Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


I thought the ax looked OK before but the new improved one is much better. And the slight adjustment in the spacing with the sign above is an improvement. My fine art background skews my perspective toward suggesting a touch more grim and maybe a touch more litter. :slight_smile:


Yeah thrilling last days, thats the word :smiley:

Great image, looks like finished for me, you know the little details to fix but for me it looks fantastic.

But if you have time… I newer seen a so clean bus stop, there is always a paper here, a cigarette there… some gum sticked on the ground forever :smiley:

Exellent work so far :thumbsup:


Grit is coming I swear:wise:… you guys love it down and dirty,:smiley: so I will not disapoint…

Oh, drop by tomorrow for some glass fx goodies, It tookme all day:shrug:

Thanks everybody. personal replies soon…


Hey Gabriel it’s looking amazing my friend! i love all the changes you did, the axe is much more interesting now… The blurry buildings feel like they either need to get blurrier, or be crisp as they were in the beginning, now they look a bit soft to me, but that’s just my opinion… Keep it up amigo, can’t wait for the grand finale!


I agree with Jeff on the buildings Gabriel. The previous crisp attribute was not hindering th efeel of depth because you have a lot of light hitting them so they already felt far in the background. Can’t wait to see that final!:bounce:


Some Hi-res!! have a peep!



MORE TO COME I’m working on the crowd right now…


Click the links in previous post up there…:smiley:
Just to fill space until the good one.
Thankyou very much for so much nice comments I recieved!

Most cents are on more garbage and the people, and that’s what you’ll see tomorrow morning…


It’s looking excellent. I especially like the marbled effect in the horns and hoofs. For some reason I can’t get the links to the high res shots of Rita and Bill though


if damn links don’t work I’ll try it the boring way…



Just use photo bucket (not a commercial, that site is the only one that hosted em’ with no silly scuses)…


Looking great Gabriel. Love the characters!


Not really final, but what the heck…

Once I finish the back hair I’ll upload this one to test FTP speed, then later at midnight (or tomorrow if upload is not slow) I will send the good one… I understand there’s no problem sending a revised version of the final one…

Rita’s hair just doesn’t look right red, I tested, I’ll show you tomorrow, purple hair looks amazing on her (that always happens) but I’m not crazy, so… lets see later…

Please tell me what you think of the people!! I think the one on the left kinda looks like Charlie Sheen, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad. :wink:

Great works around!! I’m so proud of being here with all of you!!


Ouch! is so blurry, here’s the Hi-res

I removed the blur from the big buiding in the BG just to check… now I should lower the contrast to make it look more far away than the giraffee girl… Let me know if you like this mess…

the garbage… got it … It’ll be there I promise:wise:


LOL! the people are a great touch :thumbsup: , no crits from me!


You know something I’m quite sure Mickey was sitting there 5 sec ago , bad day for mickey.
But Wonderful work for Gabriel. Congratulation


WoW Gabriel this is wonderfull! FELICIDADEZ! :love: *I love the people and I can see your avatar in there, the creature in the back its fantastic! a bit hard to read! but love it!.. and you have done a true success! and a wonderfull and fun art moment! congratulations my friend!:applause: Need more time to gather all the information in there great details and a very unique style in color and design! :drool: :arteest: :beer:


Hey Gabriel! Congratulations. The image looks great. You did so much good detail.
Good luck! Cheers!


Hey, Gabriel, I really like the humans that you’ve added in the background. Having them there adds life to the scene, and their poses and expressions really add to the feeling that something is Strange. I don’t care as much for the non-human ones: It’s harder to make out what they are - at first I though the giraffe was a palm tree, and it’s on a funny tangent with bart of the roof of the bus-stop - but alos, having more animals in the scene makes your main chracters behavior and existence not all that strange.
Just my thoughts… good luckand great work either way!


great job, good luck…escucho por ahi un brindis de chelas!!!



Hi everyone I’m feeling real good to be a this point an mos of the ‘Good’ part is because of you coming to take a look… Thanks!

Sovica: This is the last day so I’ll fix Rita’s face for good… Hope you like it …

Hiun:What can I say buddy… Thanks a real lot! I’m on the building thing…I’ve seen your final already and will post soon, I love it indeed…

frozentoast: Thanks a lot for your comment, feels good to know you catch it so well… If we all learn a bit from all this challenge then Ill be more than happy…

elmasfeo : You mister Fanciful Foot deserve all my gratitude… I’m dying to se the rhino done!

Nemesix: thanks a lot, BTW I met Mr. finch… What a mind-fertile guy!

Korendo: Thanks for the good and timely suggestions, I got to say that the PFA (Public Furniture Agency) is pressing charges for vandalistic crushing and Bill is nowhere to be found now, this is getting to international politics now since he is believed to be hiding in Cuba… let’s better not joke about this… more garbage on the street soon

Raffy: HI pal!!! glad to hear of you!! the sky at this moment is still WIP, who’d believe…

Steevie woo: Wait a minute that’s me…

scala: Thanks a lot Erick… lets whack that rat and take this to the end already…

Ferx: You, my pal, are the only one that even mentioned the car, and I’m damn glad you liked it… love green… Thanks for all my friend. Salú!

nerdyninja: Hey Celine hope you like the crowd, and thanks for the giraffe Idea. no other beast could fit in that space…

: Taking care of that sir! Ill see that this corner looks as alive as possible in this last hours…

YuChi: Really glad you liked it, Thanks a big bad lot!!! Feels great coming from you!

[/color]: hey Carlos is 99% now almost there!! Thanks a lot!!

Nomad: I’ll certainly use your ‘gum’ Idea (I love it) and many others Thrilling days indeed, Enjoy!!

Jeff: I removed the blur, see if you like it better, I think I do… Thanks a lot as always Buddy!!

Mark David: Thank you very much for visiting. I actually based the effect on some hoof photos, but yes, It always looked somewhat marble-ish… was not easy.

Bobby Chiu
: I feel so glad you visited my thread!! You’re one of the big guys for me ever since I saw that enormous dog!! then I flocked! good you liked it Bobby, thanks a lot!!

Jassar: Thanks for taking a look …Is really good you had fun!! that’s the origin of all this…

Axel: Gracias de verdad! me has ayudado mucho! That’s not really the one of the avatar but is in that direction too. I find him hard to read and maybe will change something there in the end. Keep pushing Buddy C’mon!

ashiataka: So glad you like it! Thanks for keep visiting… Dang I haven’t post you in a long time but I’ve been following! I love it!

Walrus: Thanks again Mike. You always have a point! I blame it on the resolution limit… Once I saved the JPG I felt the same way about the animals… Funny: too little ,too crowding… I’ll work on that.

: Lo que oiste fue un frasco de peptobismol que tire con el codo pero espero que pronto sea una chela… Glad hear of you now at the brink of the end…

I’ll see you all at the finishing line!
THis all was a really good time … TAHNK YOU!


The HI-RES are finally here YEAH!!! look above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^