Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


Hey Steve!

You cant blame us thinking your using 3d app here, cause it looks really like one with the basic lighting…:scream:…well anyway we all know that photoshop can easily do this trick now…:smiley:

About the green plexi, I kinda like it actually !.Coz I think that it will compliment your chracters color later on, most particulararticular on Billy’s fur…

Cheers !:thumbsup:



Nevermind if you see Rita’s eyes a bit weird, is because of the eyelashes I forgot to fix…
Just here to ashamedly show you the big mess of a file I’m working on tonight.
It’s a 21 layer baby and most of em’I don’t even know why are still there, but I’m too chicken to trow em’ away just now. By the way my new canvas (extra space at the upper right included)is 13x9 inches at 300 DPI, you think that’s a good resolution? I have noticed some of the originals around are very very big and close ups are so crisp, so I started to wonder, since most of my professional work is way smaller and with this kind of fancy pics I never stop to think too much about an exact size…
I could boost it up now that nothing is too sharp yet, so … What do you think?

Thanks for still posting even when I havent show nothing really interesting in the last two weeks, that shows you care… aaaaw! :slight_smile:


Great to see you still powering on buddy. Lookin’ really good.

As for how big to make your file, I guess that’s something only you can decide. It depends on how you like to work and what you plan to do with your artwork. 13 x 9 inches at 300 dpi is plenty of resolution for filling a glossy A4-sized page.

Some reasons why you might want to go even larger could be:
[li]to print it even bigger. For example, a high-quality poster-sized print
[/li][li]to give you the opportunity to crop some of the image and still publish it at a decent size
[/li][li]or you might simply prefer working at high-res. Some kinds of fine brush work, for example, can be easier at high resolution
One reason why you might not want to go bigger:
[li]because it’ll slow down your computer. Remember that every time you double the image dimensions, you multiply the number of pixels by four, with an equivalent increase in file size and memory usage
Hey you probably already know all this stuff…


Hey Mark, How’s the hippie tripping going?

Yeah, I know some of this but I get a little unconfident since I’ve never been commissioned to work on a piece like these we’re doing. Most of my work is for text books and image size is always 5x7 or so to be printed even smaller, that’s a big difference; and working on Rita’s pupils I started to notice the pixels, that was when I decided to ask to the Pros.

Do you crop your close-ups from a whole render or you render just the part you want to show? It is exactly posts like yours that always look so detailed that make me wonder if my res is a bit low.
It’s just like you say, damn computer always growling and showing their teeth to me!
But I have a whip…

Thanks a lot!


I don’t think your res is too low.

I’ve set my own requirements for my stuff. Those details I show on my thread are taken from the actual high-res full image. They aren’t rendered separately/differently. So that gives an indication of how big the whole thing is (which is 4,400 x 2,657 pixels by the way)

One reason I’m going that big is because it’s so easy to just tell my 3D app to render it that size. But the real reason is because I plan on getting a large print of it (on photographic paper) to hang on the wall so that’s the main reason for that especially high resolution. Plus a lot of my post-work is easier at high-res. I show the high-res details because they look better and indicate more clearly what I’m doing, but I sure don’t mean them to suggest how big anyone else’s files should go.

I think the most important consideration is that the final image works at the intended size, which for this challenge I guess is to imagine it filling an A4 glossy page. Despite the fact that I’m going a bit bigger than I need to, that’s my main consideration too


I like the left hair more, it looks better and is more funny, as if perhaps this buffalo put highlights in his hair? haha. Really nice work so far, very funny stuff.


heyyy dude!! long time man!! :bounce: love the way u playin around with colours n all … waiting to c more! :wink: … rockin stuff man! :buttrock:


Hiya Gabriel, sorry its been a while. This is looking great my friend, I still love the green, I am in love with Rita (like many others i reckon - she is sooo sexy!). As for your latest hotbed of controversey - I like the right side darker hair, it contrasts nicely with the green plexi-glass behind him, the blond is too heavy in the yellow to sit up against the green imho.

As for resolution 300dpi on A4 physical size will be quite ample, I think my file is around 5000px on its longest edge but that is because I tend to have poster prints produced so it needs to be bigger. Anyhow, I have never had any issues with the detail levels of your posts so I would’nt worry mate.

Keep it up and good luck


hahaha, I see that my good buddy Gabriel is working hard on the hottie at last :smiley: nice image dude! It already looks like a finished comic frame, meaning there is great stuff going on already!

To be honest, I’d play with the colors of Rita and the bus stop, and experiment for an hour or so, because now I see all the basic colors in the focal point of the pic, which could give you a hard time in creating a general mood. On the other hand, you could choose to keep those bright colors and really work on making them fit together, since it’s a bright sunny day it’d make sense, and that’s how I went with my own illustration actually. Or, you could ignore everything I’ve just said also. hehehehehe

About the image size: I think you’re working on a good scale, and it’d be totally cool with the challenge. On the other hand, I personally try to go as big as I can, depending on how exciting the subject is, because I always see my illustrations as being printed poster size in the future, by me at least heheheh. Only downside is the processing speed obviously. So my suggestion would be: you are already in the ball park for the challenge, paint the image as big as you would want to see it…

As far as the layers go: I used to paint exactly like you've described, which is not a very advatageous way i think. I guess the best way is: trying to reduce your layers to one layer per object, or something close to that, during the first half of your painting. During the second half of painting you'll be fine tuning, and adding effects anyway, which will increase your layer amount drastically. At least this was my experience...

hope these are helpful, cheers buddy

go go go!


I think this looks fantastic! Love the style! I was thinking when i first saw your image about making her look a little bit more flirtitious (which she already does) but what if with her hand that is closest to his arm …she could be running her finger down his arm…could be an idea…anyway love it! :bounce:


Hey Gabriel, Rita again!! cool !!
Your resolution is correct for the challenge ( the guide resolution for the challenge is 3636 x 2657 pixeles at 300 DPI <12.12 x 8.857 inches> )
Cheers my friend!!! :beer:


hey, man! really nice stuf here!! you will go crazy painting all that fur :thumbsup:
good luck man, I’m stay tunned.


Wow, this looks AWESOME! I loved seeing the progression over the first dozen or so pages, you’ve come so far and I can’t wait to see the finished product! Your -first- color blocking is better than my finished products! XD Do much action and dynamic poses and expression! Awesome job, it’s really active and friendly and great!! I’ll be watching for more updates! n__~


:eek:You won’t believe this but in the end we had a tie on Billy’s fur issue…:eek:

Ferx, Abscnth, Axel, Melkao, and “Cool foot Fer”:cool: liked the dark haired one.

Soapy, Jeff, Walrus, Jassar and Insane vehicle designer Mark David
went for the blonde.

Let me re-count… … … … … … .yes.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I’m gonna try to make a version that doesn’t have too much of either, Y’know so no one has to care a lot for that part, if that doesn’t work I’ll make him wear a rasta hat…

Expect my first post of the whole thing as it gets real shape, here tomorrow night!! I was going to do it today but I sat down to watch ‘Superman Doomsday’ (kinda cool) and now is really late… I’m ashamed:blush:



oh yeah forgot to say that i liked the dark hair one


That does it!:smiley:


Don’t you hate to have only 3 milestone titles for your illustration post and neither seems to fit? Jeezzz…

Well, this is the pic as it came out after putting together all pieces from at least 4 other files. Here are some things that I will add in the coming days:

  1. Real foliage, yes, what you see is the old and washed off leaf brush that comes in Photoshop, but is great for a easy sketching!!
  2. The detail and proper perspective on the buildings.
  3. A billboard.
  4. A trash bin maybe.
  5. Some more trash out of the bin as suggested.
  6. More buildings far away.
  7. Maybe a sign post, but only if it doesn’t clash with the axe (I don’t think I need two vertical lines there).
  8. Rita’s outfit design.
  9. The map.
  10. Detail on all you see now.
    AND OF COURSE THAT STUPID BRIEFCASE, but I’m pretty sure that will be the last thing before I send the final.

Once again everything is WIP and can be changed so don’t miss the chance to add your little spice into it! this little reply button is just begging to be smashed!!


Hey Gabriel, that is more a beautiful playground than a sandbox :smiley: I like a lot your overall composition, great mate!! About your homework :smiley: : Agree with you about the sign post (perhaps a post on the other side of the street behind the car… dont know… no, is not a good idea… hahahahah) and i see you put some people walking on the street and behind the bust stop, that will be really great. Great work my friend!! :beer:



[/b][/i]Gracias Fer, Y que duermas bien, yo ahorita ya veo doble y sin ni una chela…:surprised


next days will be hard for you, but the final image will be amazing! Great job!