Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hi!!, for the first time in, like a month, I had a whole day for this thing. And this is some of the stuff, Please let me know how you see it, I try to get it as close as to the original palette as possible but I have to change some colors on the way, and is kinda hard for me to tell if they look better or I just screwed up big time…

I’d say billy is some 80% done and Sweet Rita is abut 70%, I already have a lot of the bus stop done in a different file at work, lets see how this all wraps…

Thanks a lot for the posts! amazing how people keep entering the contest with such good ideas!

I really wish just everyone will finish on time, Keep up!


It’s looking really nice, Gabriel. Good to see it all coming together. what a lot of work you’ve put into the details, especially all that hair and fur texturing - wow! Speaking of hair, I like how Rita’s haid casts a shadow on her forehead, as you would expect it too. The bison’s doesn’t have the same effect: Given how much his toussled haid overhangs his head, might be nice to see more shadows from the hair onto the rest of the face.

Also - and this may just be because you haven’t gotten there yet - the lowest panel that you just posted looks really, really clean. The armor and the ground tiles all look impossibly brand new. I assume you just haven’t made it to grunging them up a bit - I’m in the same spot with my own floor tiles! But just thought I’d point it out.

Good luck!


Gabriel, this is looking great, so fun to watch as you pick up speed! I love your designs at various parts of billy, the details are turning out delicious. One thing i can point out is the color of billy’s hoofs, which look a little metallic to me now. Maybe a very suble yellowish hue could make it look more organic? Great job on billy’s mouth/nose area! waitn fo mo…


Hey Gabriel, nice details my friend!! I like a lot the Billy´s axe, cool!! and great armor for the legs!! nice!!:thumbsup: Perhaps a bit darker colour on the tips of the hoofs, only a comment:) Again great work my friend !! Cheers ! :beer:

(Y a seguirle dando duro!! a y desvelarse un rato más, ya que nos queda :smiley: )


Well, tell me if you like what you see… Heck, I do!! But i’m partialy “Bison&blonde - blind” now, Please spare two cents for me!

Oh, yes! My good pal and Rita’s fashion advisor Axel Alonso helped me to come out with all this nice cloth textures and colors, for the jacket I took refference on a hat picture he sent me. The jacket texture (hope is clear to see in this file) is kind of a thick-knit cotton fabric. and the sleeve ends and edges are supposed to be silk textured, I like the silky shine, but I already used it fot her shirt, and maybe I’m abusing it now with the jacket, so this is the ‘before and after’ applying the shine, what’s better? C’mon, help the near sighted…

Thank you all again by the way, the nice coments keep coming, I hope you enjoy visiting too!


Hola Gabriel, :thumbsup: LOVE HER out fit ! just great and the textures are fantastic! the lighten of the silk in her shirt its great ! what can I say you are really upgradeing all her look! And Billy its showing all the nice details of a warrior in his costume great work! :thumbsup::scream::applause:


No… the texture doesn’t show well so here’s a bigger one…

or go:
still hard to see uh?.. you be the judge…:wise:


Oh… I keep forgetting things…

Her lower calf is all misshapen, I have to make the ankle thicker and maybe change the longitude of it, I also think the two shoes are not the same size… what do you think?:shrug:

I go, Good nite!


Hey Gabriel, sweet Rita is really sweet!! I like a lot the silk shirt, and the specular brights on the edges of the jacket ( in the right pic) puts a more bright fabric, but not totally silk (perhaps a small and more bright specular), but i think the jacket looks really nice with that texture.:thumbsup:

The Rita’s right leg and right foot from the knee to the toe looks turned like a left leg and left foot.

Agree that the left ankle is less thicker than right ankle.

About Shoes, IMO looks for the same size, maybe the heel of the right shoe is a bit biger than left :shrug: :smiley:

Again, great work my friend !!! :beer:

( Creo que el saco se ve muy chido como está ahora y que ya no le debes mover más :smiley: y probé la pose de piernas de Rita … hahahaha…- lo bueno que nadie me veia - hahahaha y siento que la perspectiva del zapato derecho debería estar un poco girada hacia la izquierda, pero me gusta mucho como se ve ahora :slight_smile: )


You’re a monster Gabriel!! Subtle and sweet. I see what you are saying about the ankles but the shoe size is right though. The value on the heel of the left shoe doesn’t show the full form well though so it seems skinny. You are doing really great stuff! Please keep doing what you do!:thumbsup:


Hey Gabriel,

both look very good but i like the shinier jacket more (even though the effect is subtle even on the larger image… overall great work…


Hi Gabriel! It’s all nice and pretty! :slight_smile:


UH… Don’t know… this is as much as I could put together from the 4 files I’m using now,The floor proved too heavy to do in the same file as the rest since it took five layers to do and I don’t want to merge them yet… one of those layers was for dust and weathered effect, tell me if it works for you… also I don’t think I like the car color blue now…
All suggerted changes for the figures will be added for the next one. I’m speeding with the BG to find some time for the pedestrians, that’s the part that still worries me most…

Thanks for visiting and have a lot of fun!!


I have this sore in my stylus hand…oww… somehow I’m happy this is almost over…


Hehe, The fur bison is it so sweet ?
“Monday night battle”: extra!

One of pedestrians could be one other warrior ?



Hey, it’s looking nice! The subtle texture on the bricks on the ground really helps make them look like bricks… absolutely perfect bricks, but bricks nonetheless! :slight_smile: Now you just need to take it to the next level. In real life, would every single edge of every brick be perfectly straight and perfectly parallel with all of the otehrs? Looks out on any street or sidewalk and you’dd find all sorts of imperfections: grime, grit, chips and cracks, a mark where someone scuffed tehir shoe, a stain from where someone left some gum, water stains from the last time it rained, candy wrappers and crumpled buss schedules, cigarette butts, and the various assorted weathering weight of years of use. I’m not saying you have to make it look run-down and cruddy - this is obviously a nice part of town - but even the nicest parts aren’t perfect. You’re getting there on the curb and on the stone base for the bus-stop seat, now just put that same attention into the rest, especially the ground… (or not, if you don’t have time!)
Good luck!


All looks great, bravo :applause:


Hey Gabriel,

When did you do all that work! I gues I missed a lot in the past couple of days… It’s looking amazing, love everything you did with the floor and the sidewalk! BG is looking fantastic too, you’re doing great progress, keep up the speed master! :beer:


Great job so far man, keep it up! The outdoor on the background its a nice touch:thumbsup:


It’s looking fantastic. Amazing work. I personally don’t mind the colour of the car either - the blue blends in nicely and that means it doesn’t dominate the pic too much