Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


cool update! :stuck_out_tongue: all the pieces are falling into place … ( which on the contrary i missed out on! :cry:) but hey! … now the scene is building up really well indeed! …
i’ll wait to see the next update with the all the additional elements :wink:
cheers dude!



i was wondering if you were going to grunge up the ground? :wavey:


thats so cool…nice update my friend!:slight_smile:


This is looking great, good luck with tying things up, realy looking forward to the final.


I agree with the others. Seeing the whole thing assembled like this is really good. It’s looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see the addition of the new details


Wow I received seven post in one day! Thanks a lot Fellas I work hard here to deliver!!

I guess it shows I’m doing something right… Nice…

Hey NEVILLE, Pal!! good to see you’re back! Please be careful with those feet, we artist need them to paint!
Not, seriously I hope you’re doing better now, take care!

Oh, and yes, NERDYNINJA, I will try to add some dirt to the floor and make it less ‘new’.

Actually I will change just a bit the hue of some of the tiles, that always work good for natural random feeling, and I will add an slight emboss effect too.

As the time is getting close, I’m just having more fun!


coooool, this is going great! Now I started really liking your color palette man, things are fitting very nicely, and at the end it looks like you’ll have an amazing color scheme!!! No critique from me. I agree ferx, people walking around will add a lot!



I like your pic, the body language is prefect and your earlier sketch as well. It maybe to late but since your so good at capturing body language it would have been cool if you dew some other people avoiding the bus stop. Like walking around the booth in stead of in front or someone esle relly surprise to see the bison there like they just walked up and bamm!, make the person jump back a little. Good work either way keep up the good work and thanks for the feed back on my pic.


MMMh thanks blueboy, that could work…, Letme see if I find the right place for that.


Hey Gabriel! Every detail, your color palette seems fit together very well. Keep up this good work. Cheers!


hey Gabriel, hola de nuevo :wink:

“cool foot fer”? hehehe thanks for the rename :scream:

and I have a small crit to make you… isn’t the scene a bit too bright? maybe it’s just personal taste, but I find that there is a lot of whites in your scene right now, it reminds me of a movie set with all those bright artificial lights coming from everywhere… maybe its just that the sky is too white for me…


hi gabriel
thanks for your post … i answered it in my thread =)

and about your drawing … nothing to say … it’s just amazing.
the hair and fur are perfect =)
the girl is really nice … if i was the bull i’ll certainly forget the war! =)

nice work man


Hola Gabriel! ya no tome tanta chela! jaja! que barbaro esta quedando super padre!:scream:

Well I am so glad to see the hole thing already!:eek:
I love how this its going! GREAT WORK! And to comment about, it will be that, I agree about adding some people reacting to the scene, the tree will be nice to give it another texture besides, the “ficus” one, Maybe because its to much green, with the bus stop glass, and the tree, coz for a moment I imagine it in hues of fall season. Or Spring to develop a bit more the romantic scene! And the light concept seems to be good for a warm season! So here’s the name of some trees I think you might like to check the texture, for purples “Jacaranda”, and “Californian Lilac”, and for foliage shrubs, “pride of Madeira” , for warm tones; “Magnolia” ( it got nice contours shapes for the branches) there’s also the very typical Mexican, “African Tulip Tree” love the big orange flowers that point any were, as for a nice yellow or green-yellow; “Tulip Tree”, and if the idea is ever green, “Yew”, “ Cypress” and “Elm”, hehe Well hope it helps at least to inspire you! Ooh! I an not so crazy a bout the trash can. Maybe I would prefer an interesting news paper box! They have poster as well! (And you can put one of those advertising of dating services!!! haha) Well so far that’s about it, since you are not done yet with her outfit! Love the legs though! You are going so darn good! Great Work Gabriel!:thumbsup:


I am sorry I wasn’t along for the complete ride Gabriel, I am having to play catch up :smiley: I am loving this piece! The only comment I have is, probably just me but, that car is very bugging, it squeezes the image a bit too tightly. Your painting by numbers concept image stands out amazingly, because that car is really pushed back with minimal detail. I know you aren’t finished and I leave the magic up to you:thumbsup: I just feel a bit trapped with the car standing out so much, it keeps pulling my eye. Like Blue80boy was mentioning adding people, lovely idea :slight_smile: I know you probably have that composition locked, but maybe on this ocassion expanding the canvas could let the energy of your scene breathe a bit. You can always re-crop :slight_smile: (Painter wants you to, haha:D )

Lovely art:love:captivating!


been watching this for a while (thanks for the comment!), it really seems to be coming together. great postures, great environment. love the subtle palette!


Excellent work. Very promising, I really like the poses.


Hi Gabriel, been a while…
Great evolution man!!!Love the pic!Love the Bison’s expression too!!haha!
Maybe the shadow on the ground could be a bit more darker to make the characters pop out even more…
Great work again!


Greetings Gabriel

Looks like you are steering this in the right direction. {8>)>

Personnel Ad - Single White Female: late 20s, slender, attractive, professional, seeks a large hairy force of nature.

Will this breast take advantage of a moment of poor judgment, or is she wearing the wrong perfume, which a quick dip in some manure could cure? Or is his expression the lasting imprint of the Spay and Neuter Program?

I notice the beauty of the blue line art. And the cleanness of your work compared to my scribble tendencies, and the attention to detail. No bull, you have a lot going for you and your wonderful work.


No big deal but I really wanted to show you how it’s going… I focused on the part where the two of them meet, I acually changed a bit Rita’s position so she looks more ‘bumping’ and out of balance and less ‘posing’. Also, you know… the hair contrast issue raises its ugly head! Let me know if it works for you or not, I’m still on it…


Hey Gabriel, I love Rita!! I like the new “bumping” position and the colour of the clothes are great. The expression is really cool !! :thumbsup:

Perhaps the hair of Rita from yellow to orange (naranja, naranja ! :smiley: ) tones for a bit more contrast with Billy´s fur and some more hair in front on the zone of the hard light (se ve un poco pelona en la parte de la frente :slight_smile: ). Maybe the eyebrows more darker ( and a big eyelashes)

Great and awesome work my friend !! Cheers :beer:

( Gabriel, está quedando de poca “m” , las piernas y las medias se ven super sexys !! … y veo que ya te estas desvelando cañon… jajajaja, no queda de otra, a darle!! )