Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hola Gabriel! con que desvelandose como debe de ser jajaja!muy bien!

I Love Rita’s outfit! great choice on her skirt and the print its great for her personality! the shirt looks great, but I will sugest go for a bit more pale pink, to complement better! not that its needs to, just a personal choice!:)… the legs look great! and the hair also complements good to Billy’s fur, but maybe add a bit of more hair, like Fer sugested just to add more volume to that sexy Rita! :smiley:

You are going great! I am enjoying every post! good work!:thumbsup:


I love Rita’s blonde hair and the new bumping pose, i love the buffalo warrior’s fur, i love the bright lighting and the fresh, translucent, green bus stop shade. Man, this picture has all the textures and shades…I can’t wait to see some more.

Awesome! Keep it up!


oh…amazing dude…the bumps is very nice…tell me…where did you get that crazy idea?:twisted:


Rita’s clothing is perfect. And I love the way her hair sort of messes in with Billy’s hair. Great stuff buddy :thumbsup:


Great image, love the textures, and I could go on and on with jokes and stories your image evokes.


Nice update Gabriel, She is looking great! her clothes turning out awesome, i’m loving all the colors and the premature textures you got so far. It doesn’t really bother me that her hair color is close to the color of his fur, but I also like the idea of givig a quick shot to a few other colors for her hair like others mentioned. design of his belt is also fun, fits very nicely to the style. I’m curious what size you’ve decided on btw. waiting for more mate :beer:


This is looking awesome! Love it! The hair isnt bothering me either. I love the warrior. i want him as an action figure in my house!!! lol


:bowdown: Just keep doing what you do Gabriel


OOOOOOOOHHHH!! !! !! !! thanks so much, I have received a lot of nice words from all of you, and you seem to like the new stuff as much as to forget about Billy’s toupee… :smiley:

I will redo his whole head piece, so don’t worry it will look right someday.

I will test a couple things with Sweet Rita’s hair too, as some of you suggested, and… so it’d be in the coming days.

I will also post some responses tomorrow… I’m really sorry it takes me so long.

I will also stop writing phrases that start with the words “I will”.

Thanks. and sweet rushes! -_- z Z…


very nice work. the bull looks like he just got out of pamplona spain and the girl is having fun. i think you are doing good with the deatails of the bulls fur/hair. lots of potentials here.


Awesome work Gabriel, I think the hair looks just great. Good luck my friend. :thumbsup:


Nice update I see your starting to pull it altogether with some nice detail! keep up the good work.


hey Gabriel, I’ve been following this thread for a long time now… and I think u are doing an awesome job with it. The hair looks fantastic and the girl’s pose is stunning… I like the over all strangeness of this piece… keep up the good works… will be waiting for ur next update…:thumbsup:


Ouch I just lost some 40 minutes of work ‘THANKS’ to a classic, nice, and completely unexcused Photoshop crash… y’know …

Man, I’m going so slow, I Know you’ll think it is because of the hair but is not that, that is quite fast, is just that i think of so many things still missing and just don’t know what to do next…

Anyway, I wanted to squezze out my frustration by saying hello to everyone, Hey I have newcomers too! Ramitxon, thepineman, overcontrast, Authentic, Korendo, AshCR24, Laurentino, oh, and Hiun, I will see that the car doesn’t steal the atention too much, Thanks a lot to you all for droping by and take a look around.

OH and the good old pals, you know you areas always welcome!! MMM… for Ferx and Jeff Letme say I will do some test of hair colors for Rita, but I tried red already and didn’t look so good, just letme lay down a bit more detail on Billy’s arm and then we’ll see…

Remko, I know, the shadow can be darker and I will try it… but again I’m waiting to have the figures done to see how it looks better… thanks buddy.
Oh and to “sunlight-sesitive foot fer”:smiley: you’re right… the sky is mostly white, I don’t even know why… I just left it like that, but now is fixed ald once buildings are added I think the light in that area will make more sense…
Axel, I will use your tips on plants and bushes, You’ll see i have good plans for them now! Thanks!
Oh, and Nerdyninja, there’s no plans for a Billy action figure since Mcfarlane toys made one a while ago and I actually stole a bit from it to make Billy:blush:, What about a plush doll instead? AW wouldn’t that be cozy!!!:smiley:

[color=Lime]Thanks again to all for taking the time, the end is near, so little spare time… and I apreciate your visits more than ever!! !! !! [/color]I do.

Good nite.


Hola Gabriel! Love the texture in Billy’s hand, and love the design his outfit its showing really great!:thumbsup: The combination in them seems great, every time even more! I hope Rita’s hair wont change to drastically coz I like this one already hahaha! The textures in general for what you are doing are looking fantastic! Keep on the good work!:bounce:

Sigale! Y no se duerma mucho! :scream: Jaja! bueno solo 8 horas cada 40 jajaja!


Hola! Gabriel, (sorry my english)

  very nice illustration! I like your draw style and the illustration Idea is funny :)
  I am imagining...the warrior entering the wrong bus...and the bus takes him directly to the [b]slaughterhouse[/b]... How many butchers will be needed to transform it into a sausage? haha! :)
  good luck and best regards!![i]

ps. thank you very much for your message in my guestbook! :thumbsup: [/i]


Very cool. I like the illustrative style. Just replying to be warned for updates :wink: Good luck on the challenge.


Looking awesome Gabriel! Oh man, I know, You are going through that painfully slow decision making phase. Just hang in there man, soon you’ll be enjoying details! :beer:


dude this is awesome! the idea is funny and the colors are pleasing. keep up the good work… :thumbsup:


looking goo…the details are very nice…now this is getting a good shape!..the shadow work too…good luck!:thumbsup: