Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hey Gabriel, the BG looks really great !! I like a lot the buildings, cool mate!! and the billboard advert is a great touch!! :smiley: The aluminum texture for the bus stop is awesome! Again, great work my friend Cheers :beer:
( Ya lo tienes Gabriel, es cosa de un último jalón :smiley: )


More stuff… mmm… let me see… the floor is grungier but no gabage yet, worked a bit the light on the big building, made the tree and bushes, the map, and I’m half done with the car… hope you like it… I can chage it to gold or maybe white, but I knew you’d love it green :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

my eyelid is twitching…


Thanks to evryone for taking a look … Hey Mike, how you see this floor now? letme know! :slight_smile:

Oh and Karko, I’d love to include something like another warrior but I’ll hardly find some room for another human now:D… Damn warriors are so chunky…

Mark, the car is driving me nowhere but crazytown, what a pain:shrug:
Ferx, you’re so right but’ the foot I’m blushing now…

Glad tou liked the jacket shine. I’m keeping it and boosting it a bit

, glad to see you here! tell me what you think of this mess…
Overcontrast, thanks a lot is good to know you catch te weir side of this…
Marcos, It would take a batallion of rabid dwarfs to butcher Billy down, but they’re veggies…
Hiun, tanks a lot man, I try my best…
Oh and Jeff I’ll se the hoof thing soon, Thanks!

Thanks to everyone, enjoy…


Hola Gabriel :eek: Thats a nice BG my friend! Great work! :thumbsup: I love all the little details here and there by the floor, the windows shapes, the add, the map its all selling the idea of a good city, and match the style as well, I think haha:D…I know you are still working in the details and props witch some times takes more mental and hand time that we thought hehe! :rolleyes: So I am sure this will end up as pretty as I think its already ! almust there hehe, :arteest:


Hello, again =)

It looks verry good!

But something’s been bothering me ever from the beginning and now I know what =)
The girl looks like she has “angry eyes”. And I figured that’s because a lock of hair is atached to here eyebrow. It would lighten her face very much if you would remove it.

It’s good though, when you reach the stage when the picture could pass off as finished!

Good job =)


Hey Gabriel! You are killing me with your style of rendering this piece! I LOVE IT!:twisted: You did a GREAT job with the car I must say. I am really loving this Gabriel, and as I always say, just keep doing what you do!:thumbsup:


Hey man I really love this piece. In my head I can really get a feel for both characters, who they are, what they are like, etc., just from looking at the piece. It’s really great. I think the style is excellent and you did a great job creating actual characters, not just figures. Much respect. I’m learning from you.


wow, this keeps looking better and better! I love your close-ups, the small details are the best… if you run short of time I would just finish the bench and add some more dirt, maybe produced by the breaking bench, peasants would be good, but not so important IMO, I could buy it already as it is now, hehe!
good luck in the final days! :thumbsup:


Looks very nice! The characters are splendid, and so the details, like the fur and the background. Well done!


Greetings Gabriel,

I should say great, clean, fun but somehow it does not sound the same. I will refrain again from attempts at humor on what the Department of Public Works report on crushed public benches and instead admire the view. One very small humble observation, the upper edge of the war ax looks to be almost congruent with the edge of the sign on the building.


So far so good man! I like how this is turning out…Everything looks perfect ,however for the overall atmosphere, dont you think if you would make the sky more sky bluer, it can help your characters and foreground pops out more?..Just my final 2 cents:). …Good luck!



Well not really, but I wanted to show you the designs for billy’s Axe that I’m adding just now.
I also included the doomed belt buckle doodle that I added to the image but will not be seen in all his glory because in the new pose that area is obscured almost completely… too bad…

tonight I hope to post the 99% final image and get some corrections from you so by friday I can send the big one and be able to finish MegamanZero2 at last!! Who am I kidding… I’m stuck half way throgh it…


So I sayd I would, and mostly I did, this is my first try at a final image… oooh it feels so good!! I’ll try some new things in the coming days. As I said, I’ll not upload the big one until saturday so there’s a little time to try the bystanders that I already have sketched…

Funny, I just noticed a patch of fur is still half done, and I still have to work in that right eye of billy… don’t like it much…

Sovica poited that Rita has sort of “Angry eyes”. Well, remember a long long time ago I said she would not be definitive until the end, the final features and the hair variations are still to come. also I hope you like the shoes, they gaveme some big lot of trouble to do…
let me know…

Oh! the garbage!! yeah… letme see that too…

More checklist entries tomorrow. ENOMOUS THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, I’ll post replies tomorrow too! Have a thrilling last few days… I’ll do. :smiley:


I always forget things…
:wise: The sky is just a test… I know it sucks…

:shrug:I added a little blur to the bildings and stuff… tellme if you like it, I’m not sure
(It looks good from close).

:slight_smile: I will ad a signpost on the other side of the street. Just thought I’d let you know…


Beautiful sketch and illustration I’m sure it’s gonna be wonderful when is gonna be finished because it is already. Congratulations


Hey Gabriel, that looks awesome my friend !! I love the nice atmosphere on the scene, and the new axe is really cool!! great . The car on green colour match really well with the overall colour on your image, I like a lot. The crunched bench is simpley awesome!!. ( and down a bit the building was a really wise movement… hahahahahah :smiley: ) Again, great work my friend!! Cheers :beer:

( Vamos Gabriel ya casi estás ahi !!! y la banca quedo muy perrona !! vientos!! )


I think it is looking great! I love the blur and everything!!! Innocent bystanders would be great! Especially if they had a look of disgust or shock…it would be so funny! Or other buffalo or other type animal creatures! maybe an ‘old man’ giraffe or something like that! haha


Hey Stevie!! Amazing piece man! Great style, I liked a lot. If you have time…maybe you can add
some streetlights with wires… or people passing by…stuffs liked that. Will make the background more rich and beliveble. If you already think that…just ignore my comment hahaha:scream:

Awesome job!:thumbsup:


the skills you handled with those fur are very impressive!
and i love the light shade over the office hottie.
this piece is full of exquisite details and worthy to be enjoyed.


looks great…than 97% for me is done!..i don´t what you gona add to this amazing piece!..i love the bison…and the girl is just beautiful…good work.

Pd: you shoud se my entry…is almost done to!:thumbsup: