Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hi Gabriel, Axel told me you were really talented and it’s so true!:thumbsup: Its very pretty all of it :applause: The animal body and the face in Billy look really original. :smiley: And also Rita’s face she’s very pretty! Good job man! I wish you the best of luck! I am very proud of talented Latin artist like you, which have brought style, art, and new ideas to the world!

Ojala ganes !:slight_smile:


haha cool one! good luck with the contest!:thumbsup:


I still love it!

Very goor job!

It’s a wonderful illustration =D


“Wasn’t he more into the video game programming thing?” LOL :scream:

hehe, congratulations Gabriel, you did it!! it’s a great illustration that comes after a great concept, I love it :love:…ill be loking forward to seeing you in future challenges, mate!

Good luck!! :beer:


Well my friend you made it and a very hearty congratulations on doing so. I have watched you take this every step of the way and your commitment has been a true inspiration - so I will also thank you for the boundless enthusiasm that you have shown for my own entry.

You have met every aspect of this challenge, I figure you have learned from it a very great deal and I sincerely hope that it pays off come the announcement of winners. One thing I know for certain is that Rita (and those legs to die for!!) will become a legend in her own right, admired from near and far just as she is in the story.

The very, very best of luck
Your friend


I couldn’t help to send another one with the very last changes… an overlayed yellow light on the left side that you won’t notice much, a couple more reflections and sharpened the detail on Billy’s right leg which blended too much with the background.

I’m a bit sad… I don’t know what happens next, but I’ll surely miss this whole Challenge days, I guess the forum is archived and you don’t post anymore, so I’d like to Give my compliments now to all the great people that met here to share the sweet filling of their weird dreams…ah, Come on, please follow me to the thread now!.. :wink:


Amazing! This is real a great piece! The two characters are fantastic and your technique is an inspiration. I’ll study it better to improve my style. Love the beast and its fur and the girl is so sexy. Also the BG is really well studied and the guy and his expression behind are great. Again, congratulations for your entry and good luck!


Well, I was talking about all the great talented friends I met here; i couldn’t possibly name them all as I should, but here’s my try:

[b] Chris Beaver(the first one, you are missed pal!),

Jeff Treves(Master of green air masses),

Holly Fix,

Lindsey Smith,

Kei Acedera,

Rishikesh Nandlaskar(I miss dragon girl),

Axel Alonso (Unspeakably nice guy),

Carlos Bernardo Junior,

Michael van den Bosch(best avatar in challenge),

Jack Zhang(we missed you too buddy),

Ruben Fernandez(keep on it pal, it pays off!),

Lindsey Smith,

Maja Cuk(Allways helpfull! hope Rita meet the spectations),

Fernando Porcel(I owe you a big lot Pal! Tequila included!),

Fernando Garcia(fancy foot Fer :D),

paul b castillo,

Kevin McCullough(you really helped me alot, and very frequently too, thanx!),

Michael Dashow(I’m speecheless Mike, A pleasure to meet you here!),

Gordon MacDonald,

Shawn Wood,

mark alford,

Slav Kravchenko(great comments evrytime, I love your work!),

George Kiparissous(long life to the samurai pizza cats :D),

Alexander Mikirtychev(Tnx a lot for visiting evrytime),

Francisco Munar,

William james Hallett,

neville dsouza(no introduction needed, Big Friend of everyone here!),

Mark David(love the crazy cars!),


Michael Grills,

Lynda Young,

Michael see,

Serena De Biasi,

Remko Troost(‘THE’ capitain Panda),

Peter Soderbaum,

Y.Soner Yurtseven(That little sad clock… awww),

Matt Burns,

Daniel Sanchez Limon(quien fuese minotauro:D),

Andrew Komoder,

Carlos Eduardo Montoya(thanks for all my fiend),

Sean Counley(hero of mine),

Robberto Fernandez,

Alon Chou(prankin’ godess expert),

Gareth Thomas,

Raffy Dematawaran(love your pic),

Rodolfo Roth(Puzzling nickname i wont even try to spell here :D),

Lutha Jenkins,

nabil hamadi(TNX pal),


Hollie Taylor,

Justin Pageau,

zeinab nematzade(love the cat!),

Vinicius de Sá Menezes(smoot artist, oh boy!),

Gustavo Avila(gracias por todo :D),

Alperen Kahraman,

Maciej Frolow(brocken hearthed… me too :D),

Gonzalo Golpe(gracias Y andele!),

Marco Fantechi(TNX for coming back to wathch all the time),

Steven Bateman,

Von Caberte,

JuanPablo Monroy(I love you liked it Homie!),

Al-Haitham Jassar,

Jimmie Jetpack,

celine bellon(Gee celine, I’m so sorry I had to remove the jiraffe, I liked her too, but she was trouble so tall:D),

Virginia DiGuiseppi,

Wesley LeBlue,

Filipe Laurentino(A honor my friend!),

Kamal Khalil(You rock!!),

Geoff Shupe,

vincent guibert,

Ralph King(make those pickle dreams go away!),

Manny Pineda,

Ramón Acedo(thanks for showing!),

Zubuyer Kaolin,

Marcos Miller(thanks for the dreams I have nowdays :O),

Jeroen Coert,

kris wimberly,

Marc Thierry,

Nemesix C.B.,

eric scala(great works!),

YuChi Yang(Hero of mine too),

Bobby Chiu(big one in my book, Still can’t beileve tou came to see the works:D),

Cliff Cramp,

Doug Ferreira,

Gilles Pfeiffer(my animation pick)

Rianti Hidayat,

Marlon Kromodikoro,

Goro Fujita(I’m so flattered you showed here, I love your stuff!!),

Philippe bonneau,

Liuba Zelinskaya(Oh sweet girl, I loved your website!),

Dulce(Glad to have you here! thankyou very much).
And here goes a hoping I did right and didn’t miss anyone, because ALL of you were great help in this crazy months, This is the very first time I have a chance to dedicate a work to someone and it is to you guys and gals, What a Strange experience here, And I loved everyday!!



Congratulations my friend! you’ve completed this piece as expected from you: With incredibly delicious soft brush-work, a smooth and soothing lighting, a dynamic composition, and a sense of humor of course…

I just want to say that it was great to have your support and help all along. Honestly, I observed your portfolio images carefully at the beginning of the challenge, becuase they have a unique quality that I was after learning. You can draw, period. So it was a pleasure in itself to see all the sketches for this piece; I think you’ve put the right amount of time in them to get the best expressions needed. And paint, ahh, love your colors, textures and all the little details you’ve added, they really make this environment some place that is being lived in. And your background is completed deliciously with the sky you’ve worked on the last days. You wanted green, and you got green, you disproved us skeptics, so this palette is definitely something different than usual…

It was a great learning experience to watch you work, and see how you evolve a painting master… I can only hope for more…

Best of luck to you with the voting amigo, and hope to see you sooner than I expect… :beer:


Enjoy! Thank you all! it’s great to be here to witness the final minutes !! !! !! GLAD YOU MADE IT PALS!! !! !! :wink:


JUst gimme a minute for the close ups they’re uploading just now!:blush:


What’s that green glitch there?.. Damn I keep finding stuff like that!


clearer eyes… changed a finger… not much… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know about you guys but I like those bold strokes on Bill’s hand, they remindme of the old oleum days… the smell ahhh…


Stupid me, what wouldn’t I post them all in a single message?:banghead:

that’s more like it … sorry


HI Gabriel!!!Yessai!!!Just one more time I say “you rock”!!!You made it man!And with a great great pic!Now you deserved some party!haha
Wanted to thank you for your great support man!Kept me going!Hope to be by your side next challenge again!I’m wishing you alll the best on the final judging!One more time CHEERRSSS!!!



HI Gabriel!!!Yessai!!!Just one more time I say “you rock”!!!You made it man!And with a great great pic!Now you deserved some party!haha
Wanted to thank you for your great support man!Kept me going!Hope to be by your side next challenge again!I’m wishing you alll the best on the final judging!One more time CHEERRSSS!!!



You know Monstruosly GOOOOOOOOd !


Cool details,hehe. Y ándele otra vez!:smiley:


Those close ups! Are sweet:drool: I liked all the detail and work in all of them from the buildings, to the shadows of the smallest props, the textures are exquisite! All the parts in this composition are so solid, full of the best color and lighting I could recommend to see for the beautiful style you got! Congratulations my friend! :applause: I have gain so much from all this experience and learning a lot from you! Thank you!:smiley: