Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hey Gabriel, Rita is a blast… really sweet, great painting work on she :thumbsup:


sweet details man!
Love it


Hey Gabriel, this is looking awesome as expected from you amigo. The buildings work better for me, don’t hide those details you’ve worked on!

More time is more art buddy, grand finale just got bigger. Keep it up!


hey buddy! :scream: me with everyone else! :bounce::bounce: awesome details and expression! :eek: i’ve been showing almost all the other member’s entries ( and your’s too!! ) to my colleagues here at work! … n man they went nuts! :surprised
congratulations man! :applause: good luck to you!:thumbsup:


Looks nice… I was playing with layers now that is all done… and liked this image, first, you get to see well the garbage that will be there to just not be noticed later :smiley: . Second, you can see the work on the shadow layer, is messy but good nuff’ to do it’s chore, it lands all elements in place just good. And last, because it reads well and looks pretty cool to me, hope you enjoy!!
this was the loooongest week for me, finally getting rid of the insomnia (again) and having some good old, rushed, no-brainer, commissioned work to do…(again). Home…

You will see the day after tomorrow the official final-final-final one, reglamentary Back-up story included, I’m working on that just now…
Thanx a lot again to everyone, I have lots of fun watching all those great finished ones as they come ;D


Hi Gabriel. Impressive “La Belle et la Bete” concept…This girl wanna have fun indeed ! Nice detailled work and great color palette. Bests.:thumbsup:


Gabriel Rita looks great! The briefcase it’s a great prop also! Adds to her more character in her mood and history! Love it!:thumbsup:


Hahahaha! Omg! That’s perfect! =)))) I like it much! Emotive and funny picture :wink:
Good luck!


Hey Gabriel, nice update!! great garbage and the briefcase is superb!:thumbsup: great touch! and i cant wait to see your final image with story included :smiley: Cheers my friend :beer:


so so, where’s the final man! common!:applause:


[b][color=Cyan]Thanks everyone! Oh my!.. so glad to see the regulars and newcomers too! this is the end of all things and I’m pretty much done. Tonight I’ll post the whole thing as the[font=Arial Black]100% and call it a challenge… … so losng ago good ol’ Chris beaver posted here for the firs time, I feel like it was 6 months or so… and heck, I didn’t know it would be this hard, the pic has more detail and care than what I planned or expected to have time to add, and that is all thanks to you that kept pushing ahead and posting such great pieces along all the time…

[color=MediumTurquoise]This round goes for you and for all strange minded challengers that gathered this time and would never have any otherwise…
Cheers, boys and girls… good times!!!

[/color][/b][/color][/font] :beer::beer:


Outdoor cafe 9:00 A.M.

Guy 1:Ahhh… what a crazy morning, still so much to do, but is good to take a break and see the sights.
Guy 2:Yeah…hey, cover up for me back at the office, Say I was sick and had to go home…
G1:You wish…
G2:Ah, come on!
G1:Shhh!! Hey, lucky day, here she comes again…
G1:The girl I told you about, right there across the street at the bus stop!
G2:Oh man!..
G1:Yeeeeah… What a girl uh?, this is like the fourth time I have seen her from here at this time, I went there and tried to pick up a conversation with her the other day but she wouldn’t even look at me…
G2:Ha ha ha, what a looser!
G1:Wa wa wa… so what? it was just a first try, You know these fancy girls, playing hard to get and all, just give me another week…
G2:For her to even look at you?
G1:Oh, shut up!
G2:Ooooh, you told me to shut up… I guess I should obey and do it th…
G1:HEY! Look at that!!
G2:What now?
G1:Isn’t that Billy?? !!
G2:Billy who?
G1:Billy Skullstomper! From high school…
G2:Mmmmm… Hey yes, that’s him!!
G1:He just kept growing, didn’t he? I almost didn’t recognize him…
G2:And it seems he’s a warrior now! Wasn’t he more into the video game programming thing?
G1:What?! you didn’t know?
G1:Jeeeez… Well it comes out that his dad is the owner and president of “Skullstomper Interest Conflict Solutions”.
G2:No waaaay!
G1:Yep, Isn’t that curious?
G2:I thought he was just another guy named Skullstomper…
G1:Me too, who’d know!.. Well, so Bill happens to be his youngest son, and he wants him to run the business some day, so he took him out the Tech and gave him a job in his company…
G2:Oh, too bad! he was so fast at typing!
G1:I know!! So his dad made him start from the bottom and now he’s a trooper in the Warfare Fields case. That’s a big one!
G2:I heard if they win that land they’ll make a Six Flags there!
G1:Nope, the SICS was hired by a clamshell packaging company, they want to build a huge factory there.
G2:Pfffft… I hate those things…
G1:It is not so bad, If the “Dwarf Horde For a Price” wins, then it will be a sewage water treatment plant, and the dwarves get an artificial swamp-side spa area as part of the deal…
G1:Told you…

G1:Looks like Bill’s waiting for the bus too…
G2:Yes… Oh! you don’t think he’s gonna try to make his move on the girl, do you?
G1:No… he’s a big geek… he won’t…
G2:But he’s sitting next to her!
G1:What!! I saw her first!! !! that big …
(Loud crushing metal noise)
G2:Waaahh Hahahahaha!! !! ha ha … (shouting) Those benches can only take one ton at a time you dummy!!..
G1:Hahaha! way to go Bill, was that your move?? !!
G2:Uh, wait a minute , it worked!
G1:What?! The girl’s smiling at him!!
G2:check that out!!.. was that a smooth move or what…
G1:he didn’t even mean that, the big lucky goof…
G2:And yet she fell for it …
G1:Oh C’mon!.. me… I… I was…she wouldn’t even look at m… Aww… … … …wh… what’s wrong with girls man?
G2:Dunno… maybe it is that stupid goatee of yours…
G2:Uh… yes… then it is just you…
G1:Oh, shut up.

This is it Fellas… I’m done, let me thank once again everyone for taking the time to look at all my 30 steps on this challenge, not many I guess…I don’t really know if I did that well, but I tried to be as illustrative as possible of how this all developed in my head, if anyone has comments it is still time for it, BTW, I feel all of sudden that the space left by the camel thing, (that I intended to be a lizard, just not green :smiley: ), is a bit empty now… I miss him… so I might be adding that puzzled cop that Axel suggested instead, just might… what you think? wouldn’t it be cool if he looked like Leslie Nielsen? Oh, here I go again… I just don’t wanna finish it… it is like an obsession now… I better stop here and see what happens in the coming six days…
Right, this was the technical part of the final image post, the emotional one will be the next… it’s really late now…
Loved the challenge, hope you all did too!
Best regards.

Oh! and go to the thread for the HI-RESOLUTION version!! tell me if you can read the signs! they are so small :frowning:


There… I will post some close-ups tomorrow!:thumbsup: Oh!! ! I can’t belive I didn’t add a shadow for that cigarrette butt! It’s flying I’m sorry!


Gabriel SUPER FANTASTIC! :drool::applause:I enjoy all your ideas! from the start!:thumbsup:Its one of my favourites for sure and I hope you earn a good place for this because you deserve it! Looks really fresh and full of life, color, right mood, and style! The art of communication has fulfilled through your image, the best! Rita and Billy are proud! hahaha! And I’d hope to see them in the future having some fun again!
MUY BIEN PAISA! jajaja:D:beer::buttrock: Its oveeeer YAY! :bounce:


Well Well Well the illustration was already really good ,but with the text it’s “Monstruosly” GOOOOOOOD ! Thanks a lot for the fun.


Hey Gabriel, what awesome image my friend! I love the whole concept and the amazing story !! hahahaha really cool!! Your drawing and painting skills are superb!! The all image and characters are really fluid, all the action captured in a great instant. The Billy´s fur is an impresive work! and Rita is so hot and sexy :smiley: The atmosphere on the composition is great and incredible well balanced with the range colour of the characters. The painting details are awesome, from the garbage on the floor (the shadow for cigarrete is a simply detail :smiley: ) to the man´s reflection in his car… woooow amazing my friend!. The expression of Billy with that eyes is simply cool!

It was an incredible experience (and a learning experience) to see the development of your concept from your great sketches to this awesome painting and great story for it ( and it was fun to share the pressure of the “first” dead line :smiley: ) Congratulations Gabriel for this superb and awesome art work !! :bowdown: You rock man!! :buttrock: Best of luck!! … y ahora si es hora de tupirle duro a unas chelas bien muertas y unos buenos tequilas pa que pasen bien! :smiley: Salú compa! :beer:

( Y ya sabe usted que pienso de su ilustración… esta de rompe hue… hahahaha… hahahaha :smiley: esta chi… disima… yo creo que ta va ir muy bien !! Suerte Gabriel!)



I agree with the eloquent words of Fernando. Super job, congratulations and best of luck


i want an axe too. brings me back to the days of WoW this is truly an awesome image with attitude. my only 2 cents is that its still not grungy enough for me. looks like a city superman would live in. everything is … just too perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


:applause: :applause: Congratulations Gabriel!! :applause: :applause: Believe me… you are DONE!! Just sign that name of yours! :thumbsup: Beautiful finish my friend, I am not in any form unsatisfied, you did a FANTASTIC job!! I wish you all the best Gabriel!!:bounce: :buttrock:


Hey you’ve done it. Fantastic finish. This image is superb and also a lot of fun, just like this thread has been a lot of fun. There’s a lot I love about your image. Billy’s hair is amazing and little details like the clouds in the sky might be subtle but they are done beautifully. In fact there is so much to see and admire in this illustration that it really rewards a good inspection. Congratulations!