumbsup:


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