Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Gabriel Vera


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Latest Update: Final Image: Some Zooming I forgot to post yesterday…


Well, i have just entered the “Strange Behavior”, my first challenge, i got a couple entries in the Exposé competition and have been waiting for the next event to come out, so here it is and i think is the best theme yet so i couldn’t wait to sign in!
I’ll be posting my first doodles really soon and i hope i recive a lot of input!

Thanks Everyone!!



Hi Everyone, this is my first concept, the idea is a urban portrait of a big minotaur-bison warrior waiting for the bus to go to the battlefield, and the office hottie he meets there. Now, i want the girl to look like she’s really flirting at him, so i’m thiking of changing de pose and expresion a bit, if you have any imput on it please let me know! i specially have trouble with composition since the bison is so big, but i thik it would be cool if the comp sinks to the lower center just like the bench so he looks really heavy, how bout’ that?
Best luck to everyone!!


Very nice start, man :thumbsup:

No crits on the concept… How do you plan to do all that hair though?


Wow never spected to recibe a response so soon!!! I’ll use a combination of photoshop custom brushes an painter for the furr…

I’m puting toguether my CG portfolio rigth now, please drop by again later and take a look at it !



What a great drawing Gabriel. Can’t wait to see it rendered.


Hi i like your idea and so your sketch ! Waiting for your next one !


Wao ! I really like your way to draw, delicious volume and aliving lines.


Your pic really puts a smile on my face. its pretty amusing :slight_smile: Love it!


OK, as i said i’ve been wondering about the girl so here are various models of her in different versions i went through, left to rigth:
-oriental mmmmm
-school girl
-Pam! (from the office)
-this is the alternate version of the original and i will paste her with the bison to se how she looks.
well so many options and i feel a little lost so, as always if you have a word on it plaese let me know!


Wow she looks good to me…
Something funny hapened: the first one was supposed to represent the very moment the bison sits and bends the bench hence driving the girl towards him, in this second one it seems that it happened already and the girl had a little time to cuddle agains him and start playing with his fur, good or bad? i don’t know at this point… heck, it’s just a sketch! i’ll be going for the good one in the coming days so i’m taking all suggestions…


This is better :slight_smile: She’s definitely looking more specifically flirtatious. You might also try a sketch where she’s turned slightly toward him, staying braced on her right hand (as she is now) but with her left hand reached across her body to twirl around his arm hair.

I still can’t help but chuckle at the fact that, in this Strange Behavior Challenge, the fantasy bison warrior waiting on a bus is the one playing the serious character :smiley:


thanks for that ill try it!

by the way… you got my point exactly:)…


If you try lifting her right hand’s pinky finger straight towards the beast, almost touching his left arm fur, keeping the rest of her hand as is, it could add a subtle but effective flirtyness…

Great drawing style, I love it. I like your concept too. I think there is someone else that’s doing beauty and the beast kind of concept too though.

best of luck


fantastic sketches…this is one of my favorites :slight_smile: love the expressions!!


Looks great! Can’t wait to see the first splashes of color. :smiley:


Hehehe neat sketches! The girls are very cute :slight_smile:


I was so bored doing a scene for a history book, nothing but soldiers, so i shoved it away and went right to put some color on this thing…
It’s just a dummy not the real thing, but it shows the kind of light i want, it is a exterior scene so i’ll put all kinds of colorful reflections, but softly so nobody has to notice at first.
Hope you like it…


very cool concept. keep up the good work.I wud surely follow ur thread.Best of luck:thumbsup:


Hi Gabriel,
Very nice sketch, your idea its lovely and I like so much the style for your characters, and also the way to play for the real world to the extraordinary world, my only suggestion in the idea will be , that the strange behavior its not to strong still since I expect something flirty from a cute girl like your character, and more to a big poweerfull guy… I hope to see more from your wonderful art and will support you, I mean talent its you! Congratulations! :thumbsup:

me encanta tu estilo y visite tu pagiha wow un monton de proyectos!:eek: