Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


oh my friend…thats so cool…your image is on my image collection now…Good luck dude!:beer:…this is one of my favorites…one of the more strnager of this challenge!


HEY STEVIE ! Amazing job man! The last details are great, fantastic. Good luck man!


HI Gabriel!!!Woowww great,great work man!!Kind a sad , couldn’t be in here with you guys more.
Agree with Mike on the fact, those giraffes and so makes your principal scene a bit less strange somehow.
One though though is that maybe bringing some more dirt and scratches on the busstop and the card,etc,etc could maybe make it look even more realistic as it already does.Seems so clean to me right now.
The people you brought in are really great indeed and love the expressions you gave them!
Anyway one more time huge work man!Love it!
Hope to see you in the next challenge and the very best of luck to you Steevie Woo!!!


Excellent work Gabriel - wonderful technique and execution. I do agree that the other animal characters aren’t really needed. Bravo on a really well done illustration.


wow awesome job man!!.. this image is STRANGE i tell ya… i love it… a tiny little tho… i’m not sure if i’m seeing right… the hair on the big guy’s head looks kinda unfinished… was that intentional… for some reason its not going with the rest of his hairs, which looks stunning… mayb its just me haaving too many sleepless nights… anyways all the best with the judging!


Zubuyer, you have an eye! I’m sooooo lazy now but in the coming minutes I’ll star to apply detail to that final pach… it is only 99 % remeber:)

thanks for reminding me…:thumbsup:


It’s a very beatifull piece Gabriel!A minotaur on the bus stop?that’s strange all right!You asked about people in the background:the one that caught my attention is the boy behind the bus stop,his attitude/personality reminded me of Michael J Fox on the fisrt Back to the future!! Best of luck for you on the final Judgement and thanks for your very nice opinions on my thread,you’ll see then on my next post!


Magnificent is not even the word Gabriel! What in the world! That Giraffe :scream: Hahahahahahahaha… that Giraffe was so nicely implemented :smiley: I wish you well my friend and all the best!


Absolutely stunning! I enjoyed watching your progress, man, as I said I love the details specially on Rita!:slight_smile: Good Luck!


it’s glad to see your final here, you did a great job.
good luck!



Excellent ! great job Gabriel !




i’m done…


GREAT JOB! I like the details very much…the girl cute too. Good luck.

Wish u the best,


Very nice work Steevie!
Lovely colours and very cute girl.


Hi Gabriel!

This scene is absolute wonderful!

wish you luck man!
and thanks for all the help you gave me =)


Fantastic work, so much attention to detail and style, it’s been great to watch the image progress. Best of luck.


Ahhhh exellent (pre?)final image :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Will you use the deadline extension to add some details?Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


Hey Gabriel, awesome work and concept !! I love Rita !!! :smiley: Great details and atmosphere in the whole image. Billy is simpliy amazing, is a really impresive character design!! You put a beautiful city enviroment on the image and a great touch on it with the persons and creatures around the bus syop, cool!!. And now with two weeks more, maybe we can help you to find the Rita´s briefcase :smiley: Where is the briefcase??? Perhaps the giraffe was stolen hahahahahah :smiley: Again great and awesome work, and waiting for your final . final image ! :slight_smile: Cheers my friend!! :SLEEP!!: :smiley:


This is brilliant!! Love all the new details and the giraffe with the hat is helarious as well as what i think is a camel on the left side…haha Great job! :deal:


I’m gonna use this extra time to show you details and stuff, this is the latest work on her face now, I uploaded the final already but still, anything goes and you’re free to comment for what will be the final-final I’ll submit next week.

for now I’m not working anything of it… I really want to gain a fresh look on it before the closing time and try to see it as anyone else would.

I’ll start work on another of these ‘cute girl’ pin-up esque pics soon, (a groovy red head hippie) but I have to say sweet Rita will always be that special one… I like her, and she’s the result of at least two years of me drawing all kinds of girls in any spare time and not really liking them that much… It pays off, my good friends, it always pays off sometime :smiley: